So a few of you mentioned that I forgot a few people, so without further ado…without cheating can you guess them all? Artist: @decidedly-enigmatic/


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a-home-for-rover asked:

14, 25, 43, 54, 55 have fun :D

14) What is your favorite fruit?
I dislike fruits in general… but strawberry is fine, especially with Nutella ;) and also, banana. Have you ever seen a chocolate fountain? *.* oh I did

25) What never fails to turn you on?
Basically, people who I am physically attracted to. And yes, I know that this is an unfair answer :D

43) What is your favorite cartoon character?
probably Doug & Patti. together.

54) What big lesson could people learn from your life?There are no answers for the greatest philosophical questions, so only deal with them when you are drunk and you need something to occupy yourself with and you don’t really want to hook up with anyone.
55) If you could live in any home on a television series, what would it be? …the Tardis

For everyone who might be interested, ask something from here:
May 24 - “Where Are Celebs From?”

Tommy Chong (77) - Edmonton, Alberta - Canada

Robert Allen Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan (74) - Duluth, Minnesota - USA

Patti LaBelle (71) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - USA

Priscilla Presley (70) - Brooklyn, New York - USA

Jim Broadbent (66) - Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England - UK

Roger Deakins (66) - Torquay, Devon, England - UK

Alfred Molina (62) - London, England - UK

Doug Jones (55) - Indianapolis, Indiana - USA

Kristin Scott Thomas (55) - Redruth, Cornwall, England - UK

John C. Reilly (50) - Chicago, Illinois - USA

Thorbjørn Harr (41) - Oslo, Norway

Will Sasso (40) - Ladner, British Columbia - USA

Bryan Greenberg (37) - Omaha, Nebraska - USA

Sarah Hagan (31) - Austin, Texas - USA

Matt Stonie (23) - San Jose, California - USA


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