doug mains & the city folk

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tracklist: 1. glass walls - nik ammar|2. gold - imagine dragons|3. mountain sound - of monsters and men|4. misty mountains - the dwarf cast & richard armitage|5. heirloom - sleeping at last|6. bad_news - bastille|7. reverse - gabrielle aplin|8. king and lionheart - of monsters and men|9. the lakes - rhodes|10. the breach - dustin tubbett|11. the mountain’s king - doug mains & the city folk|12. thirteen sad farewells - stu larsen|13. corpse roads - keaton henson|14. callow - novo amor|15. saturn - sleeping at last|16. the last goodbye - billy boyd

((tbh making this took quite a while because 8tracks kept fucking things up, but i hope you enjoy it anyway :3))


a mix for the sons of durin and those they might have loved and left behind

run mountain carolina chocolate drops upward over the mountain iron & wine we will go home (song of exile) leah mchenry heartlines florance + the machine mountain sound of monsters and men the scarlet tide alison krauss woke up new the mountain goats fire on the mountain rob thomas the mountain’s king doug mains and the city folk my father’s father the civil wars carried home iron & wine gone ioanna gika