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Whats /b/?


No but to actually answer your question:

/b/ is a sub-forum on the proto-Reddit site 4chan. It used to be the famous internet cesspool, enjoying brief mainstream relevance over a decade ago as the organizational ground for hacker collective Anonymous.

Now it’s just a sad little message board whose code hasn’t been changed since it first went live where MRA’s, alt-righters neo-nazis, and other douchebro types gather to reassure each other that the world and the internet haven’t moved on since 2005, conspire to violently harass women who have the gall to say things on the internet, and complain about Tumblr stealing their memes.

It’s nothing. Nothing in the world.


/b/ is the crumbling tombstone that marks the grave of a website that was contemporaneous with MySpace. Disaffected proto-fascist teenagers like to use it as a gathering point from which to pee on other graves. Now and again one ventures into the land of the living, smelling of piss and pretending to be the Lich King of the Damned. 


Hey, look, it’s my favorite sexist jackass spouting more bullshit
about Kate Bishop.

At this rate, I could make a tumblr devoted to all the ways that
therealsongbirddiamondback is a “bratty jerk” (aka, a misogynist
asshole) and I could post every day for at least a year without
running out of material.

If Kate Bishop endures hardships on par with other characters, then
I probably would get the character more. But right now, she’s a
bratty jerk brought up by a rich family. She was never faced hardship
like the Ruanways, New X-Men, or even the Avengers Arena kids are
currently facing.

- How many soup kitchens have you volunteered for? How many times have
you suggested that your family members spend more of their wealth on
the less fortunate? How many times have your favorites done this? How
many lives have you saved?

The fact that you keep calling her a “bratty jerk” (mmm, men who call
women names. It’s also SUCH A sign of their committment to diversity.
Always. Classy, sexist jackass, classy) when there are a number of
male characters who ACTUALLY DO fit this description but you never
bash with the same obsession that you devote to tearing down Kate is a
pretty large sign of your misogyny. JSYK.

- In addition to being raped, she’s lost her mother and watched
her best friend murdered right in front of her, and another teammate.
Oh, and there was that time that she had her team ripped apart because
she and her team were thrust into the middle of a Civil War. You know,
where they had to go on the run and fight for their lives against the
people they’d been looking up to not too long ago.

I’m sorry, but how the fuck is that ANY different from what you are
whining about the Avengers Arena kids facing?

Also, oh wait, are you now calling Avengers Arena character
defining and an example of good storytelling?
LOL, I’m pretty sure
that in your obsessive and unhealthy hate of a fictional female
character, you just accidentally insinuated that. GOOD JOB, bb.

And before you bring up THAT moment, let me direct you to
Diamondback, who also experienced such a moment, but she still gets
some of the worst luck as a character yet keeps on trucking. She was
even paralyzed for a few months.

Asshole, I’m well aware of Diamondback’s history and I’m gonna let you
finish, but before you do, you should be aware that as a man, you
never, ever, ever EVER get to judge how a woman reacts to a rape.

You do not ever get to say that one woman responded better than

Well, you can. Because you’ve demonstrated the fact that you are a
sexist, vile piece of shit. So you keep on trucking. Are you going to
blame Kate for walking through the park next? Because that sound
sounds like the kind of victim-blaming people like you do.

But in regards to Diamondback, we are talking about a wonderful
character it’s true. We’re also talking about a character who wanted
to verbally attack Crystal and Pietro for no real reason other than
she “believed” they were talking about her.

Diamondback and Kate are so much alike, that your hate of Kate would
be funny if it wasn’t drowning in such misogyny.

That’s fundamentally what bothers me about Kate. She’s never
really had tough fights

Which you only believe because you know NOTHING about her.

yet she still acts like she’s better than everyone else.


Fuck off. Women having confidence in stories is a good thing. You will
never understand that, because you are drowning in your male privilege
so fucking hard that it’s a miracle you can breathe long enough to
type such bullshit.

The fact that you pretend to give a damn about female characters and
can’t see this only proves that you are entirely full of shit.

If she actually had to put up with shit?

If you’d actually read her stories and knew what the fuck you were
talking about …

Then she’d have an excuse to be bratty.

But you’ll never have an excuse to be the misogynist that you are, so
she’s already better than you, precious.

Here’s the thing, asshole.

You can hate any character you want. Even female characters. Though
you should know that your opinion as a man about a female character
will always be of a lesser importance to anyone with any sense.

But you don’t just dislike Kate.

You pollute the entire Internet with your hatred of her. You
continually post hate in the Kate Bishop and Hawkey tags, thinly
disguised as “character discussion.” You continually bash her on CBR
threads, even ones that have NOTHING TO DO WITH HER. You can’t hold
yourself from bashing her on a blog that you are supposd to be
running devoted to amazing female superheroes.
You do this so
often that this is becoming your reputation. People keep calling you
out on it on CBR and on tumblr. You keep ignoring it, pretending that
you are a victim because people won’t let you spout your privileged
misogynist shit on the Internet without a challenge.

Even amongst the douchebro, sexist cesspool that is CBR, you’re
gaining a reputation as a terrible person who irrationally bashes a
female character at any given opportunity.

Congratulations on that feat because it takes some fucking talent, and
my condolences on your continual shitty taste in characters.