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15 Reasons Why Cyclops Is Everyone’s Least Favorite X-Man. Cyclops has “lead” the X-Men on and off for over 40 years. However, over that same period he has managed to become one of the most disliked “heroes” in the Marvel Universe.

1. He Pouted and Whined on the Original X-Men

The Situation - On a team with a funny charming guy, a brilliant guy and a super rich guy, the one woman on the team (Jean Grey) decides that she loves you. The obvious answer to this is to spend all your time moping around and being a drag.

2. He was a total dick to his teammates on the All New X-Men

The Situation - Cyclops’ leadership abilities consist of lamenting the fact that all the “old” X-Men decided to dump his ass and making fun of his new teammates. He probably should have gotten some books on tape to help with that issue.

3. Jean Grey Dies For the First (of Many) Times and Cyclops is Immediately Hitting the Town

The Situation - Well Jean may have died in a horrific accident piloting a space shuttle, but I obviously need to move on and start seeing other people

4. Jean Grey Dies Again (AGAIN), Cyclops Mourns by Making Time with a Blonde

The Situation - My girlfriend just died for the second time in a year’s span. Guess its time to jump back on the relationship horse!

5. Cyclops Dates (and Marries) a Woman Who Looks Like His Dead Girlfriend

The Situation - It isn’t creepy at all to date and marry a woman who is a clone of your dead girlfriend.

6. Cyclops Abandons His Young Bride To Take Back Leadership of the X-Men

The Situation - Cyclops is a lone wolf and a rebel so he isn’t going to settle down and help raise a family. Instead he has to stir the pot and try to take back leadership of the X-Men. Spoiler: He loses.

7. Cyclops Abandons His Young Wife and Child Once He Realizes that Jean Grey is Alive (Again)

The Situation - So Cyclops attempts to construct a new life with his wife Madelyn and son Nathan. However, one word that Jean Grey might be alive drives him to abandon his family and shack up again with his long dead paramour. What a nice guy.

8. Cyclops Shows As Much Emotion As A Dead fish When Madelyn Pryor Dies

The Situation - Madelyn Pryor has joined with the All New X-Men (led by Storm) and is thought to be dead. She then, of course, dies. Cyclop, manages to treat these events with all the excitement of getting the weather report.

9. Cyclops Finally Marries Jean Grey

The Situation - This needs to be noted because it is one of the few decent things that Cyclops has ever done in his life. Of course, he immediately screws that up.

10. Cyclops Cheats on His Wife With Her Arch-Nemesis Emma Frost

The Situation - Cyclops believes that his his relationship with Jean Grey has grown stagnant. The solution? Make time with her worst enemy.

11. Jean Grey Dies (AGAIN) and Cyclops Makes His Relationship with Emma Frost Official

The Situation - Nothing says mourning like officially becoming an item with your dead wife’s most hated enemy and basically alienating all your friends in he process.

12. Cyclops Likes Others to Do His Dirty Work

The Situation - In order to keep his hands clean, Cyclops sanctions Wolverine and a group of bloodthirsty X-Men to kill threats to the mutant community. Of course, he tries to disavow any involvement.

13. Cyclops Once Again Betrays a Lady Love

The Situation - Romeo that he is, Cyclops destroys his latest relationship by stabbing Emma Frost in the back and stealing the the superpowers she has recently acquired.

14. Cyclops Hates Authority Figures, Kills Mentor

The Situation - Cyclops hits rock bottom and kills his Professor X.

15. Cyclops Wonders Why World Does Not Love Him

The Situation - This panel kind of sums of Cyclops’ delusion that the world is all about him all the time.

In Sum - Cyclops is the King Joffrey of the Marvel Universe.

Hope you enjoy it :)

I'm Never Drinking With You Douchebags Again (Winchesters X Reader)

It wasn’t wrong to say that you were a light drunk when it came to drinking. You can’t hold alcohol well, especially liquor. You’ve tried, but you end up getting too drunk and sick, and not being able to function the next day. Dean would always pick fun at you, knowing how childish you act when you’re drunk.

Both Dean and Sam have seen you drunk numerous times, and as funny as they think it is, it was torturous for you. You’d do stupid things like call Dean ‘Boots’ and call Sam 'Dora The Explorer’.

You, Sam and Dean were all crammed together in a bar, trying to get your mind off of the last hunt, and move on to the next one. You were only two swigs into a slightly chilled beer, while Dean was taking down shot after shot, but Sam was joining you with a beer this time.

“Come on, I can’t be the only one doing this! This is embarrassing!” Dean said, taking another shot of whiskey, throwing his head back and then releasing a sharp sigh after he swallowed the burning substance. “Wanna try, (Y/N)?” Dean offered, before you shook your head.

“I don’t feel like puking up my intestines tomorrow” you muttered, taking a small sip of your beer, before Dean laughed. “Yeah, and I don’t want to have to be the one to carry her to the car, because you’d be drunk as hell too, Dean” Sam said, before Dean scoffed.

“I could carry her!” He shouted, before you shushed the brothers from their bickering, while they both muttered an insult to each other under their breath.

“(Y/N), just try one” Dean said, placing a small shot glass down in front of you. You glared at him, as he was flashing you a smirk that could make every woman weak in their knees.

“Dean!” You cried, before he frowned and took the drink back. “Fine, I guess you’re too afraid” you went numb at Dean’s words. You hated it when people said you were afraid, when you clearly weren’t.

Both the boys knew this, and Sam knew that this was a bad idea. “Dean, stop” Sam breathed out, before you grabbed the shot out of his hand and quickly poured it in your mouth, terrified to swallow.

Dean and Sam both looked at you shocked, before you swallowed the amber liquid, feeling it burn your esophagus on the way down, as you kicked the bar and tried to cry in pain, but it came out as a small squeak that made the boys laugh.

You panted hard, before Dean began to clap. “I’m proud of you, (Y/N). I guess you aren’t afraid” Dean said as you smiled. “I guess not! I want another!” You exclaimed like a child, a few other people in the bar giving you a weird glance, before turning their attention away from you.

“(Y/N), are you sure that’s a good idea?” Sam whispered into your ear before you nodded. “Yeah! I’ll be fine! I’ll just have two more!” You smiled, before both boys raised their eyebrows at you, knowing they were about to have an exciting night.

“Dean, get her legs!” Sam shouted.

“She won’t stop moving!” Dean shouted back.

“Dean!” Sam cried.

“Stop it moose!” You yelled violently at the older brother.

You thrashed and kicked in the parking lot, refusing to be picked up by Dean and Sam. You had seven too many shots, and you were destroyed. You lied down on the concrete, with your arms crossed and staring right at the sky.

“Look at the stars!” You slurred, before Sam’s arms grabbed you and took you into his hold, as he thrashed you over his shoulder and walked you back to the Impala.

“I told you, you shouldn’t have let her drink tonight, Dean” Sam said, before Dean opened the rear door for Sam, so he could gently place you in the Impala. “She’s gonna be fine, Sammy!” Dean exclaimed, watching you squirm around the backseat, trying to get comfortable.

“Let’s just head back to the motel, we’ll spend another night and then pack up tomorrow” Sam said, slamming the rear door closed, before getting into the passengers side.

Dean got into the drivers seat, turning his head to watch you play with your hair. “You good?” He raised an eyebrow as you slowly nodded, continuing to play with the messy strands. Dean smiled and turned back to face his brother, “She’s good” he said before starting the Impala and driving back to the motel.

By the time you all arrived, you were half asleep sprawled in the backseat. You arms and legs spewed across the slick leather as Sam and Dean laughed at your funny position, while they were getting you out from the back.

“I’ve never seen her this hammered before!” Sam said, shocked by your drunken state. “Let’s get her to bed, the faster she’s asleep the less of a pain she’ll be” Dean said, as Sam nodded in agreement, gently pushing your legs together and pulling you out of the Impala, before gradually pulling you out but accidentally slamming your head against the roof as he tried to pull your through the door.

“Sam!” Dean shouted, as Sam scoffed. “I’m trying my best, Dean!” Sam whispered as he slung you over his shoulder, feeling you thrash within his grasp.

“Sammy,” you groaned, “I don’t feel well”. Dean’s eyes widened, knowing that meant you were about to puke any second. He searched his pocket for the motel key, quickly finding it. As he went to open the door, it was too late and the content of your stomach were spewed onto the concrete.

Sam and Dean groaned in disgust, as Sam lowered you from his shoulders and cradled you in his arms. Your skin was pale and your eyes were bloodshot, not to mention the growing bruise on your forehead thanks to Sam.

“Let’s get you to bed, yeah?” Sam asked. You slowly nodded, disregarding all that he said as he carried you into the motel, gently setting you down onto your bed, listening to you groan in discomfort and pain.

“I’m never drinking with you douchebags again”

Top Ten Fics of 2016

I got tagged by @daveeddiggsit @adothoe and @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines (that url tho) 


1. Helpless Series (Philip Hamilton x Reader) (specifically parts Two and Five)

2. Warmth (Angelica Schuyler x Reader) 

3. Kid (Rafael Casal x Reader) 

4. Calor (Maria Reynolds POV)

5. Tango (John Laurens x Reader) (smut)

6. I Wish I Was Mad Series (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

7. Douchebag (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

8. Jilted (John Laurens x Reader)

9. Blessings Series (Thomas Jefferson x Reader) 

10. Sober (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) (This is the first Lin Sin and anyone who says otherwise is wrong bc I made up the term Lin Sin myself thank and I PERSONALLY THINK THAT THIS TERRIBLE WRITING BUT SINCE IT’S BASICALLY THE ONLY REASON I HAVE ANY FOLLOWERS AT ALL I’M GONNA PUT IT ON THE LIST)

  • Fandom Police : So you think it's OK to ship that. Well, let me tell you...*goes on to sound self righteous, judgemental, holier than though, obnoxious, boring, and bullying*
  • Me: It's OK to ship whatever you want. You're not disgusting. There's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing wrong with not being boring and predictable. Chasing something exciting is perfectly natural.
  • Fandom Police: You're disgusting
  • Me: *facepalm*

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Jily prompt: everyone's born with their soulmate's name tattooed on their wrist like a birthmark (found this au somewhere on tumblr cant remember where)

Found a link to the prompt here.

“So your soulmate’s name is Junks?” asks Mary, squinting at Lily’s wrist.

Lily frowns, tugging her sleeve over her wrist. She doesn’t normally have it on display, but since Mary revealed the name she had on her own body, she figures it’s a fair exchange. “I’m fairly certain that’s not actually what it says. They just seem to have horrible handwriting.”

“Or horrible parents,” Mary offers. “‘What a rubbish baby. Let’s name it after what it looks like.’”

Lily laughs, but kicks her. “Stuff it, MacDonald.”

Mary turns her gaze up to the ceiling of their flat. They sit side-by-side on Lily’s bed, leaning against the pillows. “S’pose it doesn’t matter if they’re unfortunate-looking. You’re predestined to love them.”

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just because hewlett’s an uncompromisingly decent person who has been a good friend to anna, and also has sympathetically sweet feelings for her, does not mean he “deserves” her

just because a nice guy likes her doesn’t mean anna is terrible for still loving and kissing abe – the only thing that makes that “wrong” is that they are both married to other people, however they legitimize it with their history 

this is coming from an assuredly high ranking hewlett stan and a person who doesn’t care at all for abe-anna– 

anna strong is not required to love edmund hewlett back

imo the only thing cinnamon roll major hewlett deserves for his stellar behavior


Painted Douchebags


Anon Prompt: Deadpool/reader: paintball. Some douchebags make fun of the reader because she’s short of stature and a girl. The player doesn’t want to play anymore, but Wade convinces her. During the game, Wade takes care of the bastards who joked about his girl.

A/N: Boom! This was interesting for me to relate to because I`m tall af (which I hate) but I just imagined it the other way round.

Warning: Do I even need to put swearing anymore? Its obvious people!

Originally posted by crazy4hatter

“I`m so fucking excited for this babe” Deadpool examined his paintball gun like it was one of his real toys.

“Oh sweetie you are going down!” you jibbed. 

You and Wade both had serious competitive streaks so when you played a game you both went all out to beat the other.

“No way mamacita. I am winning this shit!” he defended himself.

“Yeah dude, you got this short ass beat real good” some guy praised your boyfriend.

“Um excuse me?” you growled.

“Can you hear me down there? Do I need to shout?” he looked down at you.

“Fuck off” you retort.

“I`ll take care of this baby” Wade handed you his weapon.

“Yo boy. The fuck you saying about this fine piece of ass here? That`s my shorty so go fuck yourself dick” he shoved the guy who just ran off in fear once he saw Deadpool`s suit.

The bell rang signaling your game was about to start.

“Come on babe” Wade tried to pull you with him in his excitement.

“No. I don`t wanna go” you felt tears in your eyes.

Your height was a sensitive subject for you, you longed to be a tall skinny model but that wasn’t you. Wade towered over you as he turned towards you.

“Why not?” he inquired softly, seeing your watery eyes.

“Because I am too short to ride” you felt tears go down your cheeks.

Amusement parks were not your favorite place.

“Bullshit” your lover spat.

“Just go without me” you wrapped your arms around yourself, insecurity overwhelming you.

“Nope. Not fucking happening. We are going to go out there and have a fucking amazing time” he hugged you close, resting his chin on your head.

“Ready?” he wiped your tears.

“Fuck yea. You`re going down” you challenged your awesome boyfriend.

“Bring it baby” he narrowed his white eyes.

Out on the course, you were hiding behind a tree when you heard screaming.

“What the fuck! Stop!” a guy yelled.

“That`s what you get for calling beautiful people names, fuckboy” you heard.

Immediately you ran out of your hiding place to see what your boyfriend was doing.

“Wade!” you exclaimed.

The mercenary was holding the douchebag that was calling you names upside down by the ankles.

“Fucking say shit like that to my girl again and it will be far worse fucker” Deadpool dropped him to the ground.

The friends of the bully started to defend him but Wade just grabbed his paintball gun and, at close proximity, unloaded on them all.

They were all on the ground, panting in pain.

“How`s the weather down there?” you taunted them, taking Wade`s hand to head home.

“I think you deserve some chimichangas for that. My hero” you kissed his latex-covered cheek.

“Might have to defend you more often babe” he swung his arm around your shoulder.

“Let`s go” you were ready to leave that place.

“Hey Y/N?” Wade stopped you.

“Yeah?” you looked up at him.

“I love you. Shortness and all” he reassured you.

“I love you too” you pinched him for the short comment, but got on your toes to kiss his lips over his mask.


1) He’s not interfering with Karmy

Really the only reason fans hate Liam is because they see him as interfering with Karmy. But he isn’t. Karma would/will choose Amy over Liam if/when she was/is attracted to Amy, she said so herself in Season 2 Episode 2 and throughout the beginning of season 2 when she repeatedly states she wishes she was attracted to Amy sexually. “But she doesn’t feel that way about Jacob [Amy] even if part of her wishes she did!” -Karma Ashcroft (2x02). Karma even chose Amy over Liam emotionally as she reveals in Season 2 Episode 5 “Present Tense”

“I knew I couldn’t be with Liam and keep our friendship so I chose you!” -Karma to Amy (2x05)

2) He’s just a teenage boy. [The fandom is discriminating against Karma by treating Liam like he’s better than her.]

*Karma does something stupid*

Fandom: “She’s just a teenage girl!”

*Liam does something stupid*

Fandom: “What a douche! He’s such a douche! Write him off the show!” *proceeds to harass Gregg Sulkin*

Faking It fans are holding Liam to a higher standard than Karma, thus treating teenage girls as if they’re less intelligent and therefore less responsible for their mistakes than teenage boys, which is wrong. Liam is just a teenage boy just like Karma is just a teenage girl. They’re equals. Either both of them deserve your sympathy or both of them deserve your hate.

3) “He only likes Karma because he wants to turn a lesbian straight.” [Not true]

I don’t know if we’re watching the same show, but in the show I’m watching for half of season 2 Liam was heartbroken over not having Karma, who he thinks is straight (but is actually definitely bi), and for the second half he is in a relationship with Karma, who he thinks is straight.

4) “He got mad at Karma for not being a lesbian then slept with Amy because she is a lesbian.” [Not true]

“Wait, you said they were faking being lesbians.” -Liam to Shane (2x01), revealing how he completely thought Amy was straight when he slept with her. And he repeatedly states, an annoying amount of times, that he was mad at Karma for being dishonest with him (not because she’s not a lesbian).

5) He saved Reamy

This is the #1 reason and really the only reason you need to know that Liam Booker is not a douchebag. In Season 2 Episode 7 “Date Expectations” Amy chose Karma over Reagan and decided to stay with Karma after Reagan stormed out of the restaurant. Liam then tells Karma to stop interfering with Amy’s relationship and tells Amy to go after Reagan, which leads to Amy asking Reagan to be her girlfriend.


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