“We know we can show them anything and for years we took that as an excuse to merely profit and distract while sometimes educate. Now, we’re using it not only legitimately entertain and educate, but also enlighten. They’re used to expand their mindset and show possibilities. Instead of just introducing information, they’re introducing wisdom and through the best way possible: without them even realizing they’re learning anything at all. They’re fun, exciting and silly but also smart, artistic and insightful. They play with mood, character and different ways of telling a story than any kids show has done in the past.” - Nostalgia Critic: Are Kids Shows Better NOW Than Ever?

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"Jesus, Bro!" IndieGoGo Campaign!
A Religious Spoof Film from the Creators of The Cinema Snob Movie

Synopsis: When an angry internet atheist has a near death experience and visits heaven, he returns to Earth to spread the good news of Jesus to his devout online followers.  But he soon finds out that delivering his new message comes at a cost.

Cast: David Gobble, Fard Muhammad, Robert Walker, Allison Pregler, Malcolm Ray, Doug Walker, Brad Jones, Brian Lewis, Sarah Gobble, and more!

Director: Ryan Mitchelle.  

Writer: Brad Jones

I’ll be honest. I only joined TGWTG back in the day because I wanted to work with Doug Walker (AKA The Nostalgia Critic). I find him sort of prudish, but extremely likable and funny. I had this fantasy that we’d become best friends and we would eventually star in a buddy cop comedy together.

Alas, senpai never noticed me. I think his brother Rob kind of cockblocked me. True, new Nostalgia Critic doesn’t tend to be as good as the classic stuff, but it’s like any comedy show: the longer it goes, the more it’s shown you every trick is has. 

If only he added a new character to the mix. Someone amazing. Hmmmm… . 

Seriously, Doug. Put me in a fucking Nostalgia Critic video. I have an established fan base. I’ve watched probably 80% of your reviews, so I know what’s what. I am physically huge and could lift you over my head. And I have cancer (I don’t really have cancer … I mean, not to my knowledge). 

I tried joining your site to get your attention. I tried writing you emails. Now I’m just publicly pleading. I want this Doug. I want you. I mean, I want to work with you. You beautiful bastard. 

Doug and Rob Walker:

-think that there should be more diversity in movies, especially women in action movies

-don’t demean, stereotype, or joke about any minority

-adress sexism in movies

-are willing to take criticism 

-interact with their fans 

-don’t let a patriarchal society stop them from doing jokes where they do feminine things or bits where one of them is in a sexual or romantic situation with a man

-bring awareness to charities 


-brought in Dante Basco (the voice of Prince Zuko) into their show and had him do this-

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