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You podcasts are KILLING me!!!!


The Penumbra Podcast- WTF Juno?!?!

The Orbiting Human Circus (of the air)- Will someone just give Julian a hug?    Please?

Eos 10- Where is season 3?

The Bright Sessions- Just let Mark and Sam be happy! (But that minisode was adorable!!!!)

Welcome to Night Vale- The 100th episode was perfect


My love for Superman & Wonder Woman takes its toll on my pockets but not sorry. :D I don’t live in the US so chasing down some comics (like variants) and merchandise can be expensive. Shipping costs are killer. It pains me more though when I can’t get at some stuff.  DC, you got to make more Superman/Wonder Woman merchandise so people who live outside of the US can go into a store and buy some stuff!!! 

This is just some of my stuff (been buying since 2002)  and I hope to add more!

Superboy! Sketch based off of amazing original design by Jorge Jimenez. For the first story I wanted his outfit to evolve and have an origin so we wrote the first jacket as a thrift store find and not his official Superboy jacket (Yet!) Jon just wanted to be like his dad. Superman explained there was meaning behind the “S” and John would have to accept the responsibility the next time he zipped it up (Kind of a reverse superman shirt pull) I love the idea of giving it that special meaning. This sketch was used to coordinate between Doug, Jorge and myself working on different chapters of the story at the same time and the minor changes leading up to that point in our Son of Superman story 

Feel free to let me know in the comments what else you want to see. I want to hear from you!

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“ There’s two kinds of doctors. Those who get rid of their feelings and those who keep them. If you’re gonna keep your feelings, you’ll get sick sometimes.
That’s just how it works. Keep your head down. People come in here and they’re sick, dying and bleeding and they need our help. Helping them is more important than how we feel. But it’s still a pain in the ass sometimes. “


Speaking of darkness, it was announced this week that Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow) will be directing the film of Peter Milligan and Mikel Janin’s Justice League Dark for DC/Warner Bros.  What’s your dream casting for this movie?


As both Magneto and Apocalypse are infected by the newly-engineered Legacy Virus, Magneto was able to defeat Apocalypse with a huge cost. Emma Frost mercy-kills Magneto by shutting down his mind before his powers flare out of control. 

- Age of Apocalypse v2 #4


The Cast of “House of Cards”

Here’s the colored page of our two lovebirds from Supes/WW 22 out next week by @DougMahnke. Look for Superman/Wonder Woman #22 October 21!