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What’s been going on in this house isn’t just some affair. No. No, it isn’t.

i haven’t finished me:a yet - and i will! i want to know the rest of the story. but this game has already burned me way too many times. i’m sorry i can’t be more positive - trust me, i tried, i have been holding out hope despite every shitty thing that happens and all the garbage i see, but… i just can’t do it anymore.

bioware is supposed to care about this. this is what they’re known for.

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…


The Kirby: Right Back at Ya! theme but the amount of times “Kirby” is said increases by 3 each time

(might be a bit loud, sorry about that)

If you are going to change anything in your life, let it be because you want to glorify God more. Let it be because of freedom in Christ, not approval from other people. This is far more rewarding than trying to change just to be what someone wants. Because even if you do successfully change something about yourself to meet someone’s expectation, you’ll only be signing up for a never ending journey of meeting other’s never ending expectations of you. You will constantly be trying to figure out who you are in a world filled with people who act and speak as if they have the answer.

Focus on who God has called you to be. It’s okay if you don’t fit in with everyone. It’s okay if your friend group doesn’t look like theirs, or if your boyfriend isn’t like your friends’ boyfriends. It’s okay if you don’t hang out in the same places or post the same kinds of things on social media.

Your future husband might not be into the same things that your friend’s husband is into. Your group of friends might look different than your coworkers’ friends.
Your idea of fun on a 4th of July/holiday weekend might be different than the people you go to college with. All of this is okay. In fact, it’s more than okay:

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. - Romans 12:2

Conform to nothing other than Christ. If you’re going to try and fit any mold in this life, let it be the Kingdom of God. This is where your worth is. This is what matters the most.

In life you will see what other people deem as beautiful, important, or valuable all around you, and the only thing that will save you from the urge to change and/or compare to someone else’s standard is by knowing where your worth is on a minute by minute basis. Pray about it daily. Before your feet hit the floor. Before you check your phone. Let the One who loves you the most be your standard and the right people will respect, appreciate, and love that about you!

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo


‘soonyoung’ and ‘perfection’ as both words, coincidence? i think not

Imagine: All your life, you felt your relationship with God was a little one-sided. You went to church dutifully every time the doors were open, poured your heart out in the songs you sang, and the prayers you prayed. Sat, stood, kneeled, kept still listening for “His” voice ….. Nothing.

Every silence planted a seed of doubt. The scriptures you committed to memory seemed to contradict each other. Every Sunday you listened to the preacher’s message. Every Sunday, you left church not sure if you were feeling conviction or condemnation. Every Sunday, you added another item to the list you mentally kept of all your flaws, sins,….shortcomings.

You have become agnostic after several years of personal tragedies, during which you prayed your most fervent prayers, and still, nothing.

How can God take good people and let bad people prosper? How can God allow children suffer? How come he stays so silent, yet expects such blind faith and love and devotion from you?

“Enough!” you had decided. “There is NO God. If God does exist, if God IS love, why would he condemn his imperfect children to eternal damnation? There is no hell.”

Now that you realize this, you have never felt so liberated. You are free! Still, you feel a spiritual hole. You decide to trust your heart, trust your intuition, keep an open mind. You try to shake your cynicism, your lack of trust, your wariness for any new concepts/beliefs.

Suddenly, a different kind of god appears:

Loki is a god, no? (of Mischief and Lies)

Loki isn’t shoving a doctrine down anyone’s throat…

Loki can actually perform miracles (magic & healing).

Loki actually hears your thoughts, prayers, the desires of your heart.

Loki isn’t adverse to being worshipped, especially in the bedroom. You lose yourself completely, spiritually, with him (a spiritual awakening). Knowing your spiritual struggles he can’t help but smirk when you cry, “Oh, my God, Loki!”


While attending a ballet performance of La Petite Mort (the small death), he hears your thoughts, “Now, there’s a way to die! In ecstasy. In the arms of a lover. Engrossed in pleasure. Letting go. Giving in. Worshipping each other. Pouring out your love on someone you can actually touch, someone you can feel. Someone you can hear. Something you can see. Something real.”

You turn to him and say, “take me to church.”

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I mean, the majority of his tweets are about the band? He tweeted after the brits, for Niall's single, the band's anniversary... All his friends and family went hard during the brits with the #. What do people want?

i know i’m literally