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Bal&Devie headcanons:

@baby-prince-oppa asked for some headcanons, so here goes:

Evie knew she’d be with a guy in a uniform, she just hadn’t expected someone in a band uniform. Mal wasn’t expecting to end up with anyone at all, let alone someone who wears the uniforms Ben wears. They’re both thankful that things didn’t turn out the way they had expected.

  • Mal has a mild aversion to needles of any kind; it’s the same with Evie and apples.
  • Evie and her mother are deathly allergic to iron.
  • Evie and Doug have both been raised with German-speaking family, so they’ve been known to have private conversations in German and have become unintentionally skilled at making people suspicious for thinking they’re being talked about behind their back (while Doug and Evie are actually just casually whispering sweet nothings to each other and failing to keep a straight face).
  • Mal picks up on Ben’s and his father’s favorite curse words, so she develops a habit of ranting and cussing people out in French on occasion. Ben is mildly impressed at Mal’s inventiveness– but his mother? Not so much.
  • Mal and Cogsworth become saltmates once they get over their annoyance with each other. They and Belle bond over how unimpressed they are with Adam’s and Ben’s puns.
  • Doug uses sign language with his parents. After Evie learns some ASL (Auradonian) from him she discovers that his dad is actually a fairly witty storyteller.
  • Belle shares her books about legendary faeries with Mal and finds books on practical witchcraft for Evie.
  • Doug has been known to serenade Evie (rarely with the same instrument twice): when she feels upset about the way people have looked down upon her for her reputation, when he gets inspired to write songs (sometimes about her), and to cajole her into singing with him as part of a musical duo in the school’s talent show.
  • Evie eventually realizes she wants to try cuddling with Doug when they become official, unfortunately she has to force herself to stop instinctively reaching for him because she’s sure that’s something she can’t risk asking for since her mom warned her not to be “clingy” – not to worry, though; he’s delighted to become her cuddle-octopus when he figures out she’d like it~♥
  • Evie’s grown fond of Doug’s family’s homemade rock candy, and once she gets the recipe from them, her version is the thing that wins Grumpy over about having her in the family.
  • Once Mal starts touring the country with Ben she realizes his castle’s not as prissy as she first thought, after having seen Aurora’s and especially Cinderella’s.
  • Occasionally Evie is invited by Ben and Mal to attend the annual kingdom summits (as an “Advisor to the Royal Consort”) where she’s met several of the mothers of the princesses she goes to school with. She’s decided she has more in common with Rapunzel than with her step-sister Snow, and even though she won’t dare to go so far as to call her “Auntie ‘Punzel,” she’s become like an honorary aunt to her along with Belle.
  • Evie sends her mother a set of engagement photos in which she is wearing a gown covered entirely in precious gemstones. In the background of one of the images is the cottage that her step-sister had once called home for a time, and of course, she and her fiancé are surrounded by seven stocky little men; one of which is pulling Evie’s intended into a tight hug that lifts the lanky young man off his feet. (Grimhilde is only mostly disgusted by this point.)

I’d love to talk headcanons. Anyone up for a discussion?