doug was amazing

I could not have been more pleased with Doug Out. It is my new favorite episode and I love it. It did nothing but validate everything I’ve done. I’d like to thank the crewniverse for being kind enough to me, while even though they didn’t directly hire me to write that episode, they did it the exact way I would and stayed true to my characters. 

I loved seeing Doug be silly. It was perfect. If you ever thought that Connie’s parents were abusive I need you to go rewatch that episode and the beginning of Storm in the Room 10 times and tell me that again. 

Connie loves her dad so much, like she is such a daddy’s girl it’s so obvious by this episode. She genuinely loves to spend time with her dad and it’s so important to me. 

I also loved Doug’s feelings of insecurity at his job and what he does. Not only does it confirm that his private security guard job is boring as hell, but it also confirms him definitely having some anxiety issues. He wanted to impress Connie so badly, he was so anxious about it. 

Long story short Doug Out was amazing. Doug is so silly yet so caring too and he fit in exactly with all of my headcanons and if you want to read more about him you should check out my fanfiction I’m just saying.

So last night I ended up rewatching Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Because reasons. Because good reasons. Yes. BUT ANYWAY - I’m rewatching it for the first time in a while, and then all of a sudden this starts happening: 

… I think I just found my subconscious model for the character of Comms Officer Doug Eiffel. Huh.