doug rosa

i hope to god we get a bachelor party episode with jake being a happy little dork and it’s probably die hard themed and charles will be so damn excited (and if we’re lucky maybe doug judy will show up???? idk im hopeful)

and amy’s, with rosa and gina and they’ll probably do ‘boring’ stuff that amy loves like go to museums and gina will probably complain the whole time but secretly be really happy because she’s known jake her whole life and amy is so clearly perfect for him and im getting off track ok im just so excited for the rest of this season wow

Petition for Doug Judy to be tracked down, arrested and let off for giving the squad intel on a major criminal again. Then he realises that he actually quite likes helping Jake and Jake realises that maybe Doug Judy is turning over a new leaf and isn’t so bad after all. So in exchange for zero jail time he agrees to work as a spy for the NYPD and even helps them to locate the cars he stole back in his days as the Pontiac bandit