Me and Kyle are sending my sister dirty McDonalds pickup lines

we’re actually quite funny too.

Its funny how he used to hate me because I was Jessica’s sister but apparently since last night we’re good friends; he gave up chirping me and said that he didn’t think there were any cool Milners until he met me. I used to think he was a douchebag but we actually make good friends because we just chirp people ;)


oh and remember this guy again which i said like weeks ago that he was a sweetheart blah blah blah

well i think he’s turning into a complete douchebag bc he confuses me by telling me that he has this cousin who’s around my age that he want to introduce to me (he was born in 98 like HELL NO HE’S YOUNGER THAN ME idc if he’s just a year younger but idk it feels weird to me)

and idk if he was supposed to have a crush on me then why he wants to introduces me this random cousin im really confused