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Welcome to the Jungle

♧ Part one of ‘can’t catch me’ series ♧

Summary: You’re a renowned thief whose been one step ahead of the police ever since you arrived in town. But, you take it a step too far when you try to steal from the new mayor of town, Sam Winchester. You soon find yourself in a dilemma, with new faces in town that want to use you, plus the fact Detective Dean Winchester wants you caught now more than ever. How long can you stay a free woman, and will your heart make you fall along the way?  

Characters: Female Reader, Detective!Benny Lafitte, Detective!Dean Winchester, Castiel, Mayor!Sam Winchester x Jessica Moore

Warnings: reader is a thief/con woman, kinda angst?, injured!Cas 

A/N: I need to stop coming up with these ideas Feedback would be massively appreciated for this. Enjoy!

It was supposed to be an easy job. Crash the party, steal a few wallets and purses from all the rich guests who were there, before making a quick and quiet exit. At least, it usually was that easy for you.

It had been pretty easy to distract people, especially with the thin white gown you were wearing that didn’t really leave much to the imagination. You’d just been chatting up some high profiled business man, managing to grab a few notes from his inside jacket pocket as you placed a soft kiss on his cheek and said your goodbyes.

What you didn’t expect was to literally bump into a taller, broad built figure with that all too familiar southern accent as he spoke.

 “Fancy seeing you here, sug.”

You cursed under your breath as you looked up to see Benny standing there, a smug look across his face. Great, a cop. Just what you needed right now.  

“Hey, officer. I didn’t expect to see you at this fancy do,” you replied, plastering a fake smile across your dark red lips. You knew he wouldn’t make a scene in here, it was a high fly event and the cameras from the paparazzi would be out in seconds.

He gave a small chuckle. “No, but we expected to see you.”

You discretely scanned around you, silently wondering how many of these suited douche bags were actually cops. Looking up at him, you gave him an innocent smile. “So, where’s my favourite detective? I kinda miss the green eyed guy.”

He gave you a short look at your comment. “It’s his night off. So, are you going to come quietly or are we going to have a problem?” his voice warningly low as he spoke.

Giving a solemn shrug, you slowly lifted up your hands in surrender. “Alright, big guy. You win.”

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Why Beth Greene/Emily Kinney fans are pissed off

1. Emily had been on the show since season 2 and doesn’t get told she’s gonna die til right before the script comes out.

2. During the course of season 5 Beth was physically, sexually, and emotionally abused by douche bag cops. 

3. She never got a proper reunion with her family.

4. The season Emily finally gets promoted to the main cast she is separated from everyone she had been working with for years.

5. We didn’t even get to see Beth’s fucking funeral?! 

6. During Emily’s last TD they decided to focus on Daryl’s fucking sexuality instead of her character’s journey. 

7. Not to mention guests on TD who mocked her character, called her a ‘hanger on’ and only praised her for her looks instead of her strength, they talk about everyone else’s strength why not Beth’s?

8. Her death was poorly written,OOC, and done for strictly shock value.

9. She sacrificed herself for a brand new character that didn’t even make it to the end of the season.

10. They completely destroyed the significance of Beth’s ‘I made it’ speech. 

Reasons why Emily/Beth fans are not pissed off

1. Because Bethyl isn’t happening

Repost from @joeljitsu via @kellyslater  Amazing what people will pull when they have a little authority and a bad attitude. I hope you guys just ignored him and pretended you all just happened to be there going for a surf! #HumansSuck but I hope the #WoundedWarriors still got a few waves. Please repost! Spread it as far and wide as u can in the hope it will get back to this douche bags boss!

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For AU headcanons: Hollstein Illegal Street Racer AU. Carmilla is a drifter who races everywhere she stays. Laura doesn't race but she's the daughter of a racing legend. Danny's an undercover cop unaware that Laura basically runs things with her dad.

Wow this is v specific but I’ll try my best!

- Since her father’s injury in a terrible racing accident, Laura began to organize the races in attempt to make them safer for the participants and controls the betting in order to prevent cheating.

- It was a normal Saturday 3 am race when everything went to shit. Laura was so careful to keep the police away by texting her friend Danny with false information of where she heard the race might be while using her crew to ensure that all would go as planned and no one would get hurt. Everything was going as planned until a new racer began driving recklessly as soon as the start gun fired, almost running the other racers off the road and doing whatever it took to win the race. Now not only is Laura having to deal with angry people pissed off that they lost hundreds or even thousands of dollars because of this douche bag, but the cops are on their way due to the driver’s reckless actions so they all have to run before she gets the chance to confront the racer.

- The next weekend, Laura was still furious about the last race. When everyone arrived to the new location, she was momentarily thankful that the same driver showed up. She walked over to the car and tapped on the window furiously, her rage building with each pound of her knuckle against the glass.The driver rolled down the window only to ask “what can I do for you, cupcake?” Laura became fucking enraged and it takes every bit of resolve in her tiny body to not snatch the woman by her hair and drag her out the window. If Laura wasn’t so shocked by how attractive the woman was she probably would have. 

- Laura gets flustered and just yells “Nothing! Just don’t be an asshole this time and drive more safely please?” before she walks away from the car. She decides to approach her again later when she can think more rationally and doesn’t have a few hundred people waiting on her to start the race.

- Laura is packing up her equipment when the driver pulls up beside her car. When the woman gets out, Laura is just as befuddled as before because this woman is impossibly gorgeous. Just as Carmilla finally introduces herself and asks Laura to go get a drink with her, Danny and her partner roll up to the scene. Danny is so shocked to see her best friend at the race she’s been trying to bust for months that she’s frozen in place, unable to get out of the squad car. Carmilla seizes the opportunity by grabbing Laura’s wrist, dragging her into her car and speeding away before Danny can come to her senses. 

- After speeding through the quiet, barren streets of the city to get away from Danny and the rest of the cops chasing them, Carmilla backs into an alley, obscuring her car by a dumpster and making them all but invisible. Laura and Carmilla talk until the sun rises. The danger of arrest had passed hours before, but neither of them wants the night to end. Carmilla explains why she began racing in the first place. It was an attempt to run away from her family as fast as possible but she became addicted to the adrenaline rush she feels when she’s on the edge of danger. When Laura tells her the motivation for running the races and why she became so upset by Carmilla’s driving, it changed something between them. It was the first time Laura saw the softer side of Carmilla and when she apologized so sincerely it nearly broke Laura’s heart. 

- They spend the morning together even though they both have other places they should be. It’s a revelation to both of them how someone so opposite of them can be so intriguing and utterly fascinating. Carmilla realizes by the time they sit down for lunch that the adrenaline rush she gets from holding Laura’s hand is much more addicting than any race she’ll ever drive in again.

The way Derrick said "Frankie Grande" in the DR really pissed me off! It was basicaly just a shady way of saying "Ariana Grande's brother" w/o ppl knowing IMO! But i see through your BS Derrick...

 Douche Mode Cop, Pussy Cauliflower, & Creep Mode Cowboy are insufferable, honestly will anyone be watching the feeds once Frankie is evicted?