Here's one terrible headcanon

With almost every ~young hip beamslinger~ action he does, Loki engages in inner, spiteful, imaginary conversations with Kid Loki about it. Just to rub it in, like the batshit lousy winner/loser he is.

“You never tried this flavor of milkshake, right? You’d really like it… Oh wait, you can’t try it because you’re dead!”

“Okay, I’ll grant you that one. You were totally right about the bacon. Oh wait, we can’t agree anymore because you’re dead!”

“Do you think this pink theme for our phone is hip enough? Is it fine by you if I paint it lime green as platinum as a color is dull? Oh wait, it’s MY phone now because you’re dead!”

“Did you see the way I escaped from Miss America? Classic trickster! Oh wait, you can’t appreciate it because you’re dead!”

“Hey, we’re finally getting a team-up with superhero kids around your age! Oh wait, only me because you’re dead!”

“I hope you don’t mind if I add Mister Sinister to my– I mean our Facebook. Oh wait, you don’t mind because you’re dead!”

loki’s ruse is gonna be unrused by daimon hellstrom let me tell you why

daimon’s the only one who can fully testify to kid loki’s personality.  thor has a more complete knowledge of Kid Loki, but he also has a complete knowledge of reg Loki and Lady Loki and all the Lokis that ever Lokid and he’s managed to love all of them unconditionally

but well yeah there’s a certain thickheadedness that he’s probably developed to be able to deal with all that Loki and if he found out that would be the least fun i’d ever have with a comic so we’re gonna pretend that’d just not a possibility even though it is because he knows Loki better than anyone (which isn’t a lot, because Loki is chaos etc)

ok so daimon would show up like what up i got a big cock and he’d be like where’s leah and loki would be  like well u seeee

and i don’t know i don’t write this thing but basically daimon knows kid loki as a person in his own right well enough that if he’s being very un-kid lokiy he’ll notice but he’s detached enough (both from Kid Loki and the history of Loki) that he won’t dismiss it as him having a weird day/him being Loki

yes there i’ve done it