Buffalo | 3.9.15

Sam makes playlists for Steve all the time, and Steve doesn’t really have the heart to tell him that he doesn’t hate Sam’s music, he just doesn’t love it. First thing to learn about Steve Rogers - he tries not to lie a whole lot. Second thing - he omits a fuckton. 

But Bucky, Bucky adores Sam’s playlists. He’ll wait patiently for another theme, another collection, another attempt to teach Steve yet another genre of music.

He would never tell Sam this. He’s pretty sure that if he told Sam he appreciated them, the playlists would stop. And Bucky’s tried to find tunes on his own, but without Sam’s excellent taste guiding him, he comes across a lot of ear-bleeding crap.

It must be Steve, then, who tells Sam. Or maybe Natasha. Clint? Wanda? Scott? Someone lets him know. Because the next playlist is full of such titles as Love Unlimited’s “It May Be Winter Outside (But in My Heart It’s Spring)”, Simon and Garfunkel's  “Hazy Shade of Winter”, and The Doors’ “Wintertime Love”.

Sam Wilson is a dick. Bucky likes that about him. He never expected to, but there are lots of things he never could have expected to like about this time and place. 

Naturally, he makes Sam his own playlist. It’s only fair. He spends an ungodly number of hours on it, but that’s because it needs to be perfect.

“How do you even know “I Believe I Can Fly”?!” Sam asks him the next time they’re sitting together. 

Al Green is playing in the background and Bucky can tell Sam put the album on for him. He’d hummed “Love and Happiness” for eight straight days after the first time he’d heard it. 

“Well… there’s the wings. And the name. And the spandex,” Bucky says, deadpan.

Sam’s face almost, almost stays entirely flat, but clearly against his will, his lips curve into the smallest of smiles. 

The next playlist Sam makes comes in the form of a cassette tape, with handwritten liner notes. It’s titled ‘Bucky’ and filled with songs by artists Bucky’s enjoyed in the past few months. It takes Bucky three days to realize there’s a bonus song a minute after what he thought was the final track.

Ella Fitzgerald’s tones sing, “I’ve Got a Crush on You”, and Bucky grins to himself, his heart kicking against his ribcage like a drum.

Bucky replies with a rusty-voiced, “Let’s Do It. Let’s Fall in Love.”

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