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TJ & Doug Hammond - Possibly one of the most adorable exchanges between these two in the entire show. So freakin’ cute!

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We People, by Doug Hammond


Political Animals

Sometimes I just sit and think about what it would have been like if Doug had flipped the metaphorical table and just done what he wanted, not what was expected of him. Would he be in politics? Would he have married Anne? Would he have dragged TJ out of the gutter and fought him tooth and nail along the road to sobriety because he loved his brother?

Doug was cheated just as much as TJ and I wish I could just hug them both and never let go. 

My Opinion on the Finale of Political Animals

I just watched Political Animals for the first time and I gotta say that I feel like they left a LOT of cliff hangers and/or unresolved story lines. Idk, maybe the writers thought that the network would give them more eps after they showed them how good the show was, but that obviously didn’t happen.

Like, besides the whole “run for president Elaine” thing I feel like there was so much they could have done with Doug and Susan and I wanted more regarding Nana and TJ’s sobriety and Anne’s eating disorder (which, correct me if I’m wrong since I don’t know a whole lot about eating disorders, was bulimia). Also, even though I had my doubts about them, I really want to see Bud and Elaine remarry or at least be together together again. 

Ugh, overall I LOVED the show but idk, maybe it’s cause I’m pretty much never satisfied with a show’s ending, but I feel like they should have, and definitely could have, had many more episodes written in to finish story lines I feel left not concluded.

Please tell me I am not the only one who feels this way.

anonymous asked:

TJ anon again. Just. I can't stop thinking about both brothers. See, when TJ's hungry he gets irritable and sullen, and there's a better chance he'll relapse. But he doesn't always eat when he's hungry because he's annoyed with how he's hungry all the damn time. So Doug makes it his mission to make sure TJ eats when he's hungry. And in so doing, he ends up eating with him a lot. This is why they both end up putting on weight. When TJ realizes what Doug was up to, though, he's genuinely grateful.

eeeeeeeee yes and Doug’s had a lot of practice with this helping Anne recover from her eating disorder, so he does a lot of sitting across the table coaxing TJ through meals long after he’s finished his own. TJ has a habit of eating a little bit and then being like, “I’ll finish it, don’t worry, go do other stuff,” and then not finishing it at all, so Doug makes sure to sit with him the whole way through. TJ grumbles about how it makes him feel like a fatass to still be eating after Doug’s finished, so sometimes Doug will grab something extra and munch on that while TJ slogs through his own meal.


Wish list for season 2 of Political Animals...

If it ever gets a second season, which absolutely duh it should, here’s what I’m hoping for:

- Elaine running for POTUS. They set it up perfectly, and it would ge great to see her running against that damn VP

- TJ’s life actually going great and him in a happy relationship

- Doug and Susan dealing with their obvious feelings for each other

- Georgia Gibbons falling down a flight of stairs

I mean, I’m not really asking for much.

Dougie Hammond

Although we are only two episodes into the series, I think its pretty clear that Doug is the peacemaker of the family. He has many tendencies of a middle child even though he is the younger brother.

Since TJ is his twin, Doug has a desire to protect and aide him, even at his own expense. Although this is a kind sentiment, it makes him an enabler to TJ’s problems. It is very clear that TJ is not okay. That boy is one story away from another suicide attempt, yet his family cannot take the time to offer him the support he needs. Doug wants to desperately protect his brother from their life, and it breaks his heart that he cannot. In order to assuage his guilt he enables TJ’s behavior.

Doug had to watch Bud break Elaine’s heart for 20 years. His father’s affairs caused him to hate his father and feel overly protective of his mother. Dougie recognizes that his family has sacrificed for the country and the sacrifice has yielded nothing but pain. It seems that he is betraying his family by leaking Elaine’s story to Berg, but it is a misguided attempt to protect his family from undue pain. He knows that TJ can’t survive another campaign, especially after his suicide attempt was made public. Yet, if his mom needed him to support her during the campaign, Doug would be there in a heartbeat because he would rather keep peace.

This is going to be an ongoing post as the season reveals more character development….

anonymous asked:

Well since you don't mind! XD I have a headcanon also where whenever TJ used to try to get sober, Doug would be sure to keep ice cream in the fridge of wherever TJ was staying. And he would drop in to check on TJ, but he would always say he was just there for the ice cream. And they would eat huge bowls of ice cream together and TJ could talk about how his recovery was going. But he stopped doing that because he got so busy with his career, and because TJ never seemed to be really serious about

getting sober anyway, so the ice cream ritual seemed dumb. But after Doug sleeps with Susan and gains some humility he realizes TJ isn’t such an eff-up, and TJ deserves another chance. And he shows this (b/c boys are bad at communicating) by buying a whole lot of ice cream, stocking Elaine’s freezer with it, and silently making he and TJ huge bowls of it the first time they happen to be in the kitchen at the same time after TJ’s OD. And then it’s their ritual again. Much ice cream is consumed.

omgomgomg anon this is so cute! I can just imagine TJ sulking at the kitchen table and reluctantly taking the bowl Doug puts in front of him (because Doug’s probably all faux-cheery like he’s trained himself to be) and poking at it because he doesn’t feel much like talking, and for a little while they just sit and eat and avoid each other’s eyes, but then Doug mentions Susan and TJ’s ears perk right up because hey, he’s not the only screwup here after all. And he feels a little better about talking about his f-ups once Doug is finished, and by the time Elaine comes home, they’ve gone through two pints of ice cream.