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I Don’t Love You Anymore (pt. 2)

You can find part 1 right here –> I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 1


I’m writing this note because I don’t have the balls to say this to your face. The reason I’ve been acting like a douche these past few weeks is because, well, at first, I thought it was just stress but, for awhile now, I haven’t felt anything with you. Each kiss, touch, laugh and word we shared has felt dead to me. I’m sorry y/n, I really am but I just don’t love you anymore. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me.


I read the painful words over and over again, each time praying that this is a sick and twisted drawn out April Fools joke he’s playing on me; maybe Mikey put him up to it. But as the minutes pass, I come to the bitter reality that he meant what he said, he doesn’t love me anymore. Is it really a surprise? I mean, all the signs were there. He stopped our morning and nighty-night cuddles, claimed he was sore from working out so much. No longer gave me his warm and soft pecks before he or I left work, it was always, “I really gotta go” or “Go, y/n your gonna be late.” He completely stopped all intimacy between us, and not just physically but mentally, he didn’t talk anymore, nor did he want to listen. So no, it’s not a surprise but it still hurts like hell. I get out the bed and walk over into the closest grabbing another shirt of his and placing it on his side of the bed as I snuggle up next to it and cry myself to sleep.


Six Weeks Later

I’m in the grocery store humming along to Tim McGraw’s “Shotgun Rider,” while debating if I want salmon or tilapia for dinner when a familiar and comforting voice behind me says, “You’ve always had a beautiful voice, it’s a shame that you never considered putting it to work.” I turn around and none other than Ashton Irwin is standing there giving me his award winning smile walking towards me. “Oh please,” I say dismissing the thought. “I’m serious, y/n, we could’ve used you in our band,” he admits as he gets closer. “Then you’d actually be five seconds of summer,” I joke as he laughs and his smile warms up my day. Gosh, I forgot how perfect he was. He looks good, his hair is cut nice, muscles seeping through his shirt.  “A picture lasts longer babe,” he smirks while finally coming face to face with me. I chuckle softly at his cockiness, “How have you been, Irwin?” I ask sincerely wanting to know how my best friend’s been the past few weeks with the stress of making an album. “Seems like I should be asking you that same question,” he says back and a seriousness falls upon us as I realize what he means. I clear my throat as a shift to the other foot, a little uncomfortable, “I-I’m good. I’ve been fine.” “Really?” he asks not buying it as he senses my whole attitude change. “Yeah I’ve been just focusing on school and wo–

I’m cut off by a sudden warmth that wraps around me and I realize that warmness is coming from Ash. Me and Ashton have always had a great relationship, sometimes I felt he understood me better than Calum, maybe it’s because he’s older. I could always have deep and intellectual conversations with him, something I could never do with Calum. We always understood each other; there were countless long nights of personal thoughts, feelings and blissful moments being shared over Chinese takeout or bowls of ice cream, especially the last weeks before Calum broke up with me.

One Week Before Breakup

“Ash, if I ask you a question, will you be completely honest with me?” I ask as I take a bite of my sesame chicken. “Of course, y/n, you know that. What’s up?” he asks and takes a long swig of his beer. I poke at my chicken, still wondering if I’m a bad girlfriend for even considering this thought, I mean I should trust my boyfriend right? I eat another piece of chicken as I take the beer out his hands and finish it making that my 4th one that night. “Okay, y/n, you only drink this much when we’re celebrating, which we’re not or if somethings really bothering you,” he says pausing the TV. I continue poking at my chicken and Ashton pulls the food off my lap and sets it on the bed side table as he makes me face him. “Y/n, talk to me, love,” he says softly as he lifts my chin forcing me to look in his eyes. “Do you–Is Calum seeing someone else?” I blurt out as tears begin to fill my eyes. The thought of Calum cheating didn’t seem real until I actually said it. “What?!” Ashton gasps, “Why would you think that?”

“Well, we’re growing really distant, ya know? He doesn’t  want to cuddle anymore, doesn’t want kiss or touch me, it takes so much for me just to get him to tell me how his day went, which is only a grumbled out, “fine.” And all that has got me thinking that maybe, there’s someone else,” I admit to him. I can see Ashton getting upset at hearing the way his best friend has been treating me. “I’ll talk him,” is all he says before he reaches his phone. “No! Ash, please don’t. Its only gonna create more problems between us, just stay out if it,” I desperately say as I snatch his phone out his hand. “Well, I’m not gonna let him treat you like shit and let him think its okay,” he snaps back at me reaching for his phone. “Ashton, you can’t talk to him about this!” I scream as I hop off his bed, “Why not Y/N?! What’s the big deal?” he asks. “Tell me Ashton, how would you feel if your girlfriend went talking to Luke, for instance, about problems she’s having with you?” I ask him. “I’d be pissed,” he says immediately. “Exactly,” I say back, “He can’t know I’ve been telling you these things. Especially now, he’s so irritable. Our relationship is at a fragile point and any sort of pressure will crash it,” I admit as I flop back on his bed. His face softens as he whispers, “Sorry, love I know–”

“Is it me?” I interrupt,  “Am I not pretty enough? Is it because I’m always talking about school and the future? Does that scare him? Am I too boring because I’d prefer to stay in than go out and party? Does he not want me?” I ask as the tears fill my eyes again and they freely fall down my face. “Hey, y/n listen to me,” Ashton says softly, “You are a beautiful woman. You are so intelligent, funny and talented. I mean what normal person, double majors in sociology and philosophy while minoring in Spanish and working two jobs, you’re frickin’ superwoman,” he exclaims making me laugh. “And oh my goodness, that gorgeous smile. Y/n you literally walk in a room and it lights up, you make everything brighter. And you know what else?” he asks wiping away the tears from my face. “You have the most beautiful soul. You have a such a great heart y/n, you’re so selfless, my goodness, I love you.” My eyes widen as I feel that he didn’t mean love as in best friends but love as in lovers. We stay like that for a while just staring into each other’s eyes and as each moment passes I realize which love he meant and I realize that maybe I too feel that way. Not once had Calum ever expressed his love for me in the words my best friend just had. “Ash, I-” “Shhh,” he says softly as he brings his hands to the sides of my face. “Ashton, we can’t,” I say bringing my hands to wrap around his “I know. But I can’t stop wondering how different it would all be if I’d seen you first,” he says. “Me too,” I admit. The moment is interrupted when the sound of footsteps snaps us from each other’s trance. We immediately sit on our respective sides of the bed and return to eating our food while watching FRIENDS as Mikey bursts in the room yelling, “I’m bored!”


We never got a chance to talk about that night seeing as I blamed our confessions of love on too much beer. We always get super mushy with another after a few beers, a reason why Calum never wanted me to drink alone with Ash. Then the next week Calum broke up with me via, sloppy written note and I’ve ignored and avoided all connections to him, including Ashton. However, my best friend who still loves me, is holding me and I finally relax in to him and for the first time in a while, I feel comfort, cared for, loved even, simply through his touch. He tightens his grip on me as I wrap my arms around his torso drinking in his scent and embracing the memories that I shared with him. Ashton has always been the only who could completely comfort me, its almost as if he peers into my soul, finds out what’s hurting and says the right things to heal me. I don’t know how long its been as we stand there enjoying one another presence, I mean I haven’t talked to him in six weeks, despite his constant tries. I sigh as a warming tingly feeling comes over me and I begin to grip on him tighter, almost craving him, which freaks me out as I realize that my best friend, who is also my ex-boyfriend’s best friend is making me feel weird things as I pull away. “I umm, I should go,” I say as I get ready to push my cart. “Y/n, wait,” he says as he softly grabs my arm, “Can we go grab a coffee?” he asks desperately with pleading eyes. “I don’t know about that Ash,” I say despite my mind saying yes. “Y/n, come on, it’s been six weeks. I miss my best friend,” he says. “You still have Mikey, Luke and uhm, Calum” I say looking down. “Yeah, but there’s someone special still missing,” he says as he lifts my chin up to look at him. “Ashton! What’s taking you so…bloody…long…” a voice that I never thought, nor wanted to hear again says. I watch with big eyes as the guy who tore my heart apart comes in to view. “H-hi y/n,” he says.

A/N: Hey beautifuls! I know I promised it would be posted Friday but it’s 11:39pm on the west coast :p and I live in the midwest so, I use both time zones interchangeably  /.\ Anyways, this is part 2, what do yall think? Its okay to message/ask me I promise I don’t bite…hard (was that too corny/played out?) Forreal tho, talk to me! 😊

I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 3


(or just don’t ship romione in general)

- First year Ron making sure that if a chess piece was going to be taken, in a game of giant chess that could LITERALLY KILL YOU, that it wasn’t Hermione or Harry
- First year Ron sacrificing himself so there is no chance of Hermione or Harry being injured in the game, and so they can go on to defeat Voldemort
- Second year Ron trying to curse Malfoy with a broken wand without a second thought because he insulted Hermione
- Second year Ron following his greatest fear into the forest to find some chance of un-petrifying Hermione
- Third year Ron talking back to the SCARIEST teacher because he insulted Hermione
- Third year Ron feeling upset and hurt that his pet has died, and that one of his best friends is to blame
- Third year Ron, despite the above, agrees to help Hermione in the appeal for Buckbeak so ’[she] won’t have to do all the work on her own this time’
- Third year Ron comforting Hermione when they thought Buckbeak was killed
- Fourth year Ron inviting Hermione to his house just a little earlier than Harry to spend some time with just Hermione
- Fourth year Ron being a little be scared and a lot angry when Malfoy says Hermione is in more danger at the World Cup because she is muggle-born
- Fourth year Ron being angry at Malfoy for jinxing Hermione’s front teeth and at Snape for ignoring it
- Fourth year Ron being jealous (and a bit of a prat yes) when Hermione turns up to the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum
- Fifth year Ron inviting Hermione over to Grimmauld place, despite knowing Harry can’t come for a while
- Fifth year Ron constantly partnering Hermione in the DA and the two competing over who jinxed who how many times (even if this led to bickering, admit it, they loved bickering)
- Sixth year Ron, once again inviting Hermione before Harry
- Sixth year Ron not caring that he got no Outstandings but instead being proud of and congratulating Hermione for getting almost all Os
- Sixth year Ron surprised and (very) happy when Hermione asks him to Slughorn’s Christmas party, because ‘oh my god my crush likes me back’
- Sixth year Ron being petty and jealous over the fact that Hermione snogged Krum
- Sixth year Ron in turn making Hermione jealous by going out with Lavender (which was petty)
- Sixth year Ron being poisoned and Hermione running to his side because even though he’s been a douche these past months, Hermione knows he’s so much more and that she can’t loose him
- Sixth year Ron pretending to sleep whenever Lavender visits him in the hospital wing, but talking to Hermione whenever she comes
- Sixth year Ron holding Hermione as she cried at Dumbledore’ s funeral
- Seventh year Ron asking Hermione to dance with him before Krum could COS THIS IS WHAT HERMIONE HAD ASKED HIM TO DO THREE YEARS BEFORE
- Seventh year Ron wanting to pretend Hermione is part of his family so she won’t be persecuted for being muggle-born
- Seventh year Ron confiding his fears and doubts in Hermione
- Seventh year Ron running off under the power of the horcrux, but wanting to come back straight away
- Seventh year Ron terrified that Harry also likes Hermione and that Hermione likes Harry
- Seventh year Ron returning after HERMIONE SAYS HIS NAME AND IT TOUCHES HIS HEART
- Seventh year Ron waiting for Hermione to forgive him
- Seventh year Ron bellowing Hermione’s name while he is in the basement and she is being tortured
- Seventh year Ron diving for Hermione’s limp body as the chandelier is about to crash onto her, whereas everyone else jumps away
- Seventh year Ron wanting to go back for the house elves
- Hermione loving Ron despite his flaws and Ron loving her despite her flaws


Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Reader feels that Dean is becoming extremely distant and one night she decides she can’t take it anymore.

Word count: 2140 This one really got away from me.

Warnings: SUPER Angsty, Language, Neglection? Is that a thing? Whatever it is now.  


I couldn’t take it anymore, he was just so absent. He came home late at night and woke up in the afternoons with hangovers you wouldn’t believe.

He stopped any form of affection other than the occasional night in bed together, which I always gave him because I’m so damn desperate for something to convince me that he cares. Although it always leaves me unsatisfied and with cold sheets besides me the next day. I always say that this is my last time, but then he comes home with a look on his face that I can’t deny and, bam. Here I am again.

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I Don’t Love You Anymore

“Just leave me alone Y/N!” the brown-eyed boy screams at me, shattering my heart into a million and one pieces as he jerks my hands off him. I know he’s been stressed lately, he’s been in the studio two or three days at a time; coming up with a new album has been hard on him, all the guys really. Shaking my head at his tone, he doesn’t really mean that he’s just upset, I crawl back over to him and massage his broad shoulders, giving a gentle kiss to the back of his neck. “Cal, baby what’s–

“Will you stop! I’m not in the mood” he says in a calmer but still forceful tone as he snatches his phone of the bedside table opening to scan through Instagram. “Baby you’re just stressed and you need to release” I whisper in his ear, “Take it out on me,” I say as I bite down on his ear. “Y/N, I don’t need to release. I need for you to leave me alone. Gosh, you’re so frickin’ needy!” he says as stands up and glares at me. “Well sorry for wanting to show some affection to my boyfriend,” I snap, “I spent so much into this night only for you to piss all on it! I swear sometimes Calum, I wonder if you even love me anymore,” I sob as I snatch the covers off of me and storm to the bathroom.

“I will not cry! I will not cry over his douchey attitude,” I repeat to myself looking at my reflection. This was supposed to be a good night, like I said, I knew he was stressed and I was gonna help or let him take it out on me, if ya know what I mean. I went all out for tonight too, I took off work to get my hair and nails done, went to Victoria Secret to buy that new lilac lingerie set he’d been hinting the past few weeks for me to get. Went to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients needed to make his favorite dinner and stopped by the liquor store to pick up a bottle of Tenuta Tignanello, our favorite wine. I lit the whole house with small vanilla candles and had John Mayer playing softly in the background. For sure, I thought, this will be the night to release the tension between us. However, that notion was quickly thrown out the window once he stormed in the house, spewing curses about today’s horrible studio session.

                                            EARLIER THAT NIGHT

I’m humming along to Your Body is a Wonderland while pouring the wine in glasses when I hear the door slam and the butterflies in my stomach flitter frantically. I yank down the ends of my bralette, ensuring my cleavage was well on display and run my fingers threw my y/c/h to tease the loose curls the hair dresser put in. I hear Calum mumble something as grab the glasses and walk closer to where he’s at. “Dang it, y/n! Why the hell are there frickin’ candles all over the place!” He screams causing me to jump and drop the glasses of wine onto the kitchen floor, that’s gonna leave a stain. “Frick,” I hurry and grab paper towels to clean up the red, sticky liquid. “Y/N!” he screams once again, making me abandon the floor and run to him as I go to see a mini fire beginning to grow on our coffee table. “Oh my goodness!” I scream, “How did this happen?” I yell as I run back to the kitchen to get some wet towels, “All I did was throw my keys on the table and it knocked over the stupid candle. Why are there candles everywhere?” he questions again in annoyance. Ignoring him, I run back to him and smack the wet towel against the table until the fire disappears and a sigh of relief washes over me. “What the frick y/n!” he shouts, “You could’ve set the house on frickin’ fire!” “I was just trying to do something nice for you Calum,” I mumble softly. He scoffs as he looks me up and down, “What are you even wearing?” he asks, his demeanor catching me offguard. Did he forget the countless texts of “Babe you should get this” accompanied with a picture of this set he sent me. “I-it’s the set you wanted me to get. You said you’d thought it’d look good on me,” I say softly, nervously wrapping my arms around my body. I hate when he makes me feel like this, weak.  “What are you doing, y/n?” he asks looking around the house.  “I–umm, I made dinner and thought we could have a night together, just the two of us” I quietly say, looking everywhere but him. “I’m not hungry” he says as he marches upstairs and shuts the door.


I hear two soft knocks and a soft voice mumble, “I’m sorry.” Of course he’s sorry. I throw some cold water on my face to stop the stinging from the back of my head spreading any further. A feeling of release washes over me as I give in and let the tears freely fall from y/s/c face. Gosh, I hate him sometimes! How can someone be the love of your life yet brings you unbearable pain. Deciding it wouldn’t help crying about it but the best option should be talk to him since that’s what adults do. I wipe the tears and walk out the room to find Calum nowhere to be found. “Cal?” I question as I walk down stairs looking all through the house to found him gone. I weakly laugh, of course he left, what else does he do? I question as I grab the bottle of wine and head back up to bed, the beautiful, now,  cold dinner I made still left untouched. I realize I’m crying again once the tears drop onto my freshly manicured toes as I weakly climb up the stairs. “What happened to us?” I cry out. Walking into the room, I set the wine bottle down as a take off the lingerie and throw on a t shirt of his on the floor. I climb into bed and my foot rubs against something, a piece of paper.


I’m writing this note because I don’t have the balls to say this to your face. The reason I’ve been acting like a douche these past few weeks is because, well, at first, I thought it was just stress but, for awhile now, I haven’t felt anything with you. Each kiss, touch, laugh and word we shared has felt dead to me. I’m sorry y/n, I really am but I just don’t love you anymore. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me.


A/N: Hello beautiful people! This is my very first post! *screech* I wanted to start writing imagines because I thought there are never enough imagines, am I right? Plus, I reallly love to write and I’m constantly daydreaming about the boys, so why not write about it? So, tell me what ya’ll think, please message, ask, like, love and all that jazz! I’m thinking about making a part 2 but I kind of like the ending where its at, what ya’ll think? Requests are open :)

I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 2

Say It Again

Summery: short skirt, low top and a sleazy vampire you have to hit on? Sounds like all the fixings to make a certain angel jealous.

Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1782

A/N: Original Request: Hi! Do you mind doing a Jealous!Cas x Reader imagine? However, they’re not dating, but are forced to share their feelings? Thank you so much, darling! xoxo

The plan was foolproof, even for the Winchesters. You were hunting a vampire, plain and simple, but the vampire was taking young women, women who, with a little make up and certain styled clothing, fit your description perfectly. 

The plan was to catch his attention, and when he brought you back to his place (with Dean, Sam and Castiel following right behind of course) cut off his head and rescue some women! Plain and simple. Not even Dean could screw this up. As long as they made sure to watch your back, you would be safe, especially when there was an angel watching your back.

Your heart sped up a little at the thought of Castiel.

You turned towards the mirror smoothing over the miniskirt you had just bought for the hunt, and boy was this miniskirt… mini. Not to mention the thin black, low cut, v neck t-shirt you had on barely covered your… assets, as Dean liked to say.

“Oh my god are you ready yet ?” you heard Dean yell from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Yeah, yeah hold on!” you grumbled back, fluffing your hair a little more and studying yourself.

You looked… well… It would certainly catch the vampires attention.

Balling your fist you opened the bathroom door a crack, sticking only your head out.

“Um, Cas?”

“Yes Y/N?” he questioned, confusion etched into his voice.

“Can, uh… Could I borrow your coat?”

“Yes, of course.”

Shrugging off his coat Cas placed it into your outstretched hands.

“Is everything alright? If you are uncomfortable-

“Oh no! its just- uh… well you’ll see.” you said ducking back into the bathroom and wrapping the oversized trench coat around yourself. You paused for a moment, loving the way the fabric felt on your skin, the way it smelled, like fabric softener and soap, like comfort, like Castiel.

Exiting the bathroom all three boys looked up.

“Ready?” Dean huffed, pushing up off the bed and grabbing his keys from the bedside table.

“Born.” you smirked.

The bar was so crowded you didn’t think any of you would get a seat, but eventually, after wandering around, you spotted an empty seat at the bar directly in the line of sight of a booth that sat a few steps away. Perfect for eavesdropping and guarding

“Uh Y/N?”

You looked to Dean, eyebrows drawn together until you realized you still had on Cas’ trench coat.

“Oh, right.”

You felt uncomfortable taking off the coat, it had covered so much skin that was now exposed.

“Thanks Cas-” your voice trailed off as you looked at the angel.

His eyes were wide and you could see his Adams apple bobbing as he swallowed.

“M-my… my pleasure.” he stuttered looking away as he toke his coat form you.

You smoothed your skirt down for the millionth time, hating how much skin it showed. Walking over to the bar you took your seat. 

“What can I getcha?” the bartender asked quickly glancing at your attire, you could tell she was silently judging you. You didn’t blame her.

“Surprise me.” you sighed, turning in your seat and leaning your elbows against the counter.

Nothing so far.

You eyes wandered to the three boys, watching as they all shuffled into the booth, Dean and Sam sharing one side while Cas sat alone in the other. You wanted to be over there with him so bad.

As if they could tell you were thinking about them, all three looked over at you, Cas leaning in towards Dean and Sam to whisper, causing Dean to gesture wildly with his hands.

What on earth could they be talking about-


It was said like a purr, emphasizing the o as the man slid into the booth next to you. Looking him up and down you could tell he wasn’t your vampire.

“Beat it.” you grumbled.

“Awh come on-”

“I said beat it!” you hissed as you lunged forward, throwing the man off guard as he scrambled backwards.

“Alright, jeez… bitch.” he muttered under his breath as he walked past you.

“Douche bag.” you muttered back.

“Now, what’s a pretty little thing doing in a bar like this?”

British accent? that’s how he hooked them? How original, you thought as you plastered a smile on your face when the vampire walked up to you.

“Just looking for a good time I guess.”

“Ah,” he paused and raised an eyebrow at you “How’s that working out for you?”

“So far so good I’d say.” you purred.

“May I?” the vampire questioned to the now vacant seat that was next to you, before you could said yes he took a seat.

“Here’s your drink.” the bartender said, setting down a beer in front of you.
“Anything I can get you?” she questioned to the vampire.

“I’m fine for now, thank you.” he dismissed waving the bartender off.

His eyes connected with yours and you watched them darken, they had a primal look in them that you couldn’t believe the other girls hadn’t noticed. This man didn’t look trustworthy at all.

“I’m Nigel.”


“What a lovely name, almost as lovely as you.”

You were sure you were gonna puke.

“Why thank you, such a gentlemen.” you giggled as you pushed his arm playfully.

“I think all women deserve to be treated with the utmost… affection.” his voice lowered and you suppressed the urge to roll your eyes instead smirking and leaning towards him.

“What kinda affection are we talking about?” you cooed, shimming your shoulders seductively.

“What kind would you like?” he smirked, leaning closer towards you until you felt his breath on your lips. You wanted so badly to pull away.

Suddenly, as if reading your mind, Castiel pulled you away from the vampire.

“I think its time to go Y/N-”

“Castiel!?” you growled as you were pulled off your barstool and dragged out the door.

Glancing back you noticed Sam and Dean were gone.

“What are you doing!? Cas!” you yelled again, trying to pull your grip away from the angel.

“Its time to go home.” he stated simply.

“Go home? Go home!? are you kidding me? I bet all those innocent girls wanna go home too Cas!”

“Don’t.” Castiel growled

Growled, Castiel growled at you. What the hell was going on?

“No Cas, we had a plan and you just screw it up! What are we suppose to do now!”

“We’ll find another way-”

“This way would have worked fine!” you yell finally pulling your arm free and stopping causing Castiel to halt with you.

“Not with you as bait.”

“You agreed to it before!”

“That was before I saw-” Cas stopped mid sentence, shrinking back into the comfort of his trench coat. you would have found it so cute if you were so mad.

“Before what Cas? Hmm? You knew this is what needed to happen!”

“ I didn’t know that-” he stopped again, as if biting his tongue.

“You are unbelievable,” you sighed angrily “What Cas? You didn’t know what?” 

“I didn’t know how mad I would get!”

“What the hell are you mad about?!”

“I don’t want to see you with other guys because I want to see you with me!”

It was as if Castiel’s words surprised even him, his chest was heaving and his fists were clenched by his side.

“Well- I-!” you couldn’t help but stutter your words, completely baffled as your mouth was still pursed in anger.

“We’re going home.”

“Wait, where are Sam and Dean?” you yelled, still trying to hold onto any anger that you had left. Castiel did ruin the hunt after all.

“After I explained my… feels- they agreed to stop the hunt and headed home.” 

“What feelings?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Cas, you just pulled me away from a vampire that we were suppose to kill. We’re talking about this!”

“I don’t like seeing you with other guys okay!”

“Why? I was only pretending Cas!”

“Yeah well, he wasn’t! I could read his thoughts and- and the things he was thinking-” Cas was shaking now, practically vibrating with anger.

You stepped forwards, resting a hand on his arm.

“The way he was looking at you, all the men in that bar- they- they were thinking such-” Castiel shook his head and grabbed your arms pulling you close and looking into your eyes, his own eyes reflecting sadness but something darker underneath.

“I don’t want anyone but me looking at you like that.”

You heart hammered in your chest at his words, the way he practically growled them, the way he gripped your arms, the way he held your gaze. You thought your legs would surly give out simply from the possessive look that darkened Castiel’s eyes.

“Well- the same goes for you!” you yelled hesitantly.

“I wouldn’t dream of it!” he growled pushing you until you back hit a wall.

“Well- me either!” you growled back.

You saw something spark in Castiel’s eyes at your tone and before you knew what was happening he was kissing you roughly. His hands flew all over your body, starting at your cheeks and slowly making their way lower until his hands were scooping you up by the thighs. Your legs wrapped around his waist which only caused him to press you into the wall even harder, lips making their way down your jaw and to the soft spot behind your ear. You moaned as your hands tugged his hair back gently, only causing him to kiss you more.

“I love you.” Cas whispered as he trailed kisses back up your neck, lips connecting with your mouth once more.

You pulled back to look at him, studying his eyes carefully, they seemed to soften at his words, not as possessive as they had once been.

“I’m sorry-” Cas stuttered averting his eyes

“Why are you sorry?” You questioned, smiling warmly as your fingers played in his hair “I love you too.”

Castiel let out a shaky breath “Really?”

“Mmhmm,” you hummed softly against his mouth, placing another swell of kisses onto the angels lips. Castiel set you down gently and cupped your face, brushing his thumbs against your lips as he stared intently at your mouth, thinking how much he wanted to kiss you again and again.

You couldn’t help but bite your lip as you tilted your head up to look into the angels eyes.

“Say it again.” you whispered with a smile.

“I love you.” Cas whispered as he stroked your cheek gently, eyes wandering over your face lovingly before he placed a kiss to your lips.


“I love you.”

You smiled smugly.

“I love you too.” 

Boys’ Club

Request by miller1967winchesterYou should do a series Dean x reader going off of the plot of Mulan where the reader pretends to be a male hunter because female hunters get looked down upon… [the rest of the request contains spoilers… and I’m not about to give any…]

Summary: You’re sick of the hunters you run into not treating you with respect since you’re a woman.

Word Count: 1901

Warnings: None

A/N: So… The semester started and I’m gonna be busy, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write stuff. But I’ll be posting the rest of this series within a week, hopefully. Also, this was my first request and it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything that didn’t come fully from my own mind, so I hope this isn’t too bad. Also, I have a thing for backstories, and a promise we’ll get to the actual Deanxreader part eventually!

Boys’ Club Series Masterlist

When your brother was thirteen, your father let him go on his first hunt. You had to wait until you were sixteen. Then, for your brother’s eighteenth birthday, your father’s gift to him was his first solo hunt. The first time you hunted by yourself was to track down the demon that killed your entire family when you were twenty-one. There was no reason that you should have had to wait longer than your brother. You grew up studying lore, shooting guns, learning to aim with knives. You had been just as good as any hunter.

But you were a girl. And, despite it being the twenty-first century, hunting was still inherently a male profession.

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wow i can’t believe 3b actually happened

the twins never came back to beacon hills, peter was killed by some spanish hunters, scott, stiles and derek kept having dinner together once a week, allison taught lydia how to use a crossbow and we got to see them have a hundred sleepovers, isaac was nice to everyone and knitted stiles a scarf as a peace offering for being a douche in the past, melissa won a weekend at a spa, the sheriff went fishing with chris and deaton, no one was possessed or murdered and derek got a new apartment and finally remembered where he’d parked the camaro wow what a top season this was


measure of infinity

an: an au i may or may not continue that i couldn’t get out of my head after comic con stuff started coming out. title completely and irreverently stolen from the late great terry pratchett.

On the list of things Emma particularly enjoyed doing, running was nowhere near the top. In fact, if given the choice, Emma would prefer to do just about anything but run.

Still. It was either run or let the bastards on her tail catch her, and on the list of things she liked less than running, being caught by the sanctimonious pricks chasing after her was somewhere near the top. 

When she’d met Baelfire, some years ago now, the idea that she’d been meant for something special had drawn her in. She’d been thrilled to learn that all those strange things that had kept her on the streets, kept her from earning the loving family she so desired, that those things made her different. Remarkable, even, she’d been told. Realm jumpers were few and far between, and even then, more often than not they used tools to help them get to where they wanted to go. Emma, Bae had said, was something altogether different, her abilities almost an unconscious thing, but he’d told her to be careful of them, to learn to control them, because there was danger in what she did. The ease with which she could stitch herself into a new reality was something he’d yearned for his whole life - but he’d been terrified of it, too. 

Magic, he had told her, always comes at a price.

Once upon a time, she’d thought he was just being paranoid.

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Days of Future Past....

Thank you for providing another X-men film that doesn’t solely focus on Wolverine

Thank you for showing us how Magneto is the main X-men villain as well as an anti-hero

And finally, thank you for trying to erase our memories of that mess known as The Last Stand

Why I Still Believe in Grant Ward

Ward said something in the last episode that I think is crucial to understanding his motivations and his psyche:

I’m a survivor

Keeping that line in mind, let’s take a journey into the mind of a troubled, abused, sometimes despicable, but ultimately redeemable man. 

Long post warning: I somehow managed to write 3k+ words about this big dork. 

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Doing it Right #3

Peyton’s POV

I followed Sam over to the couches the rest of the boys were hanging on. I noticed that it was just Sam, Nate, Johnson, Dillon, and Mike. It was odd seeing the crew without Jack with them.

“Look who’s back!!!” Sammy cheered as we walked over.

They all turned to see the commotion when they realized it was me.

“Ayyy! Lil mama is home!” Nate yelled and the others jokingly cheered.

I chuckled at their excitement. I was a little surprised that they were so excited to see me since things had ended between Jack and me. I was thankful I didn’t have to lose their friendship, too. I made my rounds hugging the boys and saying hi. By that time I noticed Grace walk out of the bathroom. I waved her over. As soon as I did, I remembered her and Sammy’s slight past. I figured it was too late now so I hoped she was okay. When she walked over, I wrapped my arm around her.

“I know most of you have met her but to those who haven’t, this is my best friend Grace Butler,” I introduced.

Grace waved her hand and gave a smile.

“Nice to see you, boys,” she said, her flirty side completely coming out.

I glanced at Sammy to see how he was reacting. He sat next to Nate on the couch, his hands behind his head with a slight smirk on his face as he watched Grace. I couldn’t help but chuckle, clearly they had patched things up.

“And Samuel,” Grace then said, giving him a nod.

I rolled my eyes at their flirting and decided to start drinking. I picked up a shot and tipped it back, planning on getting blackout drunk.

Jack’s POV

I laid on the couch scrolling through my phone. The guys looked like they were having a great time via their snapchat stories. I sighed and looked over at the girl on the couch next to me. She sat there on her phone, taking selfies or something. We had just finished what we always did and now there was nothing to do. She didn’t want to smoke or go out or watch a movie so we just laid here. This was our every night so I wasn’t sure why I was so annoyed with it tonight. I glanced back at my phone and saw Sam had updated his story. I clicked on it and saw the dark club flash onto the screen. Next thing I knew, I saw Peyton dancing around in front of him. My heart stopped. What the fuck was he doing with Peyton? I quickly exited out of snapchat and slid my phone into my pocket. I stood up.

“Let’s go, we’re going out,” I said.

Peyton’s POV

The hours passed and suddenly I was totally drunk. I wasn’t sure how much I had to drink but I knew it was a lot.

“This is so much fun!” I squealed while dancing with Grace.

We had made our way out to the dance floor after we had taken plenty of shots. Gracie and I had been dancing and laughing the whole night. Sam came up behind Grace then, pulling her hips against him. She giggled and began grinding on him.

“You two are SO bipolar,” I joked before walking away to head back to the couches.

I was feeling great. I couldn’t stop laughing or dancing. Once I got back to the couches we were hanging at, I went to grab another drink. As I reached for the glass, Nate’s hand stopped me. I hadn’t realized he was sitting on the couch. I made a pouty face.

“Why?” I whined.

Nate chuckled.

“I think you’ve had enough, lil ma.”

I sighed and sat down next to him.

“Why aren’t you out there dancing, Nathan?” I asked.

“I’m just enjoying my high over here,” he chuckled, “besides you’re pretty entertaining to watch.”

I playfully hit his arm.

“Nathan! What’s that supposed to mean!?”

Nate was looking at me hard and then he spoke.

“Not many people call me that.”

“Nathan?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I like when you say it,” he told me.

Maybe it was the alcohol talking or maybe it was because I had never noticed how attractive Nate truly was but I found myself moving closer to him. He wrapped his muscular arm around me, pulling me in. I looked him over. He looked good. I traced my fingers over his tattoos before looking back up at him. I found him staring down at me.

“Nathan…” I whispered before connecting my lips to his.

Jack’s POV

A half hour later, we arrived at the club. I tossed my keys to the valet and quickly made my way inside.

“Why are we here?” The girl on my arm asked, annoyance pulsing through her voice.

“Because I want to be,” I snapped.

She stopped talking and just followed me inside, barely holding onto my hand. That’s the one thing that never failed, no matter where we were, she made sure to make us public. I didn’t think it bothered me but I was starting to think maybe it did. We continued inside and I searched for the couches it looked like the guys were hanging out at. As I searched, I started to wonder what I was going to do. I mean why did I come? What was the point? It’s not like I wanted to see Peyton and she sure as hell wouldn’t want to see me. I started regretting coming and was about to leave when something caught my. There was Peyton, straddling Nate, making out. I watched as his hands roamed her body and as she ran her fingers through his hair. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Come on,” I said, while tugging on my new girl’s hand. “Fuck this place.”

I quickly turned around and walked right back out of the club.

Peyton’s POV

It was late when Grace and I got back to my apartment. The guys had made sure we got home safely, Nate and Sam walked us to the door. Before we went inside, Nate had given me a smile and said “Goodnight, lil mama.” Gracie and I then stumbled upstairs and fell into bed. I woke up the next morning with all my makeup still on. I must’ve shed my dress because I lay in just my bra and underwear. I rolled over to find Grace next to me in the same state. I shook her awake.

“Gracie, wake up,” I said.

“Whaaaat?” She groaned.

“What the fuck happened last night?” I asked.

Grace was fully awake now. She laughed.

“I’m not sure but it was one hell of a night.”

“What happened with you and Sam?” I asked.

“We hooked up,” she laughed. “I couldn’t resist him any longer, I mean have you seen him!?”

I laughed.

“But enough about me and Sam, dude…you and Nate!?”

I felt myself blush.

“I don’t know, Grace, it kind of just happened and I don’t regret it. It was fun and relaxed and not Jack and I just needed a casual hook up.”

“Well damn, go us. We’re hot and single,” Gracie clapped while crawling out of bed. “And now I’m hungover so let’s get some breakfast!!!”

“I’m right behind ya!”

With that, we wandered into the kitchen and began cooking, still gushing about the great night before.

Jack’s POV

The next morning, I stormed into Nate’s room, fuming mad. I didn’t care if Peyton and I were broken up. It didn’t mean I wanted to see one of my best friends all over her. Nate was lying on his bed with his Beats on and scrolling through his lap top. Once I slammed the door open he looked up and took his head phones off.

“Woah, man what’s up?” He causally said.

“What’s up!?” I yelled. “What the hell do you think is up!? You hooked up with Peyton!”

Nate waited for me to continue but I didn’t know what else to say. He finally spoke up.

“Why are you so angry?” He asked me.

“Because! Peyton and I dated for over a year and you think it’s okay to hook up with her?!”

“Well you haven’t seemed too concerned with her considering you’ve got your new chick to worry about. I mean G, you didn’t even want to see her when she came home from Africa, you didn’t even call her once since the split,” Nate calmly said to me.

“That doesn’t give you the right to hook up with her!” I countered.

“I’m sorry if you’re mad, G, I really am. But you can’t tell me you still care when all you’ve been is a douche to her these past few months. I just wanted to give her a fun night, she deserved it. She was lonely and I didn’t want her with some random guy. I knew she’d be safe with me and I knew you were busy at home with another girl. I don’t know man, I didn’t mean to piss you off but it’s ironic you start caring again now. Imagine how she feels seeing you flaunt that new girl of yours…probably a lot like how you’re feeling now.”

Nate always knew how to say the right thing which made me even more mad in this situation.

“Anyways, I’m sorry if you’re mad, bro,” he said to me before putting his Beats back on, clearly not too concerned with how I was feeling.

I rolled my eyes and walked out of his room. Fuck this.