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So a few of you mentioned that I forgot a few people, so without further ado…without cheating can you guess them all? Artist: @decidedly-enigmatic/


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Oh my god...

So Connie’s confirmed to be a massive Anime fan, right?

Her mother’s voice by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and her father by Crispin Freeman, two voice actors who got their start in the industry as fan-favorite Anime voice actors. Mary was known for voice directing Digimon and Cowboy Bebop while Crispen got his start with Pokemon and became know for the likes of Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya.

Is it any wonder their daughter became such a weeb?

Steven Bomb 6: What Went Right, and What Went Wrong?

Another Steven Bomb has come and gone and it was… something.

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To be honest, since the last Steven Bomb, I’ve fallen into the SU Critical part of the fandom. This isn’t a bad thing for me as I do see a lot of the valid criticisms, and the show just hasn’t had the same kick as the earlier seasons. But I’m still that kind of person that likes to give the benefit of the doubt… constantly. I like Steven Universe even with its problems, but there needs to be something really impressive to get the show back on track.

So, here’s a quick run down on what I thought did and didn’t work with the new Steven Bomb in each episode. Lots of ranting, swearing, and spoilers ahead.

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