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Can you imagine tho, if when you went to the bathroom you had to use quarters to get toilet paper? Like if businesses just decided, nah, it costs too much to make it free, wouldn’t that be horrible? But people think it’s completely reasonable that half the population is having to pay for menstrual products so they don’t bleed through their pants.

Lookin’ for a Date?

Double J Productions (aka myself and Julie, @cocohook38) wanted to do something special for you, so we collabed on your birthday gift, which includes a smutty ficlet and accompanying art. I just needed to see Deputy Jones with the badge, and this idea came to mind. I hope you love it just as much as we love you! And also thanks to our Mulan, @shipsxahoy, for betaing as well. WE LOVE YOU KAIT!!! 

Deputy Killian Jones turned the corner onto Main Street in his vintage black Firebird just as the sun was setting over the horizon. It had been a few years since he had taken up the position and he was taking to it like the Jolly Roger in smooth waters. He never imagined working with his best mate (and father-in-law) would be easy—after all, Killian did murder David’s father in cold blood. But, David understood that Killian was no longer that man anymore, and forgave him, much to Killian’s surprise.

Killian was cruising down the street, listening to Christina Perri over the radio, when a flash of gold blinded him momentarily. When his eyesight adjusted, Killian looked towards the source of the light, which was right in front of Grann’s. He soon realized that the setting sun’s rays were reflecting off of a necklace, and the jewelry was being worn by the most captivating woman he had ever seen in his over 300 year existence.

Her flaxen hair was piled high on her head, with tiny tendrils falling from her temple, framing her face. Her hair being up exposed her long, graceful neck. She wore minimal makeup, but she didn’t need it, her face one of classic beauty. He could see her emerald-green eyes from down the street; they were like two jewels gleaming in twilight. Her toned arms and sculpted legs were on full display in a tiny red sheath dress that looked as if it had been painted on her. And the red peek-a-boo sandal heels on her feet gave her backside extra perkiness.

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Well, the bag’s out of the cat—we’ll be producing a Costume Quest series for Amazon. It’s Frederator Studios’ first project with Amazon, and we’re truly happy about it (and doubly happy it’s with such a wonderful property).
So many people deserve our thanks, including:

Tim Schafer and Greg Rice from Double Fine Productions, publisher of the Costume Quest video games, along with Tasha Sounart, who originally created the world.

MVP Zac Gorman, who wrote, storyboarded, and designed many of the characters for the pilot. Thanks to Pat McHale for coming on board to direct that initial short. Pre-production artists included Bob Flynn, JoJo Baptista, Aymeric Kevin, Ryan Andrews, Joe McGrory, Mira Lark Crowell, Larry Leichliter, and Wendy Jacobsmeyer.

The production team was made of Sylvia Edwards, Dana Jo Granger, Stephen Worth, Ross Kolde, Ray Valenzuela, and Molly Yahr.

Meredith Layne, C.S.A., cast-directed, and what a cast!: Sinclair Dumont, Aidan Sussman, Issac Ryan Brown, Allie Urrutia, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sam Marin, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker.

We’ve much appreciation for Digital eMation, Inc., which handled the animation, and Salami Studios (with Thomas J. Maydeck, C.A.S.), the studio which oversaw the post-production. As you’d figure, The Blasting Company delivered a fantastic score.

Zac and Thurop Van Orman performed the work of 1,000 Vikings on their greenlight-getting pitch document.

Hugs to our newest and best friends at Amazon; Tara Sorensen, Melissa Wolfe, and Aaron Davidson.

It’s been a journey, but the writers’ room is staffed (that’s another post), and we’re counting down the days till the Costume Quest premiere in 2018.
Thanks, again.

Fred, Kevin, and Eric

15 tips for traveling alone

I recently returned from a four-month trip around Europe. I backpacked to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands, sometimes with my best friend, sometimes with new friends, and sometimes all alone. 

Travelling alone was one of the best experiences of my life. You’ll surprise yourself with your keen intuition, your ability to cope with a new language, your friend-making skills, your geographical bearings and overall just how much you enjoy doing whatever you want, whenever you want - from eating whenever, going wherever and doing whatever you feel like doing. Sometimes I had gelato for breakfast, once I spent six hours in a museum, a few times I slept til midday, I went to a music festival solo and I swam in the ocean morning, noon and dusk. 

But travelling alone can also be problematic and lonely if you’re not properly prepared. Here’s some easy tips that really enriched my experience travelling alone. 

1. Laptop smart
Not only is it exceedingly hard to navigate foreign transport sites from a phone, my laptop proved really valuable to me when I needed precious downtime, which was about once a week. I loaded up a portable hard drive with movies and boxsets so I could retreat into my own little world with my headphones on to watch a movie in bed when I needed a bit of ‘me’ time. 

2. Device smart
- I subscribed to Spotify Premium for $10 a month and built myself some playlists by mood - chill, happy, groovy, pensive. Then I downloaded them, so they were available offline.
- I also downloaded Tripit, an app that links with your email and builds you an automatic itinerary based on your email confirmations.
- I also downloaded, an app with offline maps and GPS location so I was never lost. I dropped a (permanent) pin on the location of my accommodation in each city so I always had my bearings. 
- Also make sure your emails are accessible on your phone - I found the Gmail app to be the best option for me, because many of my emails were available offline - valuable when I needed an address or confirmation number, which was a lot!

3. Spend smart
I went with Citibank Australia, who offer a Citibank Plus everyday account with fee-free withdrawals and fee-free transactions anywhere in the world. Shop around your banks and see what deal you can find - don’t just go with your own bank, who might smash you with withdrawal and transaction fees. Every dollar counts when you’re overseas.

4. Insure smart 
This was a non-negotiable. I actually submitted two claims after this trip - one for a lost phone and another for a change of trip. Make sure you know what you’re entitled to before you commit to a policy - valuables up to $1,000 is essential if you’re taking that laptop or smartphone!

5. Pack smart
A few quick tips:
- Don’t take anything that needs ironing. You’ll never wear it, trust me. 
- Bring your runners so you can walk miles during the day. It really made all the difference for me - on days I wore them I could walk up to 30,000 steps without any pain whatsoever. 
- Bring your flip flops for showering. Tinea is rampant in hostel world!
- Bring exercise gear. I always moved from place to place in my exercise gear - it’s easy to sleep in on long haul bus-rides, and you don’t want to wear your 15kg pack with bad shoes - it hurts your ankles!
- Pack, then don’t take half the things you packed. Every little thing is a lot heavier on your back in the blistering heat, trust me. And they have toiletries in other countries too, you know!

6. Disembark smart
- Always carry some cash with you for the country you’re going to - for me, it was mostly euros. It was essential for my commute from the airport, and when I forgot to arm myself with currency, I was left disoriented, tired and wandering around trying to find an ATM while not getting robbed.
- It’s also worth Googling bus or train information before you board your plane, so you know the fastest and cheapest way to your accommodation before you land. Taxis are tempting - but will run your budget dry quickly. 

7. Book smart 
- Book directly through the website, not the compare-sites - it’s cheaper! This includes airlines, bus companies and train websites, and the hostel websites when it comes to booking your accommodation.
- Also, always book your bits and bobs in a private browsing section. Airline websites have algorithms that send the ticket prices up if they log your IP looking at a price a couple times to create a sense of urgency in you.
- But don’t feel like you need to map your whole plan out before you even leave home - I purposefully left gaps in my plan and life filled them in. I stayed with europeans I’d met overseas, travelled with new friends and went to countries that I had no plans on going to, like Norway (one of my favourite countries in the end!) 

8. Backup smart
After every country I backed up my phone to my laptop and my laptop to my hard drive. If you trust the Cloud, backup to there too. It is devastating to lose travel photos - they’re about the most important thing you own when you travel. 

9. Stay smart
- is the go-to site for hostels. If I was nervous about my choice, I’d usually book one night in and extend my stay if it felt right. I always read plenty of reviews for each place, particularly taking notice of the location rating. Cleanliness in the bathroom, uncomfortable beds or a tiny kitchen were things I could deal with. A 30 minute commute to the city was something that wore me down pretty quickly.
- Speaking of the kitchen - that ‘free’ shelf in the fridge is your best friend - use it!

10. Be alone smart
- Find a local pub and go and sit at the bar with a good book. Strike up a conversation with the bartender - they are probably bored out of their mind! Bartenders have a wealth of cultural knowledge about their city that you’d never find on Trip Advisor - ask for their hot tips on eating, drinking, shopping and the sights. I asked each bartender to draw all over a fold-up map in each city so I had a visual reference - it helped me pair things together that were close by so I could plan my days better.
- Also, do the walking tour on your first day. They are usually free (the tour guides live on tips) and they are the most useful introduction to a city - not to mention hugely interesting.

11. Commute smart
If you’re wondering if you should walk or get a metro, walk. If you’re wondering whether you should get the metro or a bus, bus. The metro is fast, but you see nothing. 

12. Dress smart
- If you’re spending the day exploring, wear one less thing than you think you need to. It’s awful being hot and sweaty, but easy to speed up if you’re feeling a little nippy. Plus, your thighs will thank you when they can crush steel between your rippling muscles!
- Runners are pretty much always the best option - you’ll double your productivity with them on. 

13. Mini-pack smart
Your daypack should contain:
- headphones
- a book
- a city map (to ask the locals to circle their favourite places on!)
- a knife and fork (plastic, for impromptu lunches in the park or by the water)
- a water bottle. Water is your best friend between all that exercise you didn’t realize you were doing (win!), the salty restaurant meals you’re eating (yum) and the drinking (inevitable). Drink it in litres - otherwise you’ll be perpetually dehydrated and wondering why you feel so tired. 

14. Wash, dry and iron smart
It’s inevitable you’ll have to wash atleast once a week. Face it, pretty boy. Mama aint here to help you now. 
- Every night, wash the underwear you wore that day in the shower. It takes five seconds, stops them from stinking up the place (we all know undies get the most dirty) and fresh undies are one of life’s little pleasures!
- You can iron out major creases by wetting a towel and wiping the clothing while it’s on you (it’ll dry), or bringing the item on a coat hanger into the shower area (the steam makes the creases drop out) 
- Splurge occasionally and get laundry done. Most hostels do it for less than $10, and having fresh clean dry clothing one of those amazing little things that lifts your spirits when you’re out of your comfort zone. 

15. Socialise smart
Talk to people! Everyone is the best version of themselves when they are travelling. Strike up conversations with people you would never usually speak to, especially those travelling alone as well. Ask them their story, compare itineraries, go on adventures together and who knows? You might just make a friend for life. 

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"N-no, please," Lance trembled. "Keith! You promised promised this wouldn't happen!"

“N-no, please,” Lance trembled. “Keith! You promised promised this wouldn’t happen!”

“I’m sorry, Lance. I-I didn’t mean to, I wasn’t thinking.” Keith replied with a frown. He genuinely felt really bad. This was so important to Lance, he knew that, and yet he still did this to him. Even if it was really was an accident caused by him just not thinking at the time, he still felt quite horrible about it. 

“Now how am I supposed to keep my skin staying flawless without my skin care products that you used up!!” Lance whined in distress. 

“Can’t we just.. Go get more?” Keith suggested, hoping that the answer would be yes.

Lance sighed in response, “yes, but I guess I have to get double the products now since you’re apparently using it all too!”

“I can’t help it. You showed me the light. My skin has never felt softer. It feels like a soft blanket.” Keith replied as he pet his face.

Lance gave another sigh, “You know, I love you, Keith, but this is not okay. Please don’t do it again.”

Keith froze, “wait… Did you just-”

Lance’s eyes widened as he realized what he just said and he hurriedly ran out of the bathroom, “well, I better get right on getting those products before something happens that prevents me from getting them, goodbye, Keith!!!”

Keith stared at the doorway, “oh my god….”

Strike a Pose

(art by @cocohook38)

A/N: Double J Productions strikes again for @herhookedhero!

Happy Birthday, Jess! When I told Julie about your idea for a CS model/photographer AU, she jumped at the chance to do something for someone so very special to us! We are so lucky to call you a friend, and we both hope you love your gifts. The two dresses on the right and left are Zuhair Murad (of course) and the one in the middle was Julie’s vision of combining them both. <3

It was her first major photo shoot with her dream designer and Emma Swan could hardly contain her excitement. After thousands of go-sees, and so many doors slammed in her face, she finally got the call—or rather her agent got the call.

“Emma, are you at the building?” Regina inquired.

“Yes, I’m just walking up the stairs right now.”

“Good, now remember: I’ve told Zuhair wonderful things about you, and I know you’ll kill it. As for your photographer…” Regina’s warning tone did not go unnoticed.

“Regina, you have told me a million times about Killian Jones…”

“Yes, well, telling you and experiencing it firsthand are two different things. Don’t get distracted. Just do your job, and make them all notice you.”

“Trust me: I have every intention of showing them Emma Swan.”


Emma was ushered into a dressing room filled with designer garments, and was quickly dressed into one. It was a gorgeous sleeveless red dress with a sweetheart neckline. Intricate beading covered the bodice and the skirt; the skirt gathered high at the left hip, leaving her left leg bare. It was high enough that she was able to show off one of the silver Christian Louboutin pumps on her feet.

The style team gave her an updo with a lavish (and ridiculously expensive) diamond headband. A few strands of her golden hair framed her face and the adorned her neck with a ruby choker. When the hair stylist,whose name was Ruby, finished, she was now in the hand of Trisha for makeup. As Trisha, who insisted on being called “Tink,” was applying highlight to Emma’s cheeks, she asked, “So, first gig, huh?”

“Yeah…how could you tell?”

“Your hands won’t stop shaking,” Tink pointed out. “You’ll be do great. Zuhair doesn’t just book newbies all the time. He must have seen something in you. I’ve worked with him a lot; trust me on this.”

“Thank you. I really needed that.” Emma beamed in the mirror, the unexpected confidence boost definitely helped her mood. She looked over to see Tink uncapping a tube of lipstick. “That’s such a pretty color!”

“It will look great with your skin tone, and won’t clash with the dress.”

“What’s it called?”



Regina warned her about many things when it came to the photographer for the shoot today, one of them being his penchant for tardiness. The shoot should have started fifteen minutes prior, but there was still no sign of Mr. Jones. Standing in Louboutins for that long can make any girl cranky.

Emma was about to sit down when the door to the studio flew open.

“Sorry I’m late. Bloody traffic…”

She heard his voice before she even saw his face, and it was mesmerizing; his accent was like music to her ears. Only seconds later, she saw his face…and everything that Regina had told her over and over again left her brain. His messy dark hair fell over his face, but she could still see his piercing icy blue eye peeking through. The scruff along his chin was the perfect length, and he wore a single black diamond in his right ear. He wore a tight black tee, his muscles straining against the fitted cotton, and just as tight (if not tighter) black jeans.

He noticed her, and she felt like the only person in that studio as he sauntered up to her, his eyes raking over her couture-clad body. He held out his ring-adorned hand for her. “Well, they certainly weren’t lying about how absolutely ravishing my model was today.” He took her outstretched hand and lifted it up to his lips, placing a feather-light kiss on her heated skin. It was all Emma could do not to moan out loud. His eyes met hers, and she couldn’t breathe.

“Killian Jones, at your service.”

“Emma,” she squeaked out, “Emma Swan.”

An upturned smiled appeared on the corner of his mouth. “Swans are graceful creatures; that name suits you, love. Now, are you ready to show me what you got?”


After two hours and two wardrobe changes, the photoshoot was nearly done. Emma felt like a princess with all of these expensive gowns she was able to wear. But she hated to admit that her photographer was a huge help.

Killian really knew how to get the best out of Emma. He seemed to know her angle better than she knew them herself, which made for some amazing photographs of the garments. Emma was in her final look, a dress that was a combination of the red dress and the see-through white and black dress she wore afterwards, when Killian took his camera from his face and looked up at her.

“You were incredible, Swan. You sure this is your first big campaign?”

Emma blushed. “Sure is.”

“Well, color me impressed. Now, before we wrap this up, you mind doing a few close-up beauty shots for me?”

Emma was not surprised her asked her this. Regina told her that if he was interested in a model, that he would use that as a way of “weaseling his way into their panties” as she so eloquently put it. And while the thought was very, Emma wasn’t about to be just another notch on this playboy’s belt. “How about I take some of you instead?”

This is obviously not the reaction he expected. “Come again?”

“Well, I mean, you already have so many photos of me on your camera, I think it might be fun to get you in front of the lens for a change.”

Killian’s fingering traced around his jawline as he looked at Emma with a combination of confusion and astonishment. He then handed her his camera and walked over to the screen.

“How do you want me, love?” he asked.

Anywhere as long as you’re naked. She shook her head, berating herself for her thoughts. “Right there is good.”

Emma Swan, camera in hand an decked out in Zuhair Murad couture and Louboutin heels, pressed the camera to her eye, her finger over the button.

“Now,” she yelled, “Strike a pose.”

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America on the Eve of World War One 

The 42nd Parallel.

The almost universal reaction of Americans to World War One was a determination to stay out of it. Let the old, corrupt European monarchies (and France) kill themselves; meanwhile America was skyrocketing toward boundless wealth and prosperity. America’s industrial growth in the late 19th century was more astounding than anywhere else, even Germany. By 1913 America had quadruple as many railways, double as much coal production, and more pig iron than any other great power, and its population, near 100 million, only lagged behind Russia’s colossal 170 million. However, most American production was for its vast home market.

Nevertheless, Americans were content to grow richer still from the war. East coast banks extended liberal lines of credit to Britain and France, and by 1917 they had collected most of their gold reserves. New York, not London, was becoming the global center of finance. Investment and employment thrived. Without German competition, steel production, shipbuilding, and chemical making soared, and farmers savored a vast increase in in demand for wheat, which rose from .70 cents a bushel before the war to $2.20 in 1917.

Banking and free trade on the sea enormously favored the Entente over the Central Powers, however, and this began serious problems between the U.S. and Germany. American foreign policy jealously guarded its neutrality but also free trade. Yet strong peace lobby protested to any move to a war footing, while German and Irish-Americans held a natural proclivity for the Central Powers. Woodrow Wilson campaigned, and won, his reelection in 1916 on the slogan “He kept us out of the war.”

But even the most ardent pacifists, and Wilson’s cabinet held few of those, could halt Germany’s incredible string of provocations. The sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 resulted in the deaths of several American passengers. Then, in 1917, the renewed German unrestricted submarine campaign deliberately targeted American vessels. Eight US ships were sunk in February and March 1917. Germany’s feeble promises of goodwill were not helped by such zany schemes as Arthur Zimmerman’s proposal to invite Mexico into a war against the United States.

The German generals, however, had decided to gamble against the Americans. The U.S. had phenomenal industrial capacity, certainly, but it was also astoundingly unprepared for war. The tiny American military only had 145,000 men, no more than Britain in 1914. Moreover, it had just embarrassed itself on a year-long wild goose chase in Mexico, eluded at every turn by the revolutionary warlord Pancho Villa.

If the submarine sinking did not stop immediately, America would certainly enter the war against Germany.  But by the time the Yanks had recruited, equipped, and shipped an army over to France, it would be mid-1918 at least. Russia was failing, the British and French were taking as good as they were giving on the Western Front, over 147 British merchant ships had been sunk over the last few weeks alone - if Germany played its cards right, it could starve Britain to submission, win the war in the East, and knock out France with its unified army, all before America’s endless manpower entered the war and made Allied victory certain. It was to be a race against time.

Liz Phair

every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste

Want to Help Us Animate Videos on Youtube (300K + Subs)?

Psych2Go is currently looking at doubling production so we need to add 2-3 more new animators to our team.

If you are currently studying animation or self teaching, we would love to invite you to apply.

Email us with the following info:

1. A bit about yourself (what you are studying).

2. Goals (personal or career)  and aspirations.

3. Why do you want to be a part of our team/projects?

4. A 1 minute sample replicating the first minute of this video of ours:

You can upload the sample to your youtube unlisted and link us to it.

This position is ideal for someone wants to show case their skills to a mass audience while at the same time getting involved in educational psychology content.

Qualities we look for:

1. Passion (you have to love your craft and also see value in the work we want to do together).

2. Diligence (you have to spend time going through our videos to understand the type of vibe or community feel we go for). Our most impressive applicants spend hours just reading through comments on our channel.

3. Efficiency (since animation is a time consuming process, we look for someone who’s creative with their methods and know how to be as efficient as possible).

4. Can meet deadlines. (so we expect about 1 video completed per week if you get selected. We provide the voice over and scripts.

What we offer:

1. Compensation

2. Reference letter

3. Something you can add to your resume. Most of our videos get around 50K or more views.

4. Experience. We have one of the most efficient team. We coordinate really well to get things done quickly, and no one steps on each other’s boundaries.

If you’re interested, email us here:

Deadline: May 6th.

ao3 version

part 2

Rey has been unconscious and woken up in bad positions a few times in her life. Fainting from heatstroke and waking to find all of her haul stolen. Falling from her climbs on star destroyers and hitting her head on the way down before also having her haul stolen. More than a few times when hunger or thirst got to her she awoke to find a teedo patting her down, searching for the nourishment she didn’t have.

Nothing could compare to being knocked out by the Force, though. Nothing so shocking as waking up strapped to an interrogation table with metal cuffs cutting into her wrists and the dawning realization that her captor crouched in front of her.

Nothing except for perhaps her current situation.

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The Insight ability in Psychonauts is used primarily for puzzle-solving in a handful of scenarios, but it also serves an optional story purpose, allowing the player to see how the character of Raz is viewed by others. This creates a secondary layer of storytelling that may not be present otherwise, and encourages players to collect the vaults in each character’s mind so they can further understand the reasoning behind each person’s view of Raz.

Darkest Pokedex entries for Sun/Moon.

Seriously, the Alola Pokedex is the darkest one by far. Every 5 entries, one involves getting hurt or death. These are the darkest ones I found. 

Kadabra: Kadabra’s presence infests televisions and monitors with creepy shadows that bring bad luck. (Creepypasta anyone?)

Hypno: It makes anyone it meets fall asleep and has a taste of their dreams. Anyone having a good dream, it carries off. 

Gengar: It wishes for a travelling companion. Since it was once human itself, it tries to create one by taking lives of others humans. 

Drifloon: If for some reason its body bursts, its soul spills out with a screaming sound. 

Mandibuzz: It circles in the sky, keeping a keen eye out for Pokemon in a weakened state. It’s choicest food is Cubone. (the fuck)

Oricorio (Sensu): It summons the dead with its dreamy dancing. From their malice, it draws power with which to curse its enemies. (It’s a fucking evil voodoo witch)

Toxapex: Those attacked by Toxapex’s poison will suffer intense pain for three days and three nights. Post-recovery, there will be some aftereffects. 

Alolan Marowak: It’s custom is to mourn its lost companions. Mounds of dirt by the side of the road mark the graves of the Marowak. (Why the Cubone line can never have nice things.)

Bewear: This Pokemon has the habit of hugging its companions. Many trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug. (It killed people leaving broken spines)

Palossand: Buried beneath the castle are masses of dried-up bones from those whose vitality it has drained. (Imagine finding a Pikachu skull inside it) 

Shiinotic: It emits flickering spores that cause drowsiness. When its prey succumb to sleep, this Pokemon feeds on them by sucking their energy. 

Fletchling: When it’s excited, its temperature can double, spiking hormone production in its body. (LOL Pokemon can get boners. And the word “Hormone” in a children’s game lmao)

Frostlass: The soul of a woman lost on a snowy mountain possessed an icicle, becoming this Pokemon. The food it most relishes is the souls of men.

( This is supposed to be at least 10 but fuck too many. There are many more that involves getting hurt such as Raticate biting off someone’s hand.) 


In this comic Celeste was visiting Cali’s house she walks in to both of his parents arguing and finds Cali hiding under the table she goes to comfort him and makes a promise!

This was hard to draw i hadn’t drawn them hugging before so it may not look right but hey i had fun!

Also this made me sad poor Cali! 

enjoy :)