douche to the max

   taako and angus swap where angus is still the worlds greatest detective and starts teaching this young magic elf some Rouge and Cool Detective Shit but the entire time this kid is just fucking “my dude, you’re like 150 in human years don’t talk to me ur ancient ass is ruining my youth”

Max -  ‘ sees Chloe fall’ No……..

Mr Jefferson - I bet you never even guessed it was me ….


‘pushes through the drugs and rewinds to the beginning of the game” 

Mr Jefferson - Now Max, since you’ve captured our interest and 


Victoria - It looks like she’s finally lost it. Sad face

Max - Screw you Victoria, I know you like me ‘walks over and kisses Victoria’

‘Victoria blushes and looks down at her feet, twiddling her thumbs’’

‘Max breaks out her cell phone’

Mr Jefferson - ‘notices cell phone’  Max, put that away

Max - Shush. Hey Chloe. It’s Max, I’m going to text you an address of some old barn. Meet me there NOW. No I don’t care if you need to see Nathan. I need to show you something, so make sure you bring the step-douche, and a few guns ‘hangs up’

Mr Jefferson - Max, I don’t know what’s going on here, but if you don’t sit down right now…

Max- You dirty old hipster murderer, you’re going to get in so much trouble 

‘walks towards door’ 

Max - Victoria, Kate. You’re both my girlfriends now. Let’s go 

Victoria - Yes Max ^^

Kate - ‘gets up looking really confused’

Mr. Jefferson - What in the WORLD is going on …..





‘Cops walk Mr Jefferson and Nathan to separate cop cars’

Mr Jefferson - This is impossible, that vault was so well hidden !. HOW DID YOU KNOW !

Nathan - ‘screams incoherently about feminazi’s’

Chloe - Wow Max, you sure know how to make an entrance. Not only did you take down that murderous sack of shit, but you also managed to save my Rachel =)

‘Rachel steps forward’ 

Rachel - Thanks for that by the way

Victoria - Seriously though, how did you know ?

Max - I guess ‘puts on sunglasses’ I had too much time on my hands

‘camera zooms out’

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Like is this person just a douche like max and nurf or is it their personality???

hmm they’re not rlly a douche they just rlly weird and unsettling ig? just easily unlikable 

Dr. Thaddeus S. Venture! Super scientist, inventor and total douche bag to the max! God I was worried for a while there, his face looked ridiculous and terrible and I had no idea what was wrong, then I realised the poor guy didn’t have a nose so disaster averted! He’s actually really tiny, standing at about 8cm tall and comes complete with his wrist communicator and little embroidered details like his pens and name tag! This took me waaaaay too long, so I might not make anything for a while. That’s 6 hours I’ll never get back, but totally worth it! Go team venture!

To celebrate hitting 1,000 followers (I <3 you all) I went out and bought myself a bar mount for my GoPro and ended up getting some really cool footage with front squats and deadlifts so I made some gifs!

That squat face is a favourite. 

Extreme close up of my junk, that shirt and beard doe.

This is my favourite one, my thighs look hella thick and my sleeve is poppin all featuring a struggle face in the mirror.

Preference #11 Twitter Wars


@/Y/T/N: Max should stop being a douche and help me out here.. 

@/Maxthewanted: Someone should stop whining

@/Y/T/N: SOMONE should stop being a baby 

@/Maxthewanted:Someone should stop tweeting..

@/Nathanthewanted: Will you to cut this sh*t out and just finish dinner, we have been waiting for ages. 

It wasn’t long after that, that #MaxandY/Nhurryup was trending world wide making the both of you chuckle.



@/Sivathewanted:Stop leaving you flat iron on!

@/Y/T/N: Stop rushing me all the time 

@/Sivathewanted:I’ll stop rushing you when you get downstairs so we can leave! 

Smiling you rolled your eyes at the little twitter war you had both created over the littlest of things, but yet the fans found it amusing tweeting you both back their thoughts.


@/Y/T/N: Jay, you should stop hogging the blankets.. 

@/Jaythewanted: Thats no fun @/Y/T/N

@/Y/T/N:But I’m cold! 

@/Jaythewanted:Then come cuddle! 

Later #Y/NcuddlewithJay was trending making you post a selfie of your hands intertwined onto of the blanket. 


@/Tomthewanted:I think someone should make me a sandwich 

@/Y/T/N:I’m down for one @/Tomthewanted.. 

@/Tomthewanted: I meant you should make me one…@/Y/T/N

@Y/T/N: Awkward seeing you in the kitchen and I’m not so..make me one// @/tomthewanted. 

@/Tomthewanted:You have hands and feet make one!

In matter of seconds #Tommakeherasandwich was trending making you giggled as he groaned. 


@/Y/T/N: You had one job… 

@/Nathanthewanted: babe I did it perfectly.. 

@/Y/T/N: You almost burned down my kitchen.. 

@/Nathanthewanted:Hey I still did it.. 

@/Y/T/N: Not very well Nath… 

@/Nathanthewanted: That wasn’t very nice. #benicetobabynath. 

You giggled as his hashtag soon was trending world wide making you look back at you boyfriend and place a sweet kiss to his cheek.

Mistakes were Made

Chloe sprawls across the bed, eyes half lidded, flinching through the other girl’s ministrations.

“Hold still,” Max snaps. She’s trying to be commanding, but her voice doesn’t suit it, and the blue-haired girl tries to stifle a giggle and ends up getting gently shoved back into the pillows. “I said hold still! How do you even manage this shit, Chloe? Like, actually for real.”

“I manage -” Chloe mimicks the other girl’s emphasis, and earns another shove for her trouble before the stinging begins anew on the cut on her lip and cheek. “Because I am fucking punk rock and shit happens. It’s really fine.”

“You’re bleeding.” Max says matter-of-factly. There’s more than cuts - a smattering of bruises, including a black eye that’s turning a fairly dramatic shade of purple-black. The smaller girl drenches another cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and dabs some more, earning a few quiet hisses and a clenched jaw for her trouble. “And you don’t want this to get infected! It’s your face.”

Chloe smiled, grim through the vicious stinging on her cheek. “Max the medic.”

“Chloe the idiot.” Max muttered. “You still didn’t tell me what happened.”

“Oh, you know.” Chloe’s body language changed somewhat - she knew the subject wasn’t going to get dropped. Defensive. Arms folded over her chest, eyes fixed to some indeterminate middle distance away from the other. “The usual. Stepdouche was proving he was the bigger, better douche. Better than three John Edwards combined.”

Max had stopped dabbing, Chloe realized, but she didn’t dare look over. She’s staring at the photographs on the wall, the smudges of red at their corners. She freezes in surprise when the smaller girl leans over and kisses the cut on her cheek, one hand gone tight in the front of her shirt. “I’ll kill him.” She says softly, in that small, sad way she’s so good at. “I will.”

“If anyone gets to kill him, it’s me. You aren’t gonna go to jail for my ass.”

“Why not?” Max’s protest is mock-horrified, but Chloe wonders - after having seen those same small, pale fingers clutched around a revolver - if she’s not just a little bit serious right now.

“Calm down, Mad Max.” She mutters, grinning - lopsided past the split on her lip that makes moving her mouth hurt too much to smile like normal. “Mistakes were made, or some such. Let’s - talk about something else. Anything else.”


INTERNAL SCREAMING. It’s rant time. This is what we get when a straight white boy is confronted with “feminist propaganda” (are you freaking kidding me)
In this episode of butthurt straight white boys, Mad Max: Fury Road was a disappointment because it wasn’t about a guy driving his car and being mindlessly violent. *yawn* when have we seen this plot line oh right EVERYWHERE. It’s time more movies like Mad Max: Fury Road were being made. Furiosa and the wives were such well developed characters each individual with their own characteristics who were able to hold their own! Not to mention most of them did their own stunts proving once again woman are stronger that neck-bearded piss-babies think they are. Max, without having many lines was a fantastically written character, yet the fact that he wasn’t a gun slinging hooligan for the whole 2 hours renders the everything else about this amazing movie null and void? Wake up!
Another thing. Having more than one well developed and mindful female character who aren’t there just as sexualized prizes for the males does not, I repeat DOES NOT make this feminist propaganda, what it is is treating woman like human beings with as much talent and gall as any guy. It also doesn’t take away from the point of the movie. The point of the movie wasn’t to fill a guys head with air and fuel his ego. It was to tell a story. A story about a group of woman AND men fighting an unjust power in order to create a better life for all! I’m sorry but if you think other wise you need to get off your high horse and sit the fuck down because I can tell you even Mad Max would tell you you’re being a misogynistic douche.

Tldr // Mad Max: Fury Road isn’t feminist propaganda. It’s accurate representation of well written, well developed female characters. It’s also a story about men AND woman working together for a better world so sit down.

me talking about mad max: fury road: while it is undoubtedly a well-made over-the-top post apocalyptic hellscape thrill ride, lauding it as “the feminist action movie we’ve been waiting for” is a little extra. true the film features a number of women in various roles and w varying degrees of strength and competency, but an abundant lack of diversity both racially and physically among these women plays against what is otherwise a thoughtful and seriously engaging film. as good as it is, in these two areas it falls woefully short.



‘Chloe falls off bed’

Chloe - Hey it’s Mad Max ! What’s happening ? 

Max- Don’t give me that, you know exactly what you did. David told me EVERYTHING

‘Fakes innocent look’


Max - IS

Max - THE

Max - CHAIR ‘starts looking around’

Chloe - You’re siding with the step douche ?

Max- I made it really clear that I didn’t want you to steal the chair Chloe. REALLY CLEAR. I can’t believe you went back for it. 

Chloe - Look, I don’t understand what the hella big deal is

Max - ‘finds chair’ David knows that we broke into the office now. I had to convince him that I’d get the chair back so he wouldn’t report me!  You had your fun, I’m taking the chair. My scholarships on the line….

‘starts walking to the door with the chair’

Chloe - Two can play at this game Max !

‘Max turns around to see Chloe brandishing the lamp’

Max - ‘narrows eyes and whispers’ You wouldn’t dare……

Life is Strange on Pandora
  • Max: are you suggesting we--
  • Chloe: Become stowaways on an interplanetary ship headed for Pandora? Why not?
  • Max: I mean, there's got to be a better way to find out what I am.
  • Chloe: Max. That doctor said your powers are connected to this "Vault" thing, right? And the closest Vault--
  • Max: Is on Pandora, which is thousands of miles away!
  • Max: *sighs deeply* ...look, I want to find out what the hell is up with these freaky powers, but isn't there SOME way we can do it without breaking, like, twenty different laws?
  • Chloe: Hmm...
  • Chloe: You know...
  • Max: Oh boy.
  • Chloe: If we just got a hold of one of my step-douche's cruisers--
  • Max: We are NOT stealing from the authorities.
  • Chloe: But we could have our own ship, Max! We could decorate it however we want!
  • Max: No.
  • Chloe: We could be SPACE PIRATES!
  • Max: ...Bodacious ones?
  • Chloe: Huh?
  • Max: Nevermind...and no, we're not stealing a ship.
  • Chloe: I'll let you put together the playlist for our trip. You can listen to that indie folk you love so much.
  • Max: ...
  • Max: Fine. But if we get caught, you're taking the blame, okay?
  • Chloe: Heh. No promises.
“One can be the master of what one does, but never of what one feels.”

I rewatched 3x11 with a detached frame of mind, trying to gain a bit more perspective on Cami’s choices. I am 100% emotionally invested in whatever she does because I stan her so hard. My feelings on Klamille tend to run parallel to that, so my mini melt down was no surprise. For me, emotionally, that episode was a shock to the system. I honestly had a cloud hanging over me all day, yesterday. That’s how much this episode affected me. So I was determined to get a grip because I needed to not feel shit about it anymore.

My first ever meta under the cut.

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