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Here comes a thought
That might alarm you
What someone said and how it harmed you
Something you did that failed to be charming
Things that you said are suddenly swarming

And, oh, you’re losing sight, you’re losing touch
All these little things seem to matter so much
That they confuse you
That I might lose you 

Take a moment, remind yourself
To take a moment and find yourself
Take a moment and ask yourself
If this is how we fall apart
But it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not
It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay
You’ve got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear
I’m here, I’m here, I’m here 

you know what i want to see? more love for traumatized men. men who are scared to be alone in public, men who have service dogs that do corner & room checks for them, men who have public breakdowns because of trauma. men who hate being touched, men who suddenly feel the urge to flee when they’re just enjoying themselves in a coffee shop. men who have shaky hands and quiet voices and apologize constantly. all traumatized men.

we are here, we exist, and we are so fucking brave. we are out here living our lives in a society that says that men should never be scared, or anxious, or traumatized. every day we have to deal with this toxic, hypermasculine culture that tells us we are weak for allowing what happened to us to happen, but we are some of the strongest people in the world.

and that needs to be celebrated.