FAQ - How to enable Baby Hairs and Edges for Toddlers (TS4)

I have a MULTITUDE of asks in my inbox about how to or where to find baby hairs for toddlers. All the ones I use are ones I have enabled for toddlers using Sims4Studio (S4S). So I will drop this mini tutorial on how to achieve this ^_^ (using Windows - not sure if it’s the same for Mac users)!

What you need:


1. Open S4S and click on My Projects.

2. Locate the baby hair/edges you would like to enable for toddlers and double click to select it to open in S4S.

3. Select the Categories tab.

4. Check the Toddler flag and add the tick.

5. Press Apply To All Swatches

6. Hit Save.

And there you have it! Simples! You can use this method to enable almost anything related to CAS (eyes, skins, skin details).

Now, go lay ya baby’s edges!

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List 93: Top Ten Anime I want to make a Game for

I love video games. I would easily say it is my favorite hobby I do. Usually it takes a backseat nowadays to me doing other things in my life but it is truly the one I find the most passion in. That got me to thinking what anime would I want to turn into games? I started visualizing genres and unique ways to turn them into games and my imagination went wild with the idea. It really was one of the most fun ideas I’ve come up with in a while. I ordered these in less of quality and more of how proud I was of each idea I came up with for them. I also put genre and studio making it to make it really feel more alive to me. Game on!

10: Kids on the Slope

Genre: Rhythm    Company: Nintendo

This was a given with the show in question. I sat for a while thinking over whether it or Your Lie in April deserved this spot and settled on Kids for a few reasons. I figured a time piece of music would be very neat to see in gaming. We always get certain series or styles but never one time period aside from like when Rockband did stuff for Kiss. You can play one of 4 instruments: piano, drums, trumpet, and double bass. The music selection would all be songs from the anime and time period. A jazz based rhythm game made by men in Nintendo who grew up in that time period. The would for sure connect with the title and bring out the music quality to the highest standard. 

9: Gurren Lagann

Genre: Mech Open World Adventure   Company: Monolith Soft

This one would have you building your own mech form the start and working through the story of Gurren Lagann with it as a part of Team Dai Gurren. Once the 7 year gap happens you would have tons of side quests and ways to upgrade and remodel your mech while taking on tons of challenges. Monolith loves mechs to death so I figure who better to display Mechs at the most over the top in gaming form. References to other famous Mech anime would be nice too as a way to make it feel special. Unlockable mechs for certain Gundams and the Evas from Neon Genesis would be a true delight. 

8: Rurouni Kenshin

Genre: Action  Company:  Rocksteady Studios

Following the story of Kenshin beat for beat is what I want here. The game would be split into 3 parts. The first would be a section in Tokyo where basic missions and gameplay is taught while getting through the start of the story. Then you would get to Kyoto and have a much larger area to see and the story would build up to the Shishio arc. Then you would end off with Kenshin’s backstory and Enishi’s arc with a Tokyo filled with tons more to do. You would have also side unlockable stories playable with Sanosuke, Yahiko, Kaoru, and Saito. I chose Rocksteady for it’s great open world design, and combat flow in the Batman games. I think bringing that to a Kenshin game would be fantastic. Mix their love to drop hidden facts about the city and characters with obtainable secrets and this game would be a love letter to Kenshin fans. Telling the story from start to finish and constantly giving you new abilities as you work through the story. 

7:Kill la Kill

Genre: Beat’em Up   Company: Platinum Games

Name a company that makes better crazy action games then Platinum? With Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising alone I’m convinced they could make a wonderful adaptation of the Kill la Kill world and make the action feel like the anime did. I’m undecided if I want the actual story to be the focus or just let them make an original plot within the world. I’d rather like to play Ryuko though and kick ass with my scissor blades. So I think I lean more towards that for sure. 

6:Fullmetal Alchemist

Genre: Action Adventure    Company: Bandai Namco

Haha Looks like I forgot to type something here the first time!

FMA’s game would follow the story of the series of course(brotherhood), and you would play everyone from Ed to Mustang to Winry. Varieties of gameplay styles and modes to keep it fresh while hitting the player hard with the feels of the story itself. It would hit all the marks and try to be a little bit of everything just like the actual series. Bandai makes tons of great titles like the Tales series so I trust them to figure out a way to make it all come to life with a perfect equivalent exchange. 

5: Fate Series

Genre: Open World Action-RPG    Company: From Software

Fate is a pretty dark world and the set up of the Holy Grail War is fantastic. Give players the option to choose from almost a hundred options of heroes of the past, present, and future and let them take part in the war. Letting you improve as you battle and explore trying to find intel on the other competitors would allow you a ton of freedom while playing. Mix all the options and each playthrough would be unique as well. I think a risk/reward battle system like From Software is known for would work here. You are rewarded for being more risky but at the same time show all your skills and you could be at a disadvantage when trying to fight future heroes. I think it would be a very challenging battle of wits and reflexes at least. 

4: Kuroko no Basuke

Genre: Sports    Company: 2K Games

Anyone remember NBA Jam and NBA Showtime? The hilarious bombastic basketball video games that would let you dunk from almost anywhere on the court. Imagine the basically superpower of the Kuroko cast in video game glory. Let people play through the story or exhibition matches and let them go crazy with every character’s special traits. Heck you could even make a few fake new character with weird abilities just to spice it up a bit. I’ll let a sports series expert handle this one and make it crazy as can be. 

3: Magic Kaito

Genre: Heist Stealth    Company: Level-5 

With Persona 5 on the cusp on being released world wide it made me think, why not a Kaito game in a similar vein? You could play through a multitude of scenarios made for the game including all sorts of characters from Aoko to Conan. Be Kaito Kid and use what the game gives you to make it through the police, other adversaries, and of course Conan again to best them all as the phantom thief! I think this game would be full of laughs and creative level design open to player to explore. Think like a funny Hitman game, where you steal instead of kill. Any fan would be in for a treat and I think Level-5 has a huge track record that would reassure me. 

2: Spice & Wolf

Genre: Economics/Dating Sim   Company: MPS Labs

From the creators of Civ. I want a fantastic simulation title. You play through the world of Spice & Wolf as Kraft Lawrence and try to get Holo to her home. The game would have travel segments like Oregon trail, a romance meter to build with Holo, and a very complex world economics system to learn and master. If you are able to be the best at all of them you will get the best and true ending of the game. Anything from death to Holo leaving you can happen, its up to you to master the market and your heart to get the true end! 

1: The Girl Who Leapt Through TIme

Genre: Choice Based Adventure    Company: Naughty Dog

So, I was thinking lets have a new character that you play in the same world as the Girl Who Leapt Through Time. You are given 100 jumps to make. And the game takes place over the course of 3 months. So around 90 days. Every day you play through like a simulation game building relationships, leveling up certain personality and knowledge stats and overall learning about the world. At any time over the 3 months you can jump back in time after completing any new task. Which ones are important and which ones are truly unimportant in the grand scheme? Maybe they are all important. Work your way to a happy ending and not the bad one you see in your dreams on day 1 of the story. It would make players really try their hardest to appreciate every little decision and I think I want the perfect graphics of realism from Naughty Dog and their little touches to make this a true classic through time. 

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any of the above pictures. The credit goes to the original creators of each and thus will be considered theirs. Enjoy the pics!

What anime would you make a game out of? I tried to use a variety of genres and ideas but I’m sure there are tons more out there! Tell me somewhere on the net!

See ya Space Corgis!

Icon Tutorial

A lovely anon asked for a tutorial on how I made these Sense8 icons:

  • I feel like I suck at explaining things, but I’ll try my best.
  • I tried to include a lot of screenshots, so you can see my layers and how my icon looks after every step.
  • I’m sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language.
  • If there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to help you out.
  • Please, like or reblog if you find this useful. :)

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I’m gonna start this off by saying that I’m not really the best at explaining things - and the way that I do it is probably a roundabout way, and there might be an easier way to do some of the things I do. But this is the way I do them. And, at this point, I’ve had a few of my friends ask how to make icon batches – so, I at least wanted to make a tutorial I can link them to. And if it helps someone else, that’s great.

This tutorial is made using CS5 on a Mac OS.

This is most helpful if you have a bunch of icons you want to re-edit to be a smaller size, bordered, watermarked, etc etc. I’m lazy, and I also do it with screencaps when making a lot of icons at one. Just when we get to the step where the batch is opened, before making any other changes, I resize my caps.

If anything I say doesn’t make sense - or you’d like elaboration, let me know. I can either answer myself. Or, I will hunt you down a tutorial. Let us start.

( ** EDIT : if you have issues viewing this, or my theme makes it hard for you to read, simply add /mobile to the end of the url and it will open it in a plain looking browser page . )

In this tutorial, I will be going from icons like this:

To this:

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Stunt double Caitlin Dechelle on 'Wonder Woman' and her real-life superpowers
Flying through the air, expert sword handling and martial arts mastery? Yep, "Wonder Woman" stunt double Caitlin Dechelle has you covered.

Caitlin Dechelle fights for a living.

She doesn’t suit up and step into the Octagon, or put on gloves and get into a ring. She slides on shields, thrusts people off towers and wields swords. As the lead stunt woman for the Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Justice League film “Wonder Woman,” which comes out on Friday, Dechelle may qualify as a real-life superhero herself.

Behind Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Diana Prince – the Amazonian warrior who is also Wonder Woman – is Dechelle. She’s punching, kicking and, yes, leaping through the air. She doubles Gadot and was selected specifically for her fighting proficiency.

“Fighting is my thing and what I’m hired for 99 percent of the time,” Dechelle, 26, said in a phone interview.

For the Patty Jenkins-directed “Wonder Woman” film, Dechelle spent eight months (seven in London, and one in Italy) on location shooting, which gave her plenty of time to get to know the woman she was doubling.

Dechelle had nothing but kind things to say about Gadot, who certainly held her own regarding action scenes and fitness. When their shooting overlapped, Dechelle stood off-camera, coaching Gadot through footwork and her portion of the stunts. “She picked up quite well,” Dechelle said. “Obviously, anytime you do something you’ve never done, it’s tough, but [Gadot] had such a willingness to learn and was always upbeat.”

Dechelle has been honing her superpowers since she was 6 years old, which is when she started taking martial arts. Her two decades of training have led her to black belts in three disciplines: Chinese Kenpo, Japanese Goju-Ryu and taekwondo. All of which proved quite helpful for many of her film projects.

“I was trained to be like the boys, if not better,” Dechelle said. “People say that men can do it better, but that’s not true. This film portrays that.”


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                                           —  MAKE IT DOUBLE!!  ❯

indie & highly selective superhuman characters. PETER PARKER & META-HUMAN OC
as loved by alix and morgan

@doctorwitch101 asked, “Can you recommend an Equinox style that uses the beginning colors? I have my own, but I wanted an expert’s opinion. The true challenge is making something of little, Tenno.

For this request, I mixed the starter colors with their legacy versions—a neat option that doubles your color selection. Equinox poses here with just a Spira to keep the photo focused on the Warframe herself. In her night form, the pink and blue mix to create a subtle purple on her body.

Thank you for your question.

May it please the court

Pairing: Daphne Greengrass x Percy Weasley
Setting: Law school moot court module AU
Word count: 1664 words
Written for: provocative-envy‘s birthday 
Notes: Happy early birthday, Envy! You’re an Actual Inspiration #yelling xxxxxxx 


Percival Ignatius Weasley can recite the headnotes of every case that has been on his reading lists for the past two years. He can name every lord benched in the Supreme Court, the Privy Court, and the fucking Senior Courts of England and Wales from 1993 onwards. He can, upon given a set of facts, reason the judgment out the exact way that the leading judgment did it (albeit only about seventy two per cent of the time, but that’s still a pretty decent hit rate).

Tl;dr: Percy Ignatius Weasley knows a whole lot.

What he doesn’t know, however, is which forgotten but definitely evil deity that he might have offended in order to have landed Daphne Princess Greengrass as his partner for this moot court module. This only five people out of forty get As module. This doubles as the selection trials for the Jessup team module.

This Daphne is probably taking because it involves a field trip to the Hague module. 

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I can’t speak for everybody commenting on the events in Oregon, but when I have posted about the state’s selective use of violence between white people and people of color I am not pointing out a “double-standard” of a white supremacist government – I am pointing out its consistency. The double standard reasoning asks for the same state repression visited upon people of color (think COINTELPRO) to be visited upon white reactionary movements too. This makes little sense because it does nothing to remove state or white supremacist violence. If anything, it further legitimizes it. 

The flaw in reasoning here is a failure to understand that what appears to be a “double-standard,” or the selective deployment of state violence, in reality is the consistent maintenance of white supremacy. Not enacting state violence against white reactionaries is perfectly consistent with its historical inverse, enacting state violence against people of color. This is, in part, because state violence in the West has always been predicated on the oppression of PoC. In other words, the State as we know it today could not exist without white supremacy. 

So when white reactionaries like those in Oregon seek to practice enclosure, the process of claiming a number of small landholdings to create one larger, which ceases to be common land for communal use, but rather restricted to one owner for privatization and capital accumulation, it is not distinct from Western settler colonialism, it is a mechanism of it. The sort of ideology behind their actions is consistent with state power. They merely want to be their own sovereign state, however small.


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Paging Dr. Clueless

I remember the first time I was handed a pager. It was my third rotation of third year. I was in the cath lab watching my attending’s partner do what was quickly becoming a very complicated stenting of the LAD. Complicated because it was very curvy with a longer blockage than anticipated, and the patient kept complaining about needing to go to the bathroom. The circulating nurse had just unsuccessfully tried to put a foley in the guy when the doc’s pager goes off. He’s been yelling at everyone for about an hour now and just finished ranting at the nurse about the foley when she whispers she’s never used a pager before and hands it to me. 

My school wasn’t cool and didn’t give out pages to med students. Yet this was not the last time someone handed me a pager without instructions and expected me to know what I was doing (which is silly since who has a personal pager anymore?)

So with the new year starting I thought I’d do a quick and dirty guide to using a pager, so no one gets chewed out their first time using these wonderful annoying little devices. 

This is a pager. Yours may look different from mine, but all the ones I used have looked pretty much like this. 

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