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The Signs as Popular 1990's Nickelodeon TV Shows
  • Aries: Clarissa Explains it All
  • Taurus: All That
  • Gemini: Salute Your Shorts
  • Cancer: The Amanda Show
  • Leo: Rugrats
  • Virgo: Rocko's Modern Life
  • Libra: Hey Arnold!
  • Scorpio: Ren and Stimpy
  • Sagittarius: Are you Afraid of the Dark?
  • Capricorn: Kenan and Kel
  • Aquarius: The Secret World of Alex Mack
  • Pisces: Doug

I could not have been more pleased with Doug Out. It is my new favorite episode and I love it. It did nothing but validate everything I’ve done. I’d like to thank the crewniverse for being kind enough to me, while even though they didn’t directly hire me to write that episode, they did it the exact way I would and stayed true to my characters. 

I loved seeing Doug be silly. It was perfect. If you ever thought that Connie’s parents were abusive I need you to go rewatch that episode and the beginning of Storm in the Room 10 times and tell me that again. 

Connie loves her dad so much, like she is such a daddy’s girl it’s so obvious by this episode. She genuinely loves to spend time with her dad and it’s so important to me. 

I also loved Doug’s feelings of insecurity at his job and what he does. Not only does it confirm that his private security guard job is boring as hell, but it also confirms him definitely having some anxiety issues. He wanted to impress Connie so badly, he was so anxious about it. 

Long story short Doug Out was amazing. Doug is so silly yet so caring too and he fit in exactly with all of my headcanons and if you want to read more about him you should check out my fanfiction I’m just saying.


You know, even after all this time, it’s still not clear how giant these giant warriors are. Alicia’s dog is the size of a Prius, but Doug was able to use a Carlos-sized funnel as a horn…?

Whatever height you imagine them at, these are our Top 10 Headcanons about the Giant Masked Army.

41) Doug looks exactly like a fifty-foot-tall doppelganger of Carlos.

41) Doug is a short for Dougostarifixtolomious the Soul Crasher.

41) Doug is big enough that Carlos can easily ride on his shoulder.

44) Doug and Alicia look like opera-style Viking women complete with historically inaccurate horned helmets.

45) The miniature city under the pin retrieval area is a wormhole leading to the Desert Otherworld thousands of years ago, appearing small because of temporal and spatial distortions. It is a barren desert through the Old Oak Doors because the war (and the shady people stealing their buildings) devastated their society. The Masked Warriors are a small resistance started by the Child King to stop the war. They believe Carlos to be the second coming of the great Huntokar.

47) Carlos is about the size of the masked army’s equivalent of a largeish Dollfie. To keep from wearing the same outfit every day, he’s been borrowing high-quality doll clothes from some of the aficionados in the army.
As repayment, every once in a while he has to let them dress him in the most impractical-for-science outfits, put him in different poses, and take cute photos.

51) The masked warriors are a group of very dedicated LARPers who wandered into the desert otherworld a few years prior to Carlos’ arrival. Due to the time distortion, most of them believe that everything that has happened is just an elaborate week-long campaign organized by Doug, who is doing everything in his power to keep up this illusion until he can figure out how to get them home.

65) The Otherworld Desert changes itself to be perfect to whoever is in it. It creates rival armies for the Masked warriors to fight, scientific discoveries for Carlos, and both strange Night Vale stuff and beautiful romantic stuff for Cecil.

104) The angels were pretty cranky after they heard Cecil praising the “helpful masked army that can build anything” as one of the perks of moving. “Anything, really?” complained Erika to Josie. “Can they build an opera house, huh?” And “Are we not tall enough for him?” And “Would it help if we got masks?”

118) Carlos’s research into the mysterious light was drawing him into the influence of the Smiling God. Doug and Alicia figured this out, and destroyed his research on purpose, snapping him out of it.


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neraciro  asked:

Hi Doug. I'm writing a short story at the moment, but it's not going well. I've scrapped what I thought was bad twice now and I'm onto my third effort to write up a proper draft. What advice do you have to offer a person like me? I'm currently torn between the age-old idioms of perseverance is best and knowing when to give up. It just feels like currently I'm beating my head on a stone wall and nothing good's coming out of it.

It sounds like you’re brute-forcing your way through writing and revising in one step. I sympathize. In my experience, that will drive you crazygonuts. Try separating your process into two phases.

In the first phase, take your Inner Editor and stick ‘em in an Oblivion Ring. All thoughts that have to do with evaluating what you’re writing get shelved for now. Your goal in this phase is not to write something amazing–“amazing” is evaluative. “Good enough to satisfy my aesthetic standards” is evaluative. “Non-crapola” is evaluative. All those Inner Editor thoughts get turned off, as best you can. Your goal during this phase is this: FINISH. WRITE WRITE WRITE until you FINISH and type the words THE END. A this point it matters ZERO PERCENT what goes on in your story; you are just hurling clay at the potter’s wheel so that you can craft this sculpture later. This phase is not about quality – it is about finishing. It is Supposed. To. Suck.

THEN put your writing aside for a while. Simmer. Take a walk. Take two walks. Eat something delicious. Pet a fuzzy animal. Refuel.

THEN enter the second phase. Now you’re a different person, in a way. You Naturalize that O-Ring and bring your Inner Editor back in full force. You aren’t criticizing the author of this clay in front of you– you’re using the raw materials they’ve provided you to shape it into something. The something might be almost there, and it might just take a bit of smoothing and spinning to get it to be great. (My rough drafts are not like this, and if yours are, I kind of hate you a little.) Or it might take squashing the whole thing back into a lump of clay to begin to form it into something beautiful again. But I find that every draft d’ crapola has at least one shining hint of a great idea buried in it. Look for that. Look for those moments that move you, even though you wrote it. Look for things that make you giggle all alone at your laptop. Look for stuff that makes you want to say, “Wait. Go back. Zoom and enhance on that last part”–that’s your cruddy draft, and your Inner Editor, telling you when something is working.

When you do both of those phases at the same time, what happens is that the Inner Editor becomes paralyzing. Its voice becomes so loud that it reaches beyond words on the page, all the way to words you haven’t even typed yet. You toss out everything you have before you’ve even whipped up a batch of raw materials. You stop working before you’ve managed to create that tiny gorgeous detail that you were trying to reach. Resist the urge to bring in the critical thoughts too early. Give yourself permission to go to weird and awful places, because just beyond those places are the best ideas and the best lines of dialogue and the best heartstring-plucking imagery you’ll ever have. Keep going. Your breakthrough might be ten thousand words from now, so you have two options: write ten thousand words agonizingly slowly over the next year, criticizing yourself about every line and hating every minute of it, or blast out ten thousand words THIS WEEK, and be basking in the glow of that tiny mote of awesome by Sunday.