Eventually we were in Florida on a YOT tour and the van broke down and we stayed at these girls’ apartment for a week and the van was parked in a junk yard. We would each take turns sleeping in the van guarding the equipment and during the day we would work in the junkyard to pay for parts to fix the van. So on my night to sleep in the van I was there I came up with the idea and name of Judge. I came up with lyrics and this and that, and Porcell came down to keep me company. He asked what I was doing and I said “when I get back to NYC I’m quitting YOT and this is what I am doing.” He was like “why, guy? Guy you can’t do that!” I said “I can’t keep doing this and letting people walk all over us.” I explained more and then finally he said “man that sounds really cool. So…do you need a guitar player? - See more at: