doubles and trebles

simamara  asked:

List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore.

1. She wears the same black boyfriend jacket every damn day of her life. It could be 1000 degrees out and she’d still have it on.

2. Her signature drink is a single vodka and coke; if you give her a double there’ll be trouble (and don’t even mention trebles oh boy)

3. She’s a big big cry baby; sad movies, happy movies, game shows, cute tv ads, everything, will make her cry.

4. Nothing makes her happier than good fps and 0 lag. 

5. Fear of small babies, heights and cows.

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Benedict Cumberbatch: 'It might look like an odd choice for a new father to be tackling a drama about losing a child'

Craig McLean
23 SEPTEMBER 2017 • 9:45AM

It’s a bright afternoon in April, and standing in front of me, wearing only blue trunks, is Benedict Cumberbatch. We are in a repurposed office complex near Uxbridge, on the set of The Child in Time, a feature-length adaptation of Ian McEwan’s Whitbread Prize-winning 1987 novel.

Cumberbatch is playing Stephen Lewis, a children’s author whose three-year-old daughter vanished while the pair were at the supermarket. It’s a horror that puts an unbearable strain on his marriage to Julie (Kelly Macdonald) and on his other professional commitment: sitting on a Thatcherite government committee known as the Official Commission on Childcare. Stephen is a man unmoored by loss, floating through life in grief-stricken isolation. But right now, Cumberbatch is worrying about his abs.

‘I do keep having to say to the director, “Did my body look too good in that scene?”’ he tells me, tongue in cheek, as he heads towards the bathroom to film a scene in which Stephen submerges himself in the bath in his empty, echoing flat. ‘Can you see my six pack? Maybe I should hide it…’ ‘It’s not for reasons of body image or any of that nonsense!’

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On this day in music history: February 21, 1966 - “Nowhere Man” by The Beatles is released. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, it is recorded October 21 - 22, 1965 in Studio Two at Abbey Road Studios in London. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, it is the twenty fourth US single for the legendary rock band from Liverpool, UK. Composed primarily by John Lennon, he comes up with the song after spending five hours trying to write something without success. Finally, the words and melody come to him all at once. Lennon shows what he’s come up with to McCartney, who helps him complete the song. “Nowhere Man” represents another departure for The Beatles, with Lennon and McCartney writing more introspective material, moving away from the subject matter of their earlier work which focused more on love and romance. Another one of the songs’ crowning touches is the dual guitar solo played by George Harrison and John Lennon on a pair of matching ‘61 sonic blue Fender Stratocasters, purchased for them by their roadie Mal Evans from Grimwoods Music in Whitstable, Kent. When the song is mixed, Lennon and Harrison asks producer George Martin and engineer Norman Smith, double the amount of treble on the guitars to create an even brighter and cutting sound that is instantly apparent on the finished recording. Originally a track on the UK version of “Rubber Soul, the song is left off of the US version of the album and is instead released as a stand alone single backed with the country flavored "What Goes On” (#81 Pop) sung by Ringo Starr, also extracted from the UK version of “Rubber Soul”. “Nowhere Man” peaks at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 on March 26, 1966. Both songs make their US album debut on the compilation “Yesterday And Today” in June of 1966. “Nowhere Man” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

How I Learned...Why I Learned

This is my second post today. It is not one that will talk about a granny square. In fact, it isn’t really so much a part of this project, as it is an explanation…an explanation as to how, and why, I first learned to crochet. It will be a small post. But, I figured that, since I am working this challenge in full honesty and openness, I would be write about this. 

The year was 2008…The end of 2008. It was weeks before my 28th birthday (I do believe.) Mid November. And that year, I was getting the best Christmas present, and Birthday present, all rolled on one. I would be getting out of the wheelchair, that I had been in, since age of twenty.A wheelchair that I had been told I would be in, for the rest of my life. 

At a young age (nine), I had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. My feet turned in, and it made walking rather difficult. At the age of thirteen, only four years later, my walking had gotten worse, and it was then that I first learned of my future, and how I could expect to be in the wheelchair. Needless to say, this bit of news was devastating. 

At the age of twenty, after having a hernia surgery, I lost my ability to walk. The cerebral palsy had finally taken my walking, entirely away. 

Only, the thing was…I never had cerebral palsy. All of the doctors (over fifty, to be exact) had all misdiagnosed me. It turned out that I had a condition known as Strumpell Lorraine Syndrome. As the doctor told me this, he told me something else While I would never walk normally, I could, with surgery, find my way out of the wheelchair. 

November 18, 2008, I had that surgery. 

I spent two weeks in the hospital, after my surgery, on total bed rest. This is wear I got my first glimpse at crocheting. The roommate that I had–a young boy, no older than 23–was also recovering from a surgery. And, during his recovery, he was crocheting an afghan…it was a deep wine color, and he told me he was making it for his grandmother. 

That same boy told me, later that day (after I had watched him crochet for hours) that it was meditative, and that it allowed for reflection. He then reached into his case, grabbed a hook (a size I), and also grabbed a small ball of chocolate yarn. He handed them both to me. 

“Just in case you want to learn,” he said, and smiled. 

And learn I did. Through watching him, and his instruction, I learned the most basic of stitches: the single crochet, and the double. When I went home, with that hook (a gift from him, that I still have, and am currently working with), and the yarn, I started looking online. And, while recovering over the next three months, I spent my time absorbing as much as possible: single, half double, double, treble, tunisian, broomstick lace…I could not get enough.

Crocheting came to me at a time when I needed it. It served as a catalyst for me to deal with all of the tribulations that came with my recovery. 

And now, I am hoping that crocheting can help me again. It is my hope that, by using the same gifted hook from 2008, I can make these grannies as a way to cure myself of a flaky personality. 

There it is, then…my little story of how I was first introduced into the world of yarn. 

I just wanted to share it with you all. 

And now, dinner…


Day 45 of #100daysofpractice! Of all of the pieces @psychokaz and @stirlingtrent and I are performing this Saturday, this one might be the one I’m most excited about 😄 Why is it so cool?? Yay Hungarian music. Come see us Saturday 9/30 at 8 pm at the Sammons Center in Dallas, TX for Double Treble! Information in @psychokaz’s bio!
🎻Miklós Rózsa: Sonata for Two Violins - Vivace e giocoso (at Sammons Center for the Arts)

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Double the Treble 🏆🏆🏆

One year ago today.. History was made..

Copa Lliga i Champions

FC Barcelona did what no one had managed to do, win the treble twice.. and they did that in 6 years!!

A year ago, it was Xavi’s last match as an FC Barcelona player

A year ago, Barcelona, after beating the Champions of all the big leagues in Europe: Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain and Ajax, reigned as Kings of Europe.

A year ago, it was Andrea Pirlo’s last match as a Juventus player

A year ago, Andres Iniesta’s magic yet again shined over Europe

A year ago, Pedro Rodriguez showed the World the unselfish side of football

A year ago, Dani Alves ran after Milan and Thiago in Berlin

A year ago, Xavi and Luis Enrique sang El Cant del Barça out loud in Berlin.

A year ago today, Ivan Rakitic, Luis Suarez and Neymar scored in their first Champions League Final


Day 35 of #100daysofpractice! I’m working on about 2 and a half hours of sleep because there were crazy people partying in the hotel room next to mine last night (long story short: they actually got kicked out of the hotel but not until 6 am and I had to be up at 6:30 for my flight 😪) - but I’m back in Dallas and now I have two weeks to learn the Double Treble concert I’m performing with @stirlingtrent and @psychokaz on the 30th.. umm.. ahhhhhhh
🎻Rózsa Sonata for 2 Violins: Allegro risoluto (at Plano, Texas)

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His Dark Materials fan appreciation month: week #2

favorite quote(s)

And Mrs. Coulter drew herself up, and snapped her fingers to the Specter feeding on the witch’s daemon. The little snow bunting daemon lay twitching on the rock as the Specter moved toward the witch herself, and then whatever Lena Feldt had undergone before was doubled and trebled and multiplied a hundredfold.


It just dawned on me that the Sazabi’s symbol could be both a Trebel Clef and a stylized lowercase ancient Greek letter “Phi”, while the Nightingale’s symbol is a stylized uppercase letter “Phi”.

Is it possible that the Sazabi/Nightingale is really the Phi Gundam with a mono-eye-make-over a-la Sinanju? There’s nothing that implies that fact is canon, but the differences in the Sazabi/Nightingale’s symbols caught my eye and I started speculating. What do you think?

Also - some interesting side notes on the Trebel Clef:

Treble refers to tones whose frequency or range is at the higher end of human hearing. In music this corresponds to “high notes”. The treble clef is often used to notate such notes…   The term “treble” derives from the Latin triplum, used in 13th century motets to indicate the third and highest range… A clef (from French: clef “key”) is a musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of written notes. Placed on one of the lines at the beginning of the stave, it indicates the name and pitch of the notes on that line… Where the G-clef is placed on the second line of the stave, it is called the treble clef. This is the most common clef used today, and the only G-clef still in use. For this reason, the terms G-clef and treble clef are often seen as synonymous. ” -Wikipedia

From Google’s dictionary functions:




  1. consisting of three parts; threefold. “the fish were caught with large treble hooks dragged through the water”


  1. three times as much or as many. “the tip was at least treble what she would normally have given”


  1. a threefold quantity or thing, in particular.


  1. a number or amount that is three times as large as a contrasting or usual number or amount. “by virtue of having paid treble, he had a double room to himself”


  1. make or become three times as large or numerous. “rents were doubled and probably trebled”

Beginning to spot a theme here, spacenoids? 


“Look, whatever the old guys are paying you, I can pay you double. Treble. A hundred times. Whatever they’re giving you, I can give you so much more.” She smiled, a perfect, roguish, Lucy Ricardo smile. “You name it, honey. What do you need?” She began to undo the buttons of her blouse. “Hey,” she said. “You ever wanted to see Lucy’s tits?”

A Barduil Bagginshield dinner reservation

Prompt: imagine that modern au! bilbo and bard are friends and they both want to meet the other one’s boyfriend so they plan a double date except of course it turns out that it’s hate at first sight between thorin and thranduil and that date is an absolute distaster, they keep glaring at eachother and saying vicious remarks and thranduil leaves before dessert ‘cause he’s a fucking drama queen and bard stays for a while after that but almost punches thorin when he starts to offend thranduil and bilbo’s just crossed with everyone at this point



 A Barduil Bagginshield dinner reservation

“So we’ll see you guys at eight yeah?” Bard double, treble checked with his friend.

“Yep, so long as our sitter doesn’t bail, or yours.” Bilbo replied, Bard could hear him bustling around in his house.

“I would say we should throw them all in together, but god could you even imagine what Tilda and Frodo would get up to if left together?” Bard joked (although really he could hardly imagine the mischief that would ensue).

“I dread to think.” Bilbo agreed. “Also, five kids, what sitter in their right mind would agree to that.”

“I wouldn’t and four of them are mine, well, mine and Thranduil’s, but ours now really, I mean– ” Bard tripped over himself, not wanting to give away his news before he could tell his friend in person.

“I get it you’re all one big happy family, Legolas is basically your son, your kids love the mysterious Thranduil yadda yadda yadda.” Bilbo interrupted his tongue tied friend.

“God I always forget that you’ve never actually met him, how is that even possible.” Bard chuckled, two years really is a long time for Thranduil to manage to evade Bard’s friend, but then, most of the time he was genuinely busy, or they couldn’t get a sitter so Thranduil would watch them while Bard met up with his friend, and sometimes Thranduil was just avoiding of course.

“Your boyfriend is always ‘busy’.” Bilbo joked, and Bard could hear the air quotes from his sarcastic friend.

“Yeah well, he’s promised to be sociable this evening.” Bard informed him.

“Did you threaten to withhold sex?” Bilbo asked, only half joking.

“No, why would I punish myself as well.” Bard laughed. “I did the exact opposite.” Bard grinned down the phone, making his friend laugh. “And I’ll finally get to meet Thorin, how did you get him to agree to come tonight?” Bard asked, neither of them had the most sociable other halves.

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