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I Am My Mom

- First of all, HOLY FUCKING SHIT
- Steven handed himself in, saying that he is Rose Quartz. He did this in order to protect the Crystal Gems and the humans that Aquamarine was going to abduct.
- Everyone made it out of the ship, except for Lars. He’s still in there.
- The Crystal Gems don’t have a ship to travel to Homeworld with.
- S5E1 (airs May 31) is called “Stuck Together”. This either refers to Steven and Lars being stuck together on the ship, them being stuck inside the Topaz fusion or them fusing.
- S5E2 (airs May 31) is called “The Trial”. Not sure what to expect of that. Maybe the Diamonds are giving Steven a trial to see if he really is Rose Quartz?
- S5E3 (airs June 1) is called “Off Colors”. Maybe the Famethyst will return? Holly Blue Agate did call some of those gems “hideos off-color betas”. Also, “Colors” is plural!
- S5E4 (airs June 1) is called “Lars’ Head”. Don’t know what to expect of that either. Maybe we finally get to see some real character development for Lars.

Prediction of Steven Bomb

Doug Out- CGs hang out. Onion goes missing. Doug has a stake out to look for him. Steven and Greg volunteer. They see some creepy gem stuff but nothing big.

The Good Lars- Sadie, Lars, and Steven go to a party. Lars is actually a good person and him and Sadie hit it off. Then we see small glimpses of the new gems and they do creepy stuff at the party. Sadie disappears and Lars is sad.

Are You My Dad- Full out panic in beach city as multiple people have disappeared. We see the new gems entirely. Multiple fight scenes. Garnet is taken by the new gems with the humans.

I Am My Mom- Steven goes to homeworld to get the humans and garnet. He fails and gets trapped in space with garnet. (Jasper or Bismuth possibly)

Stuck Together- Steven and Garnet are trapped in a jail cell. They end up fusing to get out. They get caught.

The Trial- Garnet unfuses and Steven, Ruby, and Sapphire are put on trial.

Off Colors- Holly Blue comes forward about the Crystal Gems. The ‘Off Color" Betas make an appearance and they sneak Garnet and Steven back to Earth.

Lars’ Head- Lars is injured from his journey into space? Not much to work with on this one

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doug effiel head cannon

• hair always in a messed up bun
• tattoo on hip of pizza slice
• floating pigment eyes, mostly blue but sometimes a flash of yellow like an exploding star
• intentionally allows people to underestimate him
• practices the waltz to the alien radio when alone
• sometimes leaves out snacks for the plant monster

Wolf 359 Headcanons Part III vol 2 -- Doug Eiffel

Daniel Jacobi (vol 1 and 2), Alana Maxwell (vol 1 and 2), Doug Eiffel (vol 1), Warren Kepler, Alexander Hilbert, Isabel Lovelace, Hera, Renée Minkowski 


1) …likes his coffee extremely bitter, but he’s hardly a man of refined tastes and will drink just about anything.     

2) …used to play dress-up with Anne all the time, including wearing boas and crowns and other accoutrements.

3) …dressed Anne up as a chest burster her first Halloween.  He was dressed as John Hurt in Alien. For her second Halloween they went as Chewbacca (Anne) and Han Solo (Doug).  For her third they were Ariel (Anne) and Flounder (Doug).  She picked the costume that third year.  He wasn’t there for any Halloween after that because he hasn’t seen her since…since.

4) …was secretly starting to like the seaweed before the Urania showed up with real coffee. 

5) …is double jointed and extremely wriggly.  

6) …has gotten very good at moving in three dimensions, navigates zero gravity better than most, if not all, of the crew. 

7) …only liked his birthday during those three years between Anne’s birth and the Doug Eiffel Limbo’s lowest point.  He, Anne, and Kate all spent Christmas together.  He and Kate never fought on Christmas or Christmas Eve.  Doug dressed up as Santa for Anne.  

8) …once upon a time had his nipple pierced.  He still has the scar.

9) …wears his hair longish and always has 5 o’clock shadow.  He only shaves when it’s getting close to a full beard.

10) …wanted to name Anne “Leia” but Kate vetoed it.  The runner-up name was “Ororo.”  Also vetoed. 

Oh my god...

Now that it’s 2015, let me remind you that…

Tiny Toon Adventures is twenty-five this year

Doug, Rugrats, The Ren & Stimpy Show, and Darkwing Duck are twenty-four this year

Goof Troop, Sailor Moon, and Batman: The Animated Series are twenty-three this year

Beavis and Butt-Head, Animaniacs, and Rocko’s Modern Life are twenty-two this year

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, The Magic School Bus, and Gargoyles are twenty-one this year

Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid!, and the original English dub of Sailor Moon are twenty this year

Hey Arnold! and Dexter’s Laboratory are nineteen this year

King of the Hill, Daria, South ParkThe Angry Beavers, Recess, and Pepper Ann are eighteen this year

CatDog, The Wild Thornberrys, and The Powerpuff Girls (which is twenty if counting the What-A-Cartoon shorts and twenty-three if counting the Whoopass Stew! short) are seventeen this year

Ed, Edd n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, SpongeBob Squarepants, and Rocket Power are sixteen this year

As Told By Ginger and The Weekenders are fifteen this year

The Fairly OddParents (which is seventeen if counting the original shorts), Invader Zim, and House of Mouse are fourteen this year

ChalkZone is thirteen this year (and to get technical, it’s sixteen if going by the original 1999 premiere and seventeen if counting the original shorts), as well as Kim Possible, Codename: Kids Next Door, and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and My Life as a Teenage Robot are twelve this year (sixteen if you count the original short)

Danny Phantom and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends are eleven this year

Avatar: The Last Airbender and Camp Lazlo are ten this year

Freak//A Carlos de Vil Imagine

Anon said: Carlos from descendants imagine? Shy kid at Auradon with powers bumps into the villains and when she thinks they’re going to yell at her like everyone else does (because they bully her) she cowers before they can open there mouths, squeaks a ‘sorry’ and runs off. Carlos gets curious and then whatever you want to happens


You walked down the hall as quickly as you could, keeping your head down and trying to draw as little attention to yourself as you could. Just get to your next class (Y/N), you told yourself. Just get to class with no problems and you’ll be fine.

You were so busy trying to keep your head down, that you didn’t notice the group from the Isle of the Lost coming down the hall and you smacked right into the biggest one. 

You shrank away from them and squeaked out a quick “sorry” before running off.

“What’s with her?” Carlos asked.

“I don’t know. She seemed even more afraid of us than most people. When she ran into Jay she looked at us like we were going to tear her limb from limb,” Evie said, watching your retreating form disappear around the corner.

“I bet Doug would know,” Mal said. “We should ask him.”

They found Dopey’s son after lunch. 

“Hey Doug,” Carlos said. “Who’s the girl with the (H/L) (H/C) hair and the (E/C) eyes?”

Doug thought for a moment. “Does she look like she’s afraid of everyone?”

Jay nodded. 

“Yeah that’s Rapunzel’s daughter.”

“Why is she so scared of everyone?” Evie asked. 

Doug sighed. “She has powers.”

“So?” Mal asked. “Fairy Godmother had powers and I do too.”

Doug shook his head. “Not like yours. She has healing powers like her mom, but she also has control over fire, water, earth, and air. Everyone’s kind of freaked out by her, so they make fun of her. They tell her that she’s always in the way and they call her a freak. “

“That’s so sad,” Evie said. “Aren’t these people supposed to be the good guys?”

“Yes, but they react poorly to change and people who are different. I’m friends with her, but I’m the only one,” Doug said sadly. “She’s the nicest person I’ve ever met and she cares so much about everyone, despite the fact that they’re horrible to her.”

“Hey Doug!” came a voice from down the hall. Everyone turned to see you waving at your friend, but when you saw the villains’ kids, your face paled and you turned around. 

Doug ran down the hall after you and gently grabbed your arm. “(Y/N), please come meet these guys. They’re nice, I promise.”

You looked at them. They all looked really intimidating except for the one dressed in red, white, and black. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet, peering around the big one.

“ugh, fine.”

Doug dragged you back to the group of people and introduced you. The big one was Jay, the one with the purple hair was Mal, the one with the blue hair was Evie, and the one with the white hair was Carlos.

Doug was right. They were really nice. And they all thought your control over the elements was awesome and Evie wouldn’t shut up about your healing ability. 

Over the next few days, you hung out more with the kids from the Isle of the Lost. They were really fun to hang out with, and you had started to develop a crush on Carlos. He was funny and sweet and you liked spending time with him most of all.

One day, you were in the library bent over one of your textbooks, trying to figure out the equation that you had been assigned. You got so annoyed and frustrated that the air around you began to swirl and churn without you realizing it. 

“Hey look,” you heard from across the library. “The freak is freaking again.”

You felt the tips of your fingers begin to heat up and you clenched your fists, trying to calm yourself down. 

A hand touched your shoulder, squeezing it gently. Carlos sat down across from you. “Don’t listen to them (Y/N),” he said firmly. “You aren’t a freak.”

You laughed drily. “Sure.”

“No, I’m serious,” he said. “You’re awesome. It’s so cool that you can do what you do.”

“Really? You’re not just saying that?”

He nodded. “I mean it! Well, I also kind of have a crush on you.”

You smiled. “Really?”

He nodded and grabbed your hand from where it was laying on the table. “Really. You’re gorgeous and you’re nice and I don’t know why no one can see that.”

You squeezed his hand. “I like you too, Carlos.”

He grinned. “Do you wanna go out some time?”

You nodded. “That would be lovely.”

Wolf 359 Head Canon: Pets the (human members of the) Hephaestus Crew left on Earth
  • Minkowski: Two big fluffy rescue cats named Hawking and Copernicus.
  • Lovelace: A chocolate labrador named Charles Barkley who often wore a bandana and her aviators (now belongs to an ex-girlfriend).
  • Hilbert: Test rabbits.
  • Eiffel: A cactus because he didn't trust himself to take care of anything else. Anne still named it.
loving the stars too fondly

• Doug Eiffel resting his head on the walls of the ship, listening to the deep thrums and pulse and whir of the machinery hum through his bones, the tides and crashes of his own heartbeat seeking out the binary beats within its metallic rib cages. The Hephaestus is a body, it groans and aches with him, and the sonorous voice of Hera sends him to sleep
• falling in love with Hera, the static of her words sending shivers down his spine and a smile splitting across his face, waking up in the morning but keeping his eyes closed to cling to the feeling that she’s lying beside him, talking in his ear
• having complicated and blurry dreams where he tries to touch her but his hands go through like a mist; a faceless, shapeless body, and he can only imagine she would have beautiful eyes full of stardust. He swims in his sheets, legs kicking, tangling, always stretched and reaching for something in half-dreams and fragmented fantasies
• • long nights spent together, he always feels somewhat jealous that she is multi tasking a hundred different things while still chatting to him, whereas he struggles to string a coherent sentence together and float at the same time. He makes her laugh, a shattering sound. He tells her about the times when he was young when he would trace constellations in his friend’s freckles, steal bubblegum from corner shops, kiss girls and boys and those between and beyond. She sighs - how human. There’s a magnetic force, a pull of gravity at the core of her that he wants to curl up in and catch fire
• ‘do androids dream of electric sheep?’ He asks, head spinning with the earth. He is pretending he understands what the phrase means.
‘We don’t dream. I don’t sleep.’ She replies, almost amused. Funny spaceman, has he learned nothing?
‘Maybe I’ll teach you one day.’
'What would I have to dream of? It would probably all be nightmares and scattered memories I can’t even trust anymore.’
'A future?’
'We don’t have one of those.’

It’s a Dying Industry

Characters/pairing: Dean, Sam, Doug, Tyler, Mrs. Harkins (already dead), Reader - eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Casual references and bad jokes about death, other than that, none for this chapter

Word Count: 1928

Summary: A mysterious death brings the Winchesters to your town and you’re the only source for information thanks to some special skills you have.

A/N: This is my entry for Kitten’s Classic Movie Quote Challenge from @kittenofdoomage. I was given the line “I see dead people.” I’ve got 2 more parts planned for it at this time. It was beta’d by the lovely @supernatural-jackles Feedback is awesome and welcome. I hope you enjoy it! 

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Just as you swiped your credit card at the register, a rush of movement outside the large storefront windows caught your attention. Squinting against the sunlight, you watched as two tall, suited men crossed the road hurriedly. They slowed as they reached your vehicle, making you narrow your eyes while you watched them glancing through the windows trying to get a look inside. It happened from time to time, but it was usually teenagers, not grown men who let curiosity get the better of them. One man was on the phone, watching the other while he talked, you assumed acting as the mediator for the conversation, shaking his floppy hair from side to side and waving the other man into the store.

Tyler, the clerk, noticed you staring. “Oh, those guys,” he pointed excitedly, “They’re FBI agents. Isn’t that bad ass? They were here yesterday talking to Doug about that old lady that kicked it in the dairy section.”

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