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Hello darling! If it's not too much trouble could you do 7, 8, and 14 for the kissing prompts with Bokuto? If you only want to do two then could you please do numbers 7 and 14. I can't wait for the completed writing, Thank you a million! -(One of you're biggest supporters, Admin Sunshine)

Oh my dear Sunshine, thank you so much for this request and your sweet words. I hope this makes your day a bit brighter!

Koutarou Bokuto

#7: running their thumb over the other’s lips

#8: when they lean forward a fraction as if to kiss the other person, then realize they shouldn’t and pull back to stop themselves

#14: a hoarse whisper “kiss me”

“If you keep staring at her, I’m going to peg you on the next serve,” Akaashi warns Bokuto.

“But Akaaaashii,” whines the ace, “she’s so pretty! I mean, how can I not look at her?”

“Do it on your own time, we need to practice,” the setter returns evenly.

However, even scolding from his best friend can’t fully deter the ace from stealing glances in your direction. Ever since you joined as the team’s manager this year, his large eyes frequently found themselves glued to you. Either you were completely oblivious or simply ignored his attention because you never seemed to notice.

It was late, practice having run long in preparation for Nationals, but Bokuto was still at it, practicing spike, after spike after spike until Akaashi finally told him enough was enough.

“My finger tips are getting numb Bokuto and you need to rest too. We’ll pick it back up tomorrow,” he said, grabbing his bag and walking out of the gym ignoring the protests of the ace.

“Damn it,” he says grabbing a towel and wiping his brow. He knows Akaashi is right but he needs to be perfect, needs to have everything dialed in. He’s pent up and excited, eager for next week when the games officially begin. The sound of squeaking wheels draws his attention away from his own plight and he sees you wheeling the ball cart out. Silently, you begin picking up the balls, walking back and forth across the gym to gather the mess he and Akaashi made.

Feeling guilty as he realizes this is not the first time this happened, he makes his way to the other side of the net.

“You did really well today Bokuto-san,” you say with a soft smile, the one that makes his heart jump higher than Hinata.

He grins. “Hey, hey, hey! Of course, I did, I’m the ace after all,” he bellows making you giggle.

To everyone else, Bokuto’s behavior can be rather annoying but you think he’s cute. And it’s not like he doesn’t have reason to be proud; he’s really that good. You just wish he could keep a handle on the swing of his emotions, not so much for your sake but for his own.

Bending down, Bokuto picks up a few of the volleyballs, easily tossing them into the cart. With his help, the task is finished in half the time.

“Thanks, but you didn’t have to do that,” you say, a slightly blush to your cheeks. “I know you must be exhausted,” you add.

“Nah, I’m fine, plus, it’s my fault you stayed late in the first place,” he says a little quieter than normal. He follows as you wheel the cart into the storage room. Once inside, he watches as you fold the towels just brought back from the laundry, their clean scent rather refreshing in the enclosed space. Deciding he wants to spend more time with you one on one, Bokuto grabs a towel himself, trying to fold it.

Seeing how poorly he’s doing, you giggle again taking the fluffy material from his hands, the graze of your fingers against his making his pulse race. “You’d think you’d never done laundry before,” you tease correctly folding then placing the towel on the shelf.

Sheepishly, he rubs the back of his head. “Well, I kinda don’t, my mom tried to get me to but one time of me ruining a whole load of whites by turning them grey made her banish me from all laundry duty.”

You laugh out loud, partially spitting out some of the water you’d just taken a sip of. Without thinking, Bokuto trails his thumb over your lips to wipe away the excess water, the action and touch drawing a slight gasp from you. Leaving his hand on your cheek, he leans forward, entranced by how soft your lips feel. When he realizes what he’s doing, Bokuto draws back again but your hand grasping his free one stops all motion.

Looking into your eyes, he can’t believe it when you whisper hoarsely, “Kiss me.”

He doesn’t hesitate, mouth covering yours with his own, and both hands wrapping into your hair. He can taste your coconut lip gloss when his tongue grazes your bottom lip. He’s surprised when you open up to him easily, tongue moving out to meet his, the connection making him moan lowly.

Bokuto wonders if maybe he’s dreaming especially when your hands wander under the back of his shirt, finger nails lightly scratching his skin. His own hands trail the edge of yours, thumbs drawing little circles against your flesh.

Things are escalating quickly, a bit too much, so you both pull away heaving heavy breaths.

“Sorry,” you both say at the same time but then laugh.

“I mean, I’m not sorry for kissing you,” Bokuto says quickly, grasping your hands.

You smile. “I know, me either.”

“Y/N, would you…would you consider going out with me?” You’ve never heard Bokuto speak so softly.

Leaning up, you kiss him gently. “If you couldn’t tell after that kiss how much I like you, you really are a simpleton.” You laugh when he pouts, pecking your lips against his protruding lips. “Of course I’ll go out with you silly.” Your answer drives away his gloom instantly, your own lips widening in a big smile when he lifts you into a giant bear hug.

Just Brooklyn Nine-Nine things

-jake peralta

-charles and rosa’s friendship

-terry and yogurt: the ultimate love story

-the little rainbow flag on captain holt’s desk

-halloween heists

-the Proposal

-captain holt making that lovely speech while looking all heart eyes at kevin

-the dumpster proposal

-the Pontiac bandit a.k.a Doug Judy

-amy getting all doubtful about whether to give the seargent’s exam wondering if it will change her relationship with jake, and jake telling her to put her dreams first

-jake reading harry potter because he knows amy likes it

-the Proposal

-hitchcock and scully’s friendship

-scary terry

-charles putting breakfast in jake’s to-do list

-charles helping amy through the spiral

-charles helping holt cook for kevin

-charles being a wonderful friend in general

-did i mention the Proposal

-Die Hard

-“title of your sex tape”

-bi rosa


-gina linetti: the paris of people

-amy winning the third halloween heist in the whole of her goddess glory

-amy and rosa’s friendship

-also, the Proposal

-the whole squad staying by holt’s side throughout the seamus murphy thing

-“noice”, “smort”, “no doubt”

- jake punching his childhood hero in the face for being a shit to holt

-the Proposal, for realz


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