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Soukoku week, day 6.


I thought I was above you
                          I hate that I love you

Free day | | Soukoku week, day 7.

We enjoyed the week so much and we hope you enjoyed our partecipation as well! We are grateful to the week organizer and to their great effort. 
We have decided to spread some love for the finale~

Me as Nakahara Chuuya
@thecrimsonworld as Dazai Osamu
Ph: @lancasterlodge

Sorry for not updating so much sins, allergy was so bad and currently I’m preparing for JE which takes place in 2 weeks \o/// Are you coming?

Now I’m taking some rest \o/ Shin Soukoku pic !/i’m in love with this pair 8,) October please come quickly/ 

And now it’s the turn of the angsty Mikayuu pic 8) * back to draw


I’m finally back home from London Comic Con and gosh again I have to say that this convention is the best of all. There is not even one which can top this. I met so many lovely people and had a wonderful time. It’s sad that it’s already over but on the other hand I’m also happy to be back again in Germany XD.

Two days of work and then I have holidays again for the Dokomi. I’m looking foreward to everything.


The last chapter we saw CHUUYA disappearing but then the next chap after many chaps DAZAI finally appeared again. WHAT’S WITH THIS FATE Oh and also ELISE died🙃 Mori considered DAZAI his SON. He left. ELISE was his ‘daughter’ but was cut by FUKUZAWA. And also, MORI and FUKU met when they we’re younger and acted like a lil like SOUKOKU. HNGGGGGGG I’M FREAKING OUT. LIKE they might have been the first soukoku with the same fate with the soukokus that we’ve known so far. Chuuya with Port Mafia - Dazai at the Agency SAME with Akutagawa and Atsushi. HNGGGGGGG

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Made to measure.

|| Soukoku week, day 1.

For the week, my wonderful partner @nyanrnia​ and I worked in a collaboration. So it’s basically our Doubleblack contribute~
I hope you’ll enjoy!


Some pics from our Soukoku date~

Me as Nakahara Chuuya
@thecrimsonworld as  the extra-stuff-that-comes-with-the-bandages