What really annoys me about Disney airing Ducktales out of order is that those who don’t know have begun to complain - Like Doug Walker recently on his facebook (he did the Nostalgia Critic review of the first episode) saying it was a bit of an anticlimax. And because he has a following, others are wondering if it’s worth watching.

Like, all of this could have been completely avoided?? If Disney just aired it in the right order??


If Marvel is humans becoming gods, DC is gods becoming human. And this is that done right. This reminded me of what’s wonderful about DC and why its characters are still timeless. When done correctly, it blends myth with reality, the ordinary with the extraordinary, mortal with immortal. It’s the closest we have to current Greek mythology. It’s honest. It’s powerful. It lasts forever. This is the movie that made me remember why I love DC in the first place.

NC: Wonder Woman

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Doug and Rob Walker:

-think that there should be more diversity in movies, especially women in action movies

-don’t demean, stereotype, or joke about any minority

-adress sexism in movies

-are willing to take criticism 

-interact with their fans 

-don’t let a patriarchal society stop them from doing jokes where they do feminine things or bits where one of them is in a sexual or romantic situation with a man

-bring awareness to charities 


-brought in Dante Basco (the voice of Prince Zuko) into their show and had him do this-

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Doug Walker (AKA Nostalgia Critic) Officially reviewed the series premiere of Ducktales (2017) and he liked it! 

I’m really hoping that he and Rob will start doing vlogs for the series because I would kill to hear their thoughts on every episode as they come out.