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Who's got the best laugh in the rev or out of anyone really?

Im biased but I would give my vote to Laf in the rev set. Maybe Pip out of anyone? But like laughs can be so different and it’s hard to choose best ones. Like I imagine Peggy giggling and Hercules having very loud laughs that makes hi double up and slap his leg. Lafs laugh is like half laugh half chuckle I think?
Gwash would probably have a very beautiful laugh just because he doesn’t seem to laugh very often, but when he does his face scrunches up and its almost silent because he laughs so hard. Other times it’s a low fond chuckle 

Pip would have a rather endearing laugh I think. People might find it annoying when he starts to laugh really hard but that whats makes it sweet. 

I’m just really starting to like lauhgs right now. 

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E/R bonding over art?

Good morning have some modern (art) AU

Enjolras’ brows drew together in an expression of faint puzzlement, and his mouth turned down into an adorable semi-pout. “Let me see if I understand this one without you explaining it. The canvas represents potential – the projections of man’s hopes and fears onto the ever bright horizon of the future, the pain of uncertainty mingled with relief that there is still a chance to make of life what you will. It is past, present and future, the blank canvas of the soul with which we are born, our belief that we control who paints upon us. The sharp edges show the boundaries between self and not-self, and the longer you stare the more the shared colors of the canvas and wall seem to blur together. The clearest distinction is provided by its shadow, which lurks behind the canvas like the proverbial goat of darkness, waiting to do eternal battle for the fate of the future with the shining, fluorescent goats of light.“

Grantaire stared for a moment, then he laughed, hoarse and full of genuine delight. “You’re fucking with me!” He bent over double, laughing and slapping his knee. “You’re absolutely fucking with me! By god, you’re a natural. I should interview you for my blog.”

Enjolras permitted himself a tiny smile.

When You Became Mine - Zig x MC Special Part 1.

Valentine’s Day Special Part 1 (The Freshman)

- When You Became Mine.

Summary: Another late night with Zig turns into a morning worth remembering. But just what exactly does this heartthrob have planned for MC on Valentine’s day?

[Happy Valentine’s Day to all the @playchoices fandom. We know a couple of you (myself included) were pretty bummed that Zig wasn’t included in the Valentine’s Day Special for The Freshman, so @choicesmyway,@hollyashton and I put together a Zig x MC Fanfic that’ll hopefully help you through the Zigless choices week we’re going to have. We’ve divided it into three fantastic parts. A lot of hard work and dedication came into making this and we hope you enjoy it!]

Hartfeld was a quiet and unhurried place by the crack of dawn. Until the morning rush began, the silence of the community was a sweet melody to only the earliest of risers before the rest scrambled to start their day. Some slept through their alarm, others sprang out of bed with the intention of reaching the bathroom first and hushed tones argued over television shows from the night before.

All of this was missing as her alarm went off. Eyes jerking awake, she dragged a hand through her tousled dark brown hair before frowning at her surroundings.  It took her a moment to realize that she wasn’t in her dorm and a moment longer that she was in unfamiliar territory.

Another late night. Another night out so late that she had forgotten to call and ask for a ride home from a friend. She hadn’t returned to her dorm last night and the events leading up to it caused her cheeks to flush before she glanced warily around for any sight of him.

She remembered spending the night at his place. They hadn’t wasted anytime once they got through his front doors, half stumbling into each other before they tore every piece of fabric between them. Their clothes had been carelessly tossed aside in their quick haste to sink into each other’s skin. She remembered being pressed up against his firm length and raking her fingers across his back as their bodies collided. She remembered him bringing her to the edge multiple times and only giving her a final release when he could join her. She remembered all of it; except for the part about how they had made it to bed.

Yawning, she stretched her stiff shoulders and winced at how sore she felt. She didn’t waste any time once she got her bearings. She threw off her covers and glanced around the room in search for her clothes.

No such luck.

To make matters worse, he was nowhere in sight and this was the first time she was left alone in his personal space without him present. It was an opportunity that she wouldn’t take for granted and her eyes scanned the room for any signs of the man behind the mask.

Something caught her eye; a photo on his bedside table. She crossed the room quickly in order to get a better view. He was younger here, maybe in his late teens surrounded by a family that clearly loved him. An older woman with a tender expression and smiling eyes was the tallest out of all of them. Two younger girls with dark ringlets that were caught laughing as they hugged him by the waist. The four of them were obviously close; their arms linked around each other and they were grinning from ear-to-ear at the camera as if they were hiding some secret away from the rest of the world.

It was the only picture in sight and left her with the impression that family was very important to him. She smiled at it before looking away to study the rest of the room. She hoped that something in here would divulge some sort of knowledge about his past. When nothing jumped out at her, she felt a twinge of disappointment.

Everything was surprisingly neat.  

There were folded clothes set aside by the dresser. A small desk space followed and had a series of novels with familiar titles that she swore she’d seen before. Curiously, she stepped closer until she had a better look, her eyes skimming some of its content before she realized most of them were books she’d already come across. She remembered seeing them in the campus bookstore.

Her heart warmed at the sight. Even though he wasn’t a student –  anyone could tell by looking at the meticulously placed pile that he was completely passionate about going back to school. She was heartbroken at the thought that he might never get that chance. The incident he confessed weeks ago at Madison’s birthday party, reminded her that he had been robbed of the chance.

Shoving those thoughts aside, she grabbed one of his dress shirts, only stopping to inhale its musky scent before quickly slipping into it. It smelled like him and she was happy that she’d gotten a chance to see all of this instead of heading home last night. She buttoned the first two before heading down the hall, intent on finding him.

Her feet froze in their languid pace as her nose caught a pleasant smell coming from the kitchen. The gentle aroma of pancakes made her stomach grumble in response. She ignored it as she padded inside. Her grumbling stomach turned into full flip-flops at the sight in front of her.

Zig’s back was toward her and he had a pair of sweats that hung low by his lean hips. He seemed intent on flipping a pancake and hadn’t heard her come in.

She admired him for a few seconds longer, feasting her eyes on every muscle that followed his efforts. Eventually, she seated herself near the counter. Propping her elbows up, she cleared her throat. “What’s all this?”

He turned to her, a cheeky grin on his face when he met her cheerful expression. “Morning to you too gorgeous.” He finished the last pancake and brought a plate of them towards the counter. “I figured I owed you breakfast for not taking you home last night.” He brought two plates forward.

She inhaled its delicious fumes and uttered a small sigh. “This looks so good.” She didn’t waste any time, piling two onto her plate before beaming at him. “And I graciously accept.”

He laughed. “Good.”

“Besides, last night was fun.” She added, nibbling on a small piece before pouring maple syrup on the rest of it.

“It’s always fun when you’re around.” He told her before digging into his own.

“Oh, just fun?” She teased. With exaggerated slowness, she dropped her eyes towards his pants.

When she glanced back up at him, he was smirking at her. “You know what I mean.” He took a huge bite.

She did but she liked teasing him anyway and did so at every given opportunity.

“But the fun doesn’t have to stop there.”

“Oh?” She paused to glimpse at him in time to realize that his eyes weren’t innocent anymore, in fact there was a glint to it that made her wonder what he was thinking. Probably, deliciously naughty thoughts.

“I’m sure the rest of today could be too.” His voice dropped an octave lower and her cheeks flushed at his double meaning.

She slapped his hand playfully away when he reached over to try and brush his hand on top of hers. “No way.” She shook her head. Her decision was resolute, even though the rest of her body wasn’t cooperating. She shuddered by the look of desire in his eyes.

She pointed her fork at him. “I’ve already missed one class for today and I don’t intend on missing another.”

“Not even if it meant that we could spend the entire valentine’s day together?”

Her heart skipped a beat. “I can’t say I’m not entirely tempted.” She tried to keep the excitement out of her voice. Just be cool, she told herself firmly. Meanwhile on the inside she was practically squealing. “What did you have in mind?”

His grin told her he had a plan but his eyes wasn’t giving anything away. “It’s a surprise.”

“So you’ve actually got something planned?” The more time she spent with him, the more he surprised her. She had to constantly revisit the way she saw him. She didn’t take him as the romantic sort.

Now she wasn’t sure if she wanted to make it to class after all. “And if I agreed, where would we go?”

His silence told her he was keeping it a secret.

She pouted, “Can I get a hint?”

He paused his fork in mid air but otherwise kept quiet. She pleaded with her eyes only to have him raise his own to wink at her.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, she ate the rest of her pancakes in silence.

He wasn’t playing fair. The least he could do was give her a hint.

Her mind was whirling with ideas. It had to be something in Hartfeld – anywhere else didn’t make any sense. There was an influx of tourist because of a passing festival on campus grounds and with the weekend behind them, it couldn’t be for an overnight trip. “Well if you aren’t going to tell me the least you could do is drop me by my dorm so I can change.” She gestured to her lack of clothes and his eyes flickered with amusement.

“Or you can keep what you’re wearing.” His eyes traveled lower, admiring her shapely. “My shirt has never looked so good.”

She blushed and dropped her gaze to the nearly empty plate. “I don’t mind if it’s just for you.” She made a face when she glanced back up at him. “But the rest of Hartfeld – not so much.”

He chuckled before nodding in agreement. “I do like the idea of having you all to myself.” He gave her an appreciative once over as they stood to clear the dishes.

She swatted him playfully before she handed over her dish. Leaning against the counter, she watched as he washed them and put them away. “Now I’m really excited.”

Before she could leave the kitchen, he grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her to him. Pleased but slightly taken aback by his sudden advance she stared up at him, memorizing the planes of his face.

Without saying a word, his firm hands gripped her by the waist and lifted her until she was on top of the counter. “I’ll give you something to feel really excited about.” He murmured.

Cheeks flushing, she tilted her head to meet his lips. No matter how many times they did this, she would never get tired of it. Their lips touched and tasted each other as if it was their first time. She loved running her fingers through his hair, of kissing his eager lips and touching him.

His hands sunk under her shirt and he lightly stroke her exposed flesh. He was rewarded with a delicate whimper from her lips before his grazed hers again.  

Looping her fingers at the side of his pants, she tugged him closer; wanting to feel him pressed in between her thighs.

He pulled away first, glancing at his phone before giving her a rueful smile. “If we want to make it in time we should start probably start getting ready.” He stepped back a few inches to give her some space so she could hop off the counter.

Her mind was still reeling from his kisses but otherwise, she cleared her throat and smiled. “Lead the way.”


Floral dresses reminded her of all the good things about spring – the sweet aroma of freshly picked flowers, the feeling of the sun’s generous rays across her shoulders and against the nape of her neck. She picked one of her favorites to commemorate the fantastic weather; a dress with pink straps and the floral patterns of brightly colored dandelions. She grabbed a simple pair of flat shoes on her way out.

The rest of her suitemates were probably finishing their last classes for the day, so she wasn’t surprised that Zig was the only other person waiting by the door.

His eyes lit up when he saw her.

She twirled in her dress. “You like?”

“Definitely.” He crossed the room in two quick strides and placed his arm around her waist. “You look beautiful.” He murmured before his lips crashed into hers.

His kiss was soft and turned into a series of artful kisses. His gentle caress became less steady and more urgent until he finally had backed her into a corner. He coaxed her mouth open, sending shivers down her spine as he kissed her more roughly this time.

A soft sigh escaped her throat and she looped her arms around his neck, meeting every kiss with her own enthusiasm. When she felt his expert hands slide under her dress, she firmly placed her own hands on his chest. Gathering willpower, she pushed back a little; keeping at least a few inches between them. When she could find her voice again, she spoke. “I thought we were on a schedule.”

He braced his arms on either side of her. “Seeing you like this is giving me second thoughts.” He bent down to whisper into her ear, “It makes me want to stay in.” He pressed his hard length into her, drawing a groan from her lips.

“No way.” She made light fists to thump against his hard chest. “Quit distracting us.” When he moved to kiss her again, she giggled and turned her head away at the last second. It landed deftly on her cheek.

“You’re not charming your way out of this one.” She warned with no real edge to her voice. “You said it’s a surprise and I happen to like surprises.” She brought a hand up to smoothly graze his cheek. “Especially when they’re coming from you.”

Their eyes locked for a long moment and she held her breath as she waited for him to respond. She felt a twinge of triumph at seeing the resignation in his eyes before he released her.

“Okay, okay – let’s go.”

She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, feeling reinvigorated by the time they got to the door. She stopped to grab herself a spring jacket that hung by the front of the dorm’s closest before they closed the dorm behind them.

They walked in almost perfect unison and she hid a smile when he entwined his hand with hers. “I can’t imagine spending the day with anyone else.” She hadn’t realized she had spoken the words out loud until she could feel his breath by her ear.

Her heart warmed by his soft response. “Neither can I.”

She was eager to see what the rest of the day had in store for them.

[Enjoying it so far? Click right here to see part 2 written by the sweet and awesome @choicesmyway and part 3 written by the amazing @hollyashton​ ]


A NSFW lumberjack fluff Reylo AU drabble per @reylorobyn2011‘s suggestion that somehow went off the rails of fluff in my mind and straight into FILTH. Apparently lumberjack Kylo’s can not behave themselves. I blame flannel. Flannel makes you do crazy things…


Right in the middle of taking another long pull of his beer, Kylo smiled. The curve of his lips not due at all to the whiff of pine sap on his fingers nor to the ache in his back after a full day’s work. No, his amusement was squarely thanks the absurd conversation flowing over from the table beside him.

“Aaaah, I thought we’d be so much further down your thirty before thirty list after two states.” The louder of the two girls groaned while missing the straw in her third Long Island. “We hit up both Oregon and Idaho and you only checked off one!”

“I know,” the second girl laughed with a comical frown. “Idaho’s name was not quite the inspiration I expected.”  

“Missed opportunity!”

“But he was a really cute farmer.”

“He waaaaas,” the other girl admitted, nodding while resting her chin on her drink. Propped up for at least another minute as she loudly whispered, “But if you’re gonna have sex with all thirty of the things on the list then you gotta multitask, Rey. It’s your thirty before thirty, and you’ve only got three years left!” The tipsy girl hiccuped for punctuation before growing louder, “It’s too hard to find an individual lumberjack, a guy in Mensa, a professional athlete, and a guy over six feet two. It’s not gonna happen, and that’s why I suggest that instead of finding one guy with a foreign accent and another guy who’s an Eagle Scout, you should search for an Eagle Scout with a foreign accent. Bippity Boppity Boom, you’ve knocked two off the list!”

“Wait?” The girl named Rey held her hand up, brow furrowed adorably as she attempted to sort out some mental gymnastics. “Can you have Eagle Scouts outside of the US? How would he have a foreign accent, Jess?”

“I dunno, that’s why I don’t have Eagle Scouts on my list. I don’t know anything about them.”

“Ah, but think about their knot tying skills! Those rope skills!”

“You’ve clearly thought this through.”

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Nidoran fusion??

(I…I couldn’t I’m sorry T-T)

Pokémon: Woopiran ♂

Mix of: Nidoran ♂/Nidoking + Wooper/Quagsire

Type(s): Poison/Water

Special Abilities: Gunk

Attacks: Slap :3, Double Slap :3 :3, Toxic Slap >:3, Gunk Shot, Stun :O, Bubble Beam, Sludge Wave, Bite, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Scald, Poison, Toxic, Crunch

Details: Woopiran ♂ (as well as ♀) are near impossible to find in the wild, as Nidoran, Nidorino, and Nidoking (especially) hunt and/or harm Woopers. They are also extremely hard to breed, as Nidoking tend to be abusive unless treated with utmost care. Woopiran are in high demand for their cute looks and their mixed temperament; for example, they have the adorable cluelessness of Wooper and the fierce protectiveness of a Nidoran ♂. Woopiran get their coloring, spikes, teeth and general body shape from Nidoran ♂, and their head shape, feelers, longer tail and size from Wooper.

@ask-nido-royalty TY AND SORRY T-T

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DO a fusion of wooper and reuniclus

This…this is one of the best/fave fusions I’ve ever done thank you anon)

Pokémon: Reuniwoop (Standard ♀)

Mix of: Solosis/Reuniclus + Wooper/Quagsire

Type(s): Psychic/Water

Special Abilities: Mindbend

Attacks: Slap :3, Double Slap :3 :3, Psychic Pulse, Water Gun, Bubble Beam, Tail Whip, Tail Slap, Levitate, Telekinesis, Gravity, Agility, Healing Wish, Psybeam, Scald

Details: Reuniwoop are moderately hard to breed but almost impossible to find in the wild, as Reuniclus and Wooper usually do not live in the same habitats. Reuniwoop are energetic and agile, though, when newly hatched, are completely covered in the green jelly of a Reuniclus and cannot move easily. As they grow, Reuniwoop care deeply for their trainers and their fellow Pokémon, but will get fiercely protective if a trainer or Pokémon is in danger, often getting into fights that will evolve it (Quagiclus). Reuniwoop get their “jelly”, seperated body parts, and lighter color from Reuniclus, and their general body shape, coloring, and longer tail from Wooper.


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Fusion of Wooper and Gulpin!


Pokémon: Woopin ♂

Mix of: Gulpin/Swalot + Wooper/Quagsire

Type(s): Poison/Water

Special Abilities: Poisonous Gulp

Attacks: Slap :3, double slap :3 :3, ooze, poison slap >:3, water gun, bubble beam, gulp, swallow, gooey, paralyze, scald

Details: Woopin is relatively easy to breed and find in the wild, as Gulpin and Wooper often breed by themselves. Woopin are extremely lazy, though some expert breeders have bred athletic Woopin that participate in Woopin races, which usually last very long despite a Woopin’s athleticism. Woopin, despite their easy breeding, are hard to tame and take long times to gain their trust; whenever an unfamiliar trainer comes close, it oozes a toxic, slimy coat more viscous than a normal Wooper’s. Woopin get their coloring, feeler shape, and slime from Gulpin, and general body shape and (slightly) longer tail from Wooper.



(NOT my gif/gifs)

Pairings; Bucky x Reader

Warnings; Language, Sex scenes, unprotected sex, “fire” and getting stucked in a place 

Summary; It’s training time and Steve decides that you need to improve your skills in a contact combat, so he pairs you with Pietro (yes, he is alive in my head) for practise. Which doesn’t make Bucky really happy.

A/N: FINAL PART of Starving. I really hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I did writting it. Thank you for all the notes, seriously guys you make my day! :*


Part 3. End

Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo

You are so proud of yourself. You have successfully avoided Bucky for two weeks and three days and you have slept pretty well… If you change “well” for “bad as shit” and “slept” for “not sleep at all”. Then yes, you are doing fine.

With an exasperated sigh you turn in your bed for umpteenth time, you are not getting any sleep tonight and the sooner you accept that, the better. Kicking the sheets out of your body you jump out of the bed with an unual energy for someone who hasn’t get a well rest in weeks. 

Putting your shoes you decide to fry your brain with a marathon of your favourite classic films, nothing better to keep you from thinking too much. The only thing that bitters you is that you have discarted some of your golden films because they are pretty much romances… and you can’t afford seeing any romanticism around you.

Draggin your feet through the floor you wake the system on the cinema room Tony has in his tower. Most of the ocupants don’t know of this space, and you prefer it to be like this because it has become your official Bucky-free-zone. The room,  attired with the best modern sound and image system, counts too with a very confortable seats were you had fall asleep a lot those last weeks. The too familiar sound of the film being a lullaby for you.

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