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So here is a double date collab I did with my lovely sweet pea @eldaryandy. While she amazingly colored our lovely pairs, I drew the lines and the background. And I think the result looks wonderful what do you say, guys?

Girls are embarassed/shocked so the boys obviously are being themselves

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I guess it's true we're back in 2013 🤦🏻‍♀️

dude my dude… not even close like. this is way more wild then 2013 bc at least in 2013, this stuff wasactually warranted??? and there was actually kind of a market for it??? now it’s just ridiculous. harry and louis havent even been seen together since the band went on hiatus, and when they /were/ seen together it was after the fact (XF in 2016 after jay’s passing) sooOOOOOoOoOOOoO ??? there’s legit no cause!! and people thought at first that all this was happening bc “harry’s album was gonna be so gay” but then it wasn’t lol… so??? what is this?? what is this…. and if i have to watch this hellfire, can larry at least doubledate? it’s been 79 years since theyve been in a pap shot together @/LTHQ/HSHQ make me wanna watch this soap opera, thanks 

Otabek and Yurio on a date hanging out like boyfriends! At the side Mila and Sala the(realyurionice) Girlfriends on a date hanging out too! 

Mila knows whats up…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Rue’s date outfit - final piece that is inspired from trixystix’s doubledate prompt

I lied when I said I won’t do Rue’s date outfit. Because to be honest, Rue is gorgeous and I am extremely proud that of this piece! But I hope it isn’t too dazzling. Now you know why Mytho had a heart over his head in the other post. ^-^ <3

Unexpected blind date

Anon request:
The reader and iris are friends from uni, and one night iris offers her to come to the bowling with her, eddie and barry (the reader doesn’t know barry yet) and so the reader thinks iris is just trying to find her a boyfriend, but she ends up liking barry a lot ? and barry feels the same ? thanks :)

Characters: Barry x Y/N, Iris x Eddie

It was your first day at work in Central City since your transfer from Starling City. Naturally you didn’t know your way around the new building and got lost at least a dozen times. As you were struggling to find the IT-department you decided to ask someone for help. “Hey I’m new I was wondering…” you didn’t get to finish.

“Y/N is that you?” you heard behind you. You turned around and saw none other than Iris West you couldn’t believe it “Iris?!” you exclaimed in disbelief. It had been absolute ages since you last saw her. You used to be the best of friends in university but had lost touch.
“What are you doing here?” she asked.
“I work here, it’s actually my first day” you answered.
“What are the odds of us working in the same building?” she said. It is a small world after all.
“Let’s meet up at Jitters after work to catch up” she said in excitement.
“Definitely I’ll see you later!” you replied.

You met at Jitters and ordered coffee having so much to tell you, Iris didn’t know where to start. She told you about her job, the Flash and her relationship with Eddie. She was so passionate talking about Eddie. They had been dating for quite a while now and she seemed so happy.

“How about you Y/N, anyone special in your life?” she asked.
Not knowing what to say you went with the classic “I’ve just been so busy with work”
“Nonsense!” She said, “I know just the right person for you”. You didn’t think much of it and just decided to change the subject.
You realized how late it was as the coffee shop was completely empty and the staff nearly had finished cleaning.
“I think it’s time to go” you said. “It was lovely catching up” you said as you hugged Iris goodbye. “I know! I’ve missed this” she said “the late night chatting”. “I’ll see you at work tomorrow, Y/N” she said as you parted ways “definitely” you responded.

On your way to work you bumped into Iris. She was with who you assumed to be Eddie as they were holding hands.
“Y/N!” She exclaimed waving. She quickly introduced you to Eddie.

“Hey Y/N we are going bowling tomorrow night do you want to join us” Iris asked all of a sudden.
“Oh and be the third wheel sure” you answered ironically earning a chuckle from Eddie. You had just met the guy and already liked him.
“Don’t worry, my best friend Barry will be there” she said.
“Is this an attempt to get me to go on a blind date” you asked.
“No!” she exclaimed a little too quickly “not at all just 4 people bowling having fun” she added.
“It’ll be fun, Y/N” Eddie said.
You finally gave in “Fine I’ll go” you answered.

You got off work early which meant you had time to make yourself look somewhat presentable for tonight. All of a sudden there were 30 minutes left till Eddie and Iris would pick you up you and you weren’t ready. The only thing you had managed to do so far was to curl your hair. You just kept getting distracted. You quickly grabbed a pair of black, ripped skinny jeans, a black crop top and a plaid shirt to wear on top. You heard a loud honk as you were putting on mascara. They were waiting for you outside. You quickly put on your converse and went out the door.

“Where’s Barry?” you asked after realizing he wasn’t in the car with you.
“He’ll meet us there” Iris answered.
Was it weird that you were beginning to get kind of nervous. It wasn’t even a date what’d you have to worry about you thought to yourself.

When you arrived the butterflies in your stomach kept getting bigger and bigger. Iris and Eddie led the way towards who you assumed to be Barry. He was tall and quite handsome. You had seen him before but you didn’t really know anything about him except for the fact that you had a mutual friend.

“Barry this is Y/N, Y/N this is Barry” Iris said introducing the two of you. “Nice to meet you, Barry” you said holding out your hand “pleasures all mine” he responded shaking it.

There were 20 minutes until your game would begin so Eddie and Iris decided to get some drinks. This gave you and Barry the perfect opportunity to talk. Which is exactly what Iris had in mind that sneaky little genius you thought.

You felt like you and Barry talked about everything from the normal things such as your professions to the most random things like your most embarrassing moments in public.
The conversation had somehow turned towards superheroes. “So Barry time to get serious” you started giving him a somewhat serious look. Judging by his chuckle you didn’t succeed in doing so though “would you rather be able to fly but at the same speed as you can walk or be able to switch bodies with anyone you want?”
He thought long and hard about his answer “I would choose the latter” he finally answered “imagine switching bodies with Beyoncé” he said looking as serious as possible while doing the single ladies dance. You laughed so hard you nearly fell off your seat making Barry laugh even louder.

You were both still laughing at Barry’s response when Iris and Eddie returned with your drinks. “Seems like you guys are hitting it off” Iris said making you blush. Hopefully no one noticed.

The 20 minutes had now past which meant it was time to bowl. To make things a little competitive and interesting Iris decided it would be an excellent idea for you to play against each other. Her and Eddie vs. you and Barry.

“I’m sorry in advance” you said to Barry.
“What for?” He asked.
“For being a horrible bowler” you answered.

Iris and Eddie were an amazing team getting one strike after the other doing a little victory dance every time. It was cute. Your team on the other hand didn’t do quite as well. You hadn’t bowled in ages and it wasn’t that difficult to tell. So far you had missed nearly every shot. If it weren’t for Barry’s amazing skills you wouldn’t have had a chance against the wonder team as they called themselves.

You could feel everyone’s eyes on you as you prepared to throw the bowling ball the second time. Barry came up to you
“Let me help you” he said grabbing you by the waist “the trick is to put as much power in the throw as you can.. Just breath and try again” he said. All you could think about was his hands on your waist which made it impossible to concentrate. You inhaled, did as he had said and finally threw the ball. To your own and everyone else’s surprise you actually hit 9 pins out of 10 which was amazing!
You squealed hugging Barry in excitement. He hugged you back. You must have been hugging for quite some time as you heard someone clear their throat. It was Iris “you haven’t won yet” she said chuckling. You both stopped hugging and sat down.
It was Eddie’s turn Iris started cheering for him which must have made it difficult for him to concentrate since he only hit 3 pins. Iris looked shocked which made you chuckle.

You kept doing what Barry had taught you getting strikes and spares time after time. Barry was doing just as well if not better.
“Looks like we’re winning” You said to Barry.
“We make a great team” he responded making you blush.

It was now the final round. Iris and Eddie were in the lead by 15 points. “Your turn, Y/N” Barry said “you got this” he said encouragingly. You threw the bowling ball closing your eyes too afraid to look.
“YEAAH!” Barry yelled as you opened your eyes and saw it was a strike. He hugged you spinning you around this time. It was now Barry’s turn “you can do it Barry” you exclaimed giving him a quick peck on the cheek. He looked at you caught by surprise. He threw the ball and got a strike. Which meant your team had won. You celebrated by imitating Iris and Eddie’s victory dance making them both laugh.

“Thanks for a great time” Eddie said as the night had come to and end.
“It was so fun even though we lost” Iris said failing to sound sad.
“See you tomorrow at work” she said waving at you as she and Eddie left.
“Bye!” You and Barry yelled back.

Barry had decided to walk you home since you didn’t live far away. It was a lovely night but a bit chilly. Barry must have seen you shivering as he took of his jacket to put on your shoulders. “Thanks” you said. You started chatting while walking.
“How are you liking Central City so far?” He asked.
“I’ve really missed it” you replied “I’m really glad I moved back” you said feeling brave as you took his hand his fingers intertwined with yours without missing a beat.

“Well this is me” you said as you reached your apartment.
You could feel his gaze on you. You looked up at him, your eyes meeting. He moved in closer putting his hands around your waist pulling you closer as he finally kissed you. It was magical. Electrifying to be exact just as they describe in the movies. You put your hands around his neck deepening the kiss.
You pulled apart to catch your breath still holding each other.
“Not to be too forward or anything” he blurted out “but would you like to go out with me, Y/N?” He asked. “I would love to” you answered.
He kissed you on the cheek and left.
When you got inside you realized you were still wearing his jacket.

You couldn’t stop smiling thinking about last night. Your thoughts were interrupted by a very excited smirking Iris. “So what did you think about last night?” she asked
“Last night was incredible” you responded not being able to stop smiling.
“Judging by that smile I take it went well with Barry after we left” she said winking at you.
You couldn’t help blushing “it went really well” you replied.
“I told you I was a good matchmaker” she said with a huge smile on her face. “I’m happy for you Y/N” she said.
“All thanks to you” you replied.

A/N: I’m SO sorry it took me this long to write it Anon but I just kept changing things and rewriting a lot cause I wasn’t happy with how it was. 🙈 Not sure how I feel about the result but I really hope you like it 😊

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Ok not really romantic, but I really want Shirabu & Tobio to be reluctant friends who push each other to get better & take techniques from each other & shirabu is salty while tobio is ??? They grow more fond of each other & it'd be cute ahhh

ahhHHH okay listen i have been having SO many kageshira thoughts lately you didn’t ask for this but basically @natroze and I have been yelling back and forth since the last ep and just,,here’s how that conversation went:

nat: anyway kageshira is the least emotionally communicative ship on earth neither of them realize what theyre feelin

kageyama fuckin goes to oikawa for advice like “i have this problem with another setter” and before he’s even done oikawa’s like “duel them”

“no oikawa-san i mean. am i constantly pissed because i think he’s a better setter or because he wont let me touch his hair”

oikawa: “wait hang on we are not talking about the same thing at all”

“i thought we were talking about me”

 "fight me tobio-chan"

after a practice match second-year kageyama asks third year shirabu out like out of fuckin nowhere yells it across the net after they just finished a practice match and shirabu’s fuckin gaping at him like “how DARE you”

goshiki to Hinata: can we DOUBLE DATE WITH THEM

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cute lil harry + nicks pals moments

  • when hrry use to bring in food n drinks for the whole nighttime crew and then continued on with the tradition when nick moved to breakfast :):):):)
  • that really cute lil dance he and aimee did to greet each other at big weekend 2014 and then a nice big hug :):):):):):)
  • harry and nick givin ian the most stressful day of his life when creating radio history aka #LadsFM :):):):):):):):):):):)
  • that time when we got HQ candids of harry and pixie and alexa and remi all at the pool in LA just chillin and relaxin and txtin and swimmin :):):):):):):):):):)
  • that time he got straight off his flight from touring for a month in america to meet up with nick and finchy for drinks at the pub :):):):):)):):)
  • that time aimee showed him all around new york for like a week in 2012 and they went clubbing and she intoduced him to jonny and they went bike ridin and how they were together when he found out bout UAN being #1 in america :):):):):):):)
  • that time he met up with mairead and grania at the musem to celebrate UAN bein number 1 in america :):):):):):):):)
  • that time nick harry n gillian were hanson at poppy delevingnes hens party and the fact that theres still photobooth photos somewhere floatin round london of all three with an inflatable dick :):):):):):)
  • the times that harry gets a shitty rumour about him in the headlines and every radio 1 DJ just has lovely things to say about him literally always :):)):):):):):)
  • that time harry and aimee joined the grimshaws for christmas and where up at like fuckin midnight goin in for round 2 of christmas dinner :):):)):):)
  • that time harry ncik david and liv went out and had a doubledate on boxing day :):):):):):)
  • harry and puppy also harry and pig
  • fiona liking Harry Styles™ better then Nicks Pal Harry cos Nicks Pal Harry doesnt pay her any attention but atleast with Harry Styles™ you can pretend like he would :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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