TW: Mention of Rape.

Not one of mine, a friend sent it to me. And then it started making the rounds social media. And then they found his profile on fb. And then they found that he (surprise surprise!) has a criminal history: two charges for stalking and something else.

Truly, there are not enough angry face emojis for this. This goes way past “douchebag” and straight into twisted psycho bullshit. 

every single overwatch youtube video:

(video running time: 9:05)
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[somehow an even heavier accent comes out] there was recently a leak for a couple new maps, one of which was a map in overwatch. overwatch is getting a new map that was released in a leak, and this is just speculation. we think from this dataminer, that leaked new info for maps in the video game overwatch, that new maps may be coming sometime in the future.

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