It’s like OkCupid for matching writers with editors  ♥

Need a high schooler to edit your dystopian flash fanfic?

Or a published poet to review your queer epic?

How about an English major to review the syntax in your personal essay?

On Yeah Write’s Workshoppers page, you’ll find hundreds of Tumblr users who have volunteered to peer edit other people’s writing. But what you may not have noticed is that each post is excessively tagged with everything that particular workshopper likes to read and edit. Click on a tag to see more workshoppers who, for example, like to edit screenplays, or scifi, or for characterization, or who are in college.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Official Trailer – “We March Together”

Our kitchen and indoor living space below the roof top tent. 

We were fortunate to find this remote beach in Oaxaca, Mexico. We heard about it from an Australian surfer months earlier, then pinned its location down with help from fishermen some 10 miles back. We set up in the deep sand, a few minutes walk with our surfboards to the point break and just below an abandoned lighthouse.

The waves were on the smaller side, yet perfectly formed and were consistent day after day…we improved our long boarding here tremendously.  After nearly a week, we had eaten through our staples, veggies and fruit. Our water supply was also nearly empty, so it sadly came time to go - the only sane reason to leave such a pristine beach alone to the night marauding hermit crabs.


Ready for some awesome? Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap” from the #TFIOS soundtrack. You’re welcome. 

Melbourne, how would you like a taste of MKR?

Taste Fettuccine con Salsiccia & Funghi Porcini - ‘the best pasta ever on MKR’.

Join us for the #HoldenGourmetRoadTrip at O’Donnell Gardens, St Kilda from 2-3.30pm on Saturday February 27.

The first 500 people will receive a MKR inspired sample-size meal.

Be sure to share your memories on our social gallery.