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Ramblin' Woman/I Threw It All Away/Mama You've Been On My Mind acoustic medley (9 Jan. 1969)
George Harrison

George Harrison playing a gorgeous acoustic medley during the Get Back sessions, including an unfinished song called “Ramblin’ Woman” which was previously played on the 3rd, Bob Dylan’s as-yet-unreleased “I Threw It All Away” and “Mama You’ve Been On My Mind”. Unfortunately it’s a bit difficult to hear most of the vocals due to the mic being too far away.

“George’s admiration for Dylan manifests in this gentle folk tune, reflecting Dylan’s own early fondness for the adjective "ramblin’.” The song’s romanticism is decidedly un-Dylanesque, however, and the fact that, with some varations in the lyrics, it reappears at the session of the 9th suggests that George is the author.“

- Doug Sulpy on "Ramblin’ Woman”, Get Back: The Unauthorized Chronicle of the Beatles’ “ Let It Be” Disaster


George Harrison onstage at the Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan, 13 August 1966

Photos 1 & 2 © Bob Wimmer, via The Beatles Source and LiveJournal; photos 3 & 4 © Douglas Elbinger/Elbinger Media LLC

“The Beatles photos are some of my favorites. Every time I look at them I have to pinch myself and remind myself that I was really there.” - Doug Elbinger,, 29 January 2010

“George put his opinion of the Beatles’ effect on pop music this way: ‘We were right for the time when we came out. The pop scene five years ago was definitely looked upon by “musicians,” put that in brackets, as a dirty word. Pop was just something crumby. Now I think a lot of things in the pop field have more to them.
'We’re very influenced by others in pop music and others are influenced by us… That’s good. That’s the way life is. You’ve got to be influenced and you try to be influenced by the best.’” - “The Beatles: Four Smiling, Tired Guys Talk About Their Music” by Loraine Alterman, Detroit Free Press, 19 August 1966 [x]