doug fargo

*Randomly has nostalgic thoughts about Warehouse 13 and Eureka*

*Fondly recalls the crossover episodes*

*Sighs regretfully over the could-have-been of Fargo and Claudia’s relationship*

So.. it might be because it’s 6am and I’m not thinking clearly but hear me out. These 2 have become my go-to when I need to watch something fluffy and happy when I’ve had a bad day (and I’ve been having a rough week). But I’ve found that there’s only like.. 12 fics with them paired. Now.. I know I can write, but I’ve never tried to emulate character personalities with written word before. I’m wondering a couple of things..

1) is anyone else interested in reading about these 2, or am I the only one who needs more?

2) I’m not super techie/science knowledgeable, nor do I know a lot about Fargo’s life (I just bought Warehouse 13 season 4 to catch up, then I’ll be finishing Eureka). Would anyone like to help me out with these topics?

3) Any fix topic suggestions?