douchebag customers

I don’t feel like retyping this out so here’s a link to my twitter thread of “douchebag customer i had today”

I will add here though that the cashier i was helping was my crush so he saw everything and obviously i was super pissed about this customer but played it off as best as possible (and he was trying to make me feel better too by joking around about it) and inside i was seething and on the inside i was like “BE CALM. BE ANGRY. WHEN CUTE. GUY. ISN’T. RIGHT. THERE”.

  • Me: *animatedly discusses a recent hockey game with a customer I'm friends with*
  • Some douchebag in the store: Hey, none of that. Today's the Super Bowl, you can't talk about other sports!
  • Friend and I: *look at this guy like he has sprouted two heads*
  • Me: So anyway, I have no clue why they pulled the goalie so damn early the other night...
  • Douchebag customer: *walks out of store without buying anything*
  • Friend: ...did that actually just happen?
  • Me: Yep. I bet I get a complaint about it.

anonymous asked:

How's it feel to be the employee complaint Center for Starbucks "baristas" ?

First of all, the quote marks are kind of making me want to punch you a little.

Second, I created this blog as a place for baristas to rant. And if even just one barista is able to lessen the amount of stress and anxiety that is caused them by abusive, entitled, ego-maniacal, bastard-coated douchebag customers, then that makes me incredibly happy. My blog is serving its intended purpose and there’s nothing more I could ask.

If you’re for some reason peeved about seeing baristas complaining about some of the stuff that abusive, entitled, ego-maniacal bastard-coated douchebag customers do, then perhaps you’re one of them and you do some of these things…