doug stanhope quote

We live in a world that’s so fucking awful, people are such giant pieces of shit. There are individuals that are fine and you can find a small social group, if you’re lucky, that you can communicate with. But the masses are so fucking backwards, it doesn’t matter how much we progress through science or technology. We live in a world where people have a GPS and a crucifix on the same dashboard - and you want me to have hope?
—  Doug Stanhope

jobs are bullshit

or at least the typical american concept of 9-5 work and jobs

healthy people should get 7-8 hours of sleep generally, so if you do that you got 16 hours left in the day

society wants us to work 8 of those hours. the vast majority of available jobs are boring and unfulfilling and even the ones that aren’t that bad most of us probably wouldn’t do them if they didn’t pay us (and almost no job pays anywhere near enough to account for stealing away a literal third of your day)

or more really, because in the remaining 8 hours, what are you supposed to do? have fun? you can’t have too much fun, because you still need some of those hours to sleep. if you don’t get enough sleep, your health suffers and you feel like shit at work which makes you worse at your job

and lets be honest, probably most people aren’t “having fun” in those remaining 8 hours, they’re just unwinding because they just slaved away all day at work. they probably just literally spent the entire day working. they won’t get to enjoy the sunlight, businesses are getting ready to close.

In the typical set up, people work monday through friday and have weekends off. To quote Doug Stanhope “you work 5 days to enjoy 2. i don’t know if you gamble but them’s shit odds.”

If you get 7 hours of sleep, working 40 hours a week, 5 days a week is. literally. 33 percent. of. your waking life.

You might disagree, but personally I think that’s bullshit and I refuse