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What do you think Mycroft's go-to tie knot is? I think it's mostly Windsor knots from what I can see. I quite enjoy Mycroft's wardrobe and yeah, I just wanted your opinion on it :)

I could be completely wrong but I reckon he uses a half-Windsor a fair bit (especially in S4) because the shape is off – (double) Windsor knots are large, triangular & supposed to be even on both sides.

These all look like half Windsors to me, they’re all slightly uneven & don’t have the bulk for a full Windsor:

These look more full Windsor-ish because of the shape & size (although I’m not too sure about the first one seeing as I can’t see half of it properly):

…aand I think I’ll stop there before I end up going through every single tie he’s ever worn.

Hannibal Re-Catch: Buffet Froid

Whoa, is this a rare middle of the week posting? Why, yes it is. Join me as I revisit Episode 1.10 of Hannibal and view it through the lens of the entire show thus far. It’s part recap, part crack, and part meta (the littlest part tbh).

And I may have been too lazy to write an intro summary this week, so let’s just get into it, shall we?

Disclaimer: Don’t read this if you haven’t seen both seasons of NBC Hannibal because this recap is spoilery as fuck.

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My kid spaced out yesterday and forgot to give busy daddy and me the Father’s Day cards that he made for us in school, so he gave them to us this afternoon. I dunno what macaroni-arts-and-crafts project book the boy’s school uses, but I’m pretty sure it’s from the 1950s or somethin’ cuz a necktie-shaped card for dads seems like a relic from a bygone era, amirite?

Like, how many dads actually wanna get neckties for Father’s Day? Unless, of course, it’s a Ralph Lauren Purple Label necktie, but that’s besides the point, obvs. Point is, more appropriate apparel-shaped Father’s Day cards woulda been a yoga pants-shaped card for busy daddy and a t-shirt-shaped card for me.

Is it really asking too much for the boy’s school’s arts curriculum to be somewhere in the 20th-ish century? And who ties neckties in ginormous double Windsor knots anyway? Republicans and fascists, that’s who.


here is the final i assigned myself in my independent study- i made a little fox couple to live in a dollhouse that i want to own someday in the future. there’s a sewing pin in one of those pictures for size reference. 

these guys each have full wire armature, and jointed heads. and that tiny fox tie i ACTUALLY TIED in a double windsor knot. and it can never be untied because i don’t think i could do it again. 

eventually i want to make a couple little fox kids to complete their fox family.