doubting myself as a person and an rper

serpuntess  asked:

SMASHES DOWN THE DOOR UM ?? i literally ADORE your weiss like ?? weiss is always portrayed as so prim n stuff but GOD DOES YOURS HAVE THAT BITE. you put so much love and care into her and ?? by far the most stand out weiss in the community tbh. plus the cup pf coffee herself is a total sweetie pie like stop my teeth hurt latte. i just wish you’d give yourself more credit bc !! YOU’RE SUCH A PERFECT LIL BEAN IN EVERY WAY !!!!!!

ASDFGHJKL. i am just an old cup of coffee, no need to be busting down doors !? this really means a lot coming from such a great person and great rper all around that is so much fun to talk to ooc ? sometimes, i just really doubt myself but as a very wise man once said, you gotta keep moving forward. so, that’s what i do ! writing only gets better with practice so i’m practicing with all i have. <3 love ya dearie. 

@serpuntess : how’s my portrayal ? (a.)