douchebag child

I seriously can't get over it.

Alfred’s friend was a drunk who tried to swindle him, stole from him, stabbed him, tried to blackmail and kill Bruce and also conspired with the board of Wayne Enterprises to oust the kid.

Selena Kyle saved Bruce’s life by killing the guy.

But sure. By all means punch her in the face. Child abuse is totally justified.

I’m actually so proud of myself for disliking sasusaku even as a child.

yknow, normally you’d think at that age ‘oh my god he’s such a bad boy i’m sure she can change his heart and make him fall in love with her’, but i was thinking ‘she’s fucking annoying and he’s a douchebag WHAT THE HELL DOES SHE SEE IN HIM????’

i am so proud

I am so frustrated that I have no close friends who are homestuck fans

I need someone to cry with

because Eridan  the dead trolls had some closure. Eridan Everyone looks a wee bit more peaceful as compared to when they were living. Alt Timeline Eridan Vriska and Feferi Terezi seem to have finally reconciled (regardless of whether or not they’re alive it’s still somethin’!). 

Plus there’s Eridan, so there’s that

Did I mention my darling demented douchebag child Eridan was in there?




oh my gosh I’m just crying over a dead fish boy SOMEONE PLEASE SLAP ME