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An appreciation post for how well Cartoon Network handled Stevenbomb 6.

We all know how Cartoon Network has fucked with SU in the past (no promos, no reruns, the whole incident back in January).

But it seems (key words being “it seems”) they figured out how to handle this show. And it’s clearly evident with how they handled this bomb.


* announced it with promos both online and on TV
* gave us a heads up that they were gonna release the episodes on the app ahead of time
* brought back the themed blocks
*continued to promote it on TV even after the digital release

Plus, they finally figured out the audience for this show. I mean, releasing the episodes at MIDNIGHT? That’s not a release for kids; that’s a release for the impatient older audience who are willing to be up all night waiting for these.

And for those of you who are worried about the show’s future: we got a vidja game, the soundtrack, the new dolls, new toys, and a bunch of other stuff.

Plus, the cast and crew are still making episodes.

Sorry this turned out so long.

They finally figured it out.

If this is how they’re gonna treat SU in the future, then I actually have no problem with it.

Hey guys, Steven Bomb 6 is out on the CN app for the see it first promotion.

Be sure to connect with your TV provider to officially watch them on their app and watch them when they officially air on TV. Let’s be supportive for Steven Universe

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Okay i loooove how pearl very well damn knows shes well at drawing and she still tries to act modest. That was so funny. I loved garnet’s too. I actually like aquamarines design. (I think i’m the only one) and i kinda hate how off brand steven looks at the beggining of are you my dad. Especially the part with the crabs sandcastle and when they pan out to him he looks so off model, off brand. Just off. I wouldve thought theyd nail steven by now. Also its cool how 4 seasons in. Almost 5 and theyre still surprising us with what can be done and what techniques homeworld gems have up theyre sleeve.

They must’ve learned this somehow and applied it on the field. Also aquamarine is not like high class or fany or like aristocrat like sapphire but i think shes still rare af. rare but not rich. Maybe limited quantity. Bc she knows how much shes worth.

Some SU thoughts #2

I will here debrief the latest Steven Bomb, beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet !

I must say that I am nicely surprised by how well the Bomb is built. It has a very logical storyline, all the episodes being closely linked to each other. To me, Steven Universe is a great show for a lot of reasons but it has a weak spot : its lack of link between certain episodes, especially episodes outside the “main” storyline. This is why it always feels like the show is divided in two categories of episodes : the “gem-centric” ones and the ones centered around the humans which the fandom often calls “the fillers”. This seems like the episodes are not presented on the same level because they are so separated from each other even though both are important.
A show like Gravity Falls for example manages to reduce the gaps between the main-story episodes and the so-called fillers.

But this Steven Bomb is different because both types of episodes fuse : the Crystal Gems are actually on the background this time, even though it is strange that Peridot and Lapis are never included in the most recent confrontations with Homeworld Gems, especially in case of a big event like this one.

This allows the humans to be on the front line for once. Their characters are developed while the story goes on and there really are involved in it. Doug Out stages well this involvement with Connie’s dad joining the party to track down some (gem-)criminals. It is different from a so-called filler because it is not a short-lived story which will never be mentioned again. The same goes with Lars’s episode. It is a crucial episode for Lars’s character development. Staging his coward behaviour in two very different situations : failing show off his cooking abilities because he is afraid of judgement and refusing to help Saddie because Topaz might be a deadly encounter. We clearly see the link between the two episodes here. This staging is really important because Lars stays on the ship with Steven and the Homeworld Gems : it prepares us for the obstacles in a potential escape plan and also makes room for Lars’s own development. The next episode Stuck Together already bears in its name the difficulties ahead.

The Bomb also has a sort of mirror structure as Lion 4 and I am my Mom seem to resonate with on another articulated around Rose’s figure.

Lion 4 : Alternate Ending brings up questions about Lion’s role in the story. Right from the start he has been the most mysterious character. He seems to play the part of some sort of guide for Steven. He is like the wise character in a fantasy quest only revealing informations to the hero when he is ready. The idea of the quest is actually a low-key theme in the show as Steven is in search of his purpose and of himself so it fits for Lion to have this “guide” role.
And a new story element has also been presented : the mysterious chest inside Lion’s mane.

Finally we get introduced to new Gems : Aquamarine and Topaz.
There is something quite odd about Aquamarine : she doesn’t summon her weapon nor her wings through her gem which has been the rule up until now. She either uses shapeshifting or enhancers like Peridot but it would be strange as she is quite powerful and an obviously high-ranked gem.

The Aquamarine-Topaz duo shows the differences and complementary aspects of blue and yellow Gems. Now that Aquamarine has been added to the list of blue Gems, we see that a lot of them have flying abilities thanks to wings or a floating feature like Sapphire. It mirrors the fact that Blue Gems are originally characters driven by their mind : Sapphire sees through her mind’s eye. Characters build around their mind feature tend to be linked to air and thus flying : think about the airbenders in Avatar the Last Airbender. Blue Gems are hence supervisors, as you can see with Holly Blue Agate : she is in charge of the Zoo and the Famethyst represents the muscles.  The same thing goes for Aquamarine, she is the cunning mind of the mission whereas Topaz is brute force. It is enhanced by the fact that Aquamarine talks a lot while Topaz only acts. This complementarity between the different Gems has already been addressed in That will be All especially in Yellow Diamond’s song where she clearly leans towards action while Blue Diamond is overwhelmed by her interior thoughts : you can read a more detailed analysis here. Mind has a power and this is why the Gem’s size doesn’t matter :  while being very small Aquamarine is much more dangerous than Topaz. Remember what Jasper said about Lapis : “I thought I was a brute, but you… you’re a monster.” Blue Gems are definitely much more powerful than they look.

This may also explain why Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond are depicted on the same level on the Diamonds pattern : they are complementary :  it’s reflection and action working together.

Address your questions, theories or anything you want to say here !


Calling it now, shes a rare talented gem who was these magic abilities. Shes on a ship and in the leader chair so shes in charge. Shes in blue diamond’s team idk if shes on her court specifically but i would have loved it if she were yellow diamond’s to show everybody color doesnt designate you your diamond.


After weeks of eagerly waiting, the sixth Steven Bomb is here! One half filler, the other half intense shit.