Things you'd remember growing up in South America
  •  You remember Xuxa and her songs (and probably named one of your pets after her)
  • You had at least ONE song from Carlos Vives you fucking adored (and probably still do, if you listen to it again).
  • You were obsessed with at least one classic Brazilian soup opera (Terra Nostra, O Clone, Uga-Uga, O Cravo e a Rosa- this one isnt exactly classic but damn if you didnt have a crush on Julian Petruchio), eventhough it was shown at night at adult hours.
  • You remember that venezolean telenovela, Mi Gorda Bella, and how much you adored its intro song. 
  • Fucking Axe Bahia man.
  • You remember the original Ugly Betty, Betty la Fea (and how badass the intro song was).
  • You grew up watching Chiquititas and there’s a high chance that you watched Rebelde Way at first because it had the same main actors.
  • 31 Minutos is Comedy Gold. 
  • You may have had a Bandana phase or known a girl who did. (Screw you, you probably faved one song)
  • We know you watched Floricienta and faved at least ONE song. Don’t lie. 
  • You remember Marcelo Tinelli back when his show was mean pranks and fútbol. 
  • Casado con Hijos (Not the gringo one, but the one with Pepe Argento).
  • Pataclaun omf. 
  • You remeber Shakira through her rockstar phase.
  • Musica Ligera by Soda Stereo is almost like Wonderwall by Oasis: Every douche with a guitar knows how to play it and thinks he’s cool for it. 
  • Juanes. 
  • There’s one murga argentina you fucking love. (SE VIENE EL TUTA TUTAH TUTA TUTAH)

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Metro City Dancing With the Stars

So a ‘Dancing with the Stars/So You Think You Can Dance’ type show is filming that year’s season in Metro City and Metroman is approached to appear as one of the contestants. They want him and Roxanne to be one of the couples, thinking it’d be one hell of a ratings boost. 

 But he’s not that into it. Sure he’s into music but he has very particular tastes (namely of the 'white douche with acoustic guitar variety) plus he feels it’d be way too time consuming what with daily rehearsals leading up to a weekly show and he just doesn’t see how leaving the city unprotected for that long would be a good idea. It’s a nationally run show meaning everyone in the country would know that he was occupied (and even when and where he was occupied since the show is live). 

 But he has what he feels is the greatest idea ever. What if Megamind paired with Roxanne in his place? It would keep Megs so busy Wayne might actually get a break for a while since Megs is the only villain the cops can’t handle on their own. Maybe he’d even have time to work on his own music for once. 

Luckily the producers agree with him. This could be a ratings bonanza if they could actually get the villain to cooperate. They’ve seen how he moves, he could actually be a contender and last at least most of the season provided Roxanne can keep up. So they okay the plan and it’s proposed to Roxanne. She takes it for the ratings grab it is, doesn’t actually think Megs will be game for it, but at the same time she kinda wants to see where it goes. Even if he goes totally off the rails and tries to take over the show or something it’ll at least be interesting. So she agrees. 

 Next step is proposing it to Megamind. Wayne is already mentally planning his vacation at this point so he really wants Megs to go along with this so he really tries to sell it. He already knows Megs is a blatant attention seeker so he really plays up the 'nationally televised’ bit and tries to sweeten the deal by assuring Megs that for as long as he’s on the show he’ll be let out of prison. All of the contestants stay in a swank hotel next to the rehearsal center so that means a nice bed, room service, Minion can come too, come on it’ll be awesome you know you want to. 

 To his delight, Megamind actually agrees. Not for any of the aforementioned reasons, but just because he can’t pass up the opportunity to spend so much time in such close proximity to a willing Roxanne Ritchi. 

 Imagine them coming out on the first episode doing this:

i know what you’re all thinking, “this tool’s gonna play wonderwall like every other douche with a guitar”, i just want you to know im not like that. im not one of those guys.

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omg narry for one of these because you write the best: we’re the only ones who didn’t get the email about class being canceled, stuck-in-an-airport-because-the-flights-were-SO-VERY-delayed-and-it’s-like-two-am, snowed in THANK YOUUUUUU

“Well,” Harry starts slowly, pulling back the curtains only to grimace at the level of snow piling on top of the already high banks. He can barely see out of the window as it is and the weather forecast had non-stop snow for the entire weekend which is great for snowboarding with friends, but not so great when you’re stuck inside a four room cabin with the one person who hates your guts the most. “At least we still have power?”

And it’s as if on cue, like the gods have something in for Harry, that the power shorts out with a whine and a whistle and the lights flicker into nothingness.

Niall pulls his head from where it was buried between his knees to glare hot fire in Harry’s direction, “I hate you.” He spits before stomping out of the living room and slamming the door to one of the bedrooms.

“Alright,” Harry sighs softly before sinking to sit down on the couch. They still have food and firewood and, if they start taping up the windows now, they won’t have to cuddle for warmth before someone can rescue them. They’ll be fine.


They will not be fine.

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Pablo: i know what you all are thinking, “this tool’s gonna play wonderwall like every other douche with a guitar”, i just want you to know im not like that. im not one of those guys. anyways heres creep by radiohead


Your partner pushes you down onto the bed before kissing you, hands roaming in places they know you love. You touch them the same and a soft grin spreads on their lips.

“Hold on,” They seductively whisper into your ear as they draw away. Quietly walking across the room, your other opens the door and pulls out some douche with a guitar.

“Hi, I’m Jund!”

You try and get back in the mood but it’s hard with some guy standing next to you and playing guitar, all the while serenading your lack of sexual expertise.

You can’t believe you agreed to this.

“This month’s Cosmo, spice up your sex life by bringing ‘Some Douche with an Acoustic Guitar’ into the bedroom.”