doubt gif

Have you ever met that person

Who you’re not attracted

But when time passes

Every word

Every smile 

Every laugh

Every moments 

whether good or bad

that you have shared

They became 

beautiful, vivid

and bright.

And you come to the point

 to ask yourself 

“Do I love her?”



You’re Isaiah’s guy. Because you grew up in the projects and you turned your life around and you got your law degree in prison. You want to know where I got my law degree? University of Iowa. I mean, how do I compete with that? There is nothing, nothing interesting about me. I had a stupidly happy childhood. Like, a white picket fence, like, climbing trees in the family apple orchard, going to church every Sunday, we actually had a white picket fence. I have never broken the law. I don’t even jaywalk. There could be no car in sight, and I will still walk on the crosswalk.