An important thing to remember about cisphobia/heterophobia/misandry/racism against white people and whatever else

When I call out and complain about abuse hurled at majorities, I am not trying to say that it’s more important than the abuse minorities recieve, and have recieved through history.

It’s not a competition.

It’s not about making comparisons, it’s not about weighing the importance of one against the other. It’s about stating a simple fact: that regardless of which group you belong to, you never deserve to be bullied or mocked for the way you were born.

Everyone is capable of recieving abuse, and being hurt by it, regardless of their race/sexuality/gender. No-one should be able to hurl abuse and be excused or not held responsible, regardless of their race/sexuality/gender.

Hate is hate. Hate is bad. Don’t be a dick.
End of story.


I feel that for most people who belong to marginalized and oppressed groups, the topic of cultural appropriation is very valid and important because we are fed up with being an afterthought. We are tired of having to feel flattered when someone of a privileged Group comes along and says “oh wow that’s so cool!” After being bashed for a very long time about something that’s been a part of our identity for as long as we’ve been alive. 
Sure, it’s nice to see people are fascinated or inspired by different cultural aspects or traditions, but there is a fine line between appreciation and appropriation.
To appreciate a culture means to have Deep respect and love for the culture AND the people part of said culture, without forcing those belonging to the culture that “you must share this certain part with me otherwise you’re a terrible human being!” (Classic guilt trip, privileged groups are notorious for psychological manipulation to muscle out what they want from you.)
But here’s why cultural appropriation is seen as so disrespectful:
1. Typically the outsider has no prior knowledge or concern for the deep rooted history and heritage behind a certain cultural aspect, which they would then know the meaning behind why it exists in the first place. (E.g “it’s just hair!” “It’s just music!” “It’s just a scarf!”) So the carelessness and indifference toward the meaning of the cultural thing is automatically throwing people off, especially since Google is a free resource.
2. “Trends” come and go, we all know this. With that being said, when something from another culture suddenly becomes a trending topic or fashion, it implies to the people belonging to said culture that their culture is disposable. Culture is how we connect with one another within the same Grouo, something we automatically have in common. We share traditions and heritage and history, we understand and embrace each other. Meanwhile An outsider will participate and enjoy their cool new style with their friends only to disregard it and forget about it in a matter of time, as if it was never more important than a silly little game to play. While it may be a trend to them, it’s someone else’s identity; it’s a part of who they are, rather than an insignificant hot topic of the week.
3. It isn’t easy growing up with ridicule and activity over something you can’t control. And it’s even worse when a part of your identity (sex, gender, orientation, religion) is attached to the reasons they scrutinize you for it. For example, a white woman may be made fun of for being fat, but when it’s a black women, she’s now a “ghetto, fat, BLACK, ape bitch”. As if to imply her blackness is a flaw. Same when the beautiful dark skinned African woman modeled lipstick for MAC and received a nauseating amount of racially charged insults. So it’s as if who we are is intolerable, but you want what we have? I genuinely am not flattered by the likes of Iggy Azalea or the Kardashians or middle to upper class white hipsters and anti black POC experimenting with what’s been part of my life for as long as I can remember, for money and fame. I’m not happy with people suddenly liking box braids or cornrows or embracing curvy bodies and such because I know for a fact it won’t last long. And I also know that it was never acceptable or respectable on me before, and bits and pieces of my culture becoming a trend now won’t change that. They do not like me: they like what I have. Cultural appropriators and their supporters do not have concern for the welfare of my humanity or wellbeing, only for hijacking my identity for attention. I am not sorry for feeling upset or disrespected: I am who I am and until people can accept my blackness in ALL of its glory, I refuse to feel “flattered” by people who want to look like me, yet cringe at the thought of actually being me.
L'Info Antiraciste: Extrême-droite: la terreur qui n'était pas terroriste.

When a brown person commits a terrorist act, it’s properly called a terrorist act.

But when a neo-nazi or white surpremacist commits a terrorist act, suddenly no one wants to call it for what it is, and the media bends over backwards trying to find reasons to call it anything but terrorism.  Even though white supremacists commit 2x-5x more terrorist acts than anyone else.


Well alrighty then…

Ridiculous sexist assumptions I’ve heard people say:

“Oh you know boys eat more than girls!” - Have you asked that little girl if she’s still hungry? Are you aware that average size little girls are dieting at the age of 7 because they think they’re fat?? Why do you think little boys’ stomachs are bigger or their nutritional needs greater? Is the girl allowed to go out and exercise, play, ride a bike, with the same freedom as the boy?

“Yeah girls just naturally clean more than boys” - Where do I even begin with this! I don’t clean because it is “natural” to me, I do it because I don’t want to live in filth and I know if I don’t do it nobody else will. PLUS if I don’t, I will not be excused because “I’m just a guy, guys are slobs”. I’d much rather take a nap or anything else tbh but I know it’s just something I have to do, it’s not “instinctive”.

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"bellamy murdered 300 innocent grounders while they SLEPT they were defenceless" those same 'innocent grounders' and their brownfaced leader used biological warfare to weaken a camp of less than a hundred children so they could attack them when they were defenceless lmao what fucking show are the antis watching

we all know what show they were watching

I’M IN!!!!!!!!


There was a lot of writhing around on the floor and howling like werewolves but as soon as I showed them my contortionist skills they pulled me aside and cast me! There was a specific house they wanted to put me in but since it’s full I am now a member of the “Dead pool” (I know right how fitting) which basically means they can put me wherever i’m needed. I could be a zombie in a house one night, or a werewolf in another the next night which is really awesome, it’ll give me the chance to play a bunch of different roles (and maybe even some stunts)

It’s gonna be a lot of hard work but it sounds like so much fun, I can’t wait!!!!!!