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conservative Republican douchebag!Dean goes to a college party and meets a left wing smart-ass named Roman who makes him question his politics and sexuality.

fuck’s sake this interview outfit feels like im WEARING the closet can i please just get a job looking like my actual damn self

and my mom is, as predicted, all over me to grow my hair back out and dress more ~conservatively~ and it’s making my skin crawl

on top of which the local coffee chain is apparently owned by some arch conservative douchebag who tried to get the city to change the route of the pride parade a few years ago so it wouldn’t go past one of their stores??? i don’t wanna fucking work here holy shit id rather sign my life off to sbux

So us liberals/democrats/good people alike are saying that we’re going to flee America if Donald Trump is elected.

Which means that conservatives/republicans/douchebags are probably planning to flee if Bernie Sanders is elected.


Smilingambrose’s 2016 Fic Roundup!

Hey guys! So just like last year, I’m doing a fan fic roundup of all the fics I’ve done this year! It’s a good way for people who read my stuff to find it all in one place! So let’s get started!

One Shots: 


[Who Am I To You?]

[Crystal Lake]


[Tom’s and John’s]

[The Best Thing…]

[Forever Yours]


[Like I’m Gonna Lose You]

[Fuck Him, Damn Him.] *note: this is technically not ambreigns but moxlea, but since its the same people I’ll leave it under this category.*

[Who The Fuck Are You?]


[Will You Be My Valentine?]

[After Five Years]

[Claimed] *note: technically this is a two shot but still.*


[I Fucking Love You] *baloreigns*



When it comes to the game of business, lust and sex Dean and Roman seem to have it down pat. But when it comes to the game of love… nobody seems to know a goddamn thing


Dean’s been in love with his high school bully for as long as he can remember. One shot from my tumblr turned into s multi-chapter fic. Mature themes and very suggestive language and slurs don’t read it if you don’t like that sort of thing.

That Dangerous Guy:

Four years ago Roman Reigns meets Seth Rollins.

Four years later, Roman gets the biggest shock of his life

Earn Me:

the tales of a boss/employee relationship through the eyes of dean, a young business major who falls head over heels for his boss, multi-millionaire roman reigns who falls for him too. 

Best Friend’s Boyfriend:

dean wants roman, roman’s dating seth, seth is dean’s best friend… and roommate.

Politically Incorrect:

conservative Republican douchebag!Dean goes to a college party and meets a left wing smart-ass named Roman who makes him question his politics and sexuality. 

Here’s to more writing in 2016! Thanks for reading my work and supporting them. I love you guys. Happy Holidays. - Melle

The Republican race to the bottom. Why pay when people can work ALL the time? That’s what “all sorts of people” want. 

Corporate profits at all-time highs, stock market at all-time high. FACTS. Conservative douchebags like this guy say, “with all this wealth, let’s starve the working classes.”