doug tan

Batman Beyond Fact #64

Did you know despite the ending of 10,000 Clowns, Adam Beechen had devised a way for Doug Tan to return?

Despite his love of the character, Adam Beechen felt that in order for the story to have as large of an impact, the Joker King would need to die. He admitted that he had looked through various ways to possibly keep Doug around, but in the end felt it wouldn’t be as strong as the route he took. That being said, he wasn’t about to rule out anyone using the Joker King in the future.

Beechen explained that Bruce getting a liver from Doug was not only symbolic, but it was also leaving something for anyone to bring the Joker King Back. “As the animated series has shown us, there’s gene splicing and cloning, and so with a little bit of the Joker King’s tissue still out there, there’s still the slim possibility that he could return some day.”