Finn posted this picture & sweet message on his Instagram. As a member of both the Supernatural Family and the Stranger Things Fandom, Finn’s post made me extremely happy.

Jared & Jensen inspired him. Like the incredibly hardworking actor that Finn is, I guarantee he took some tips from them. He did an awesome job in Supernatural’s “Thin Lizzie” (11x05) as Jordie, and of course a phenomenal job as Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things.

I’m so proud of him!

that deleted scene reminds me of some cool things we’ve learned so far from the previews for the tfa 3d bluray bonus features

the iconic scene where rey whispers “the force” and closes her eyes (like maz told her to earlier “I am no Jedi, but I know the Force. It moves through and surrounds every living thing. Close your eyes. Feel it.”) before kicking benjamin’s ass was added in reshoots after ava duvernay saw an earlier cut of the movie and suggested it to jj abrams

this moment of rey going full rage-mode was also added in reshoots:

which is interesting because it’s one of the more obvious parallels to anakin

(couldn’t get a good frame but you know what i mean lol)

lastly jj abrams in the audio commentary describes this moment as when rey “falls for” finn

“i’ve never met a resistance fighter before”

which he also said is like.. cuz finn said he was resistance which made her see him as a dashing hero and gave her hope, but it was a lie. but, i’m preeeetty sure he proved himself to really be that hero by the end so describing that as her “falling for” him especially paired with at the end “we came back for you” and them defending each other is i feel a pretty good sign for finnrey