(by Eddie Perrote

A series of 5 22x30" gouache paintings laden with competing levels of information and saturated graphic narrative. Coupled with lettering, abstracted language, and ambiguous phrases, they reflect upon the overwhelming and ephemeral state of information and communication in our digital age.

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The August 2015 issue of Viva! Tales of Magazine is now available at HLJ!

Just a reminder if you missed my previous magazine posts, this issue features the above two Tales of the Abyss goodies: a postcard of Luke and Guy, and a fold-out Luke poster (with a scene from Tales of Hearts on the back).

Next month’s issue will come with a Ludger and Julius postcard, and a double-sided poster of Ludger and Tales of Destiny 2. The cover will feature Sorey, Cless and Stahn.

So Tiger Beat just knows my love for Harry...

It was supposed to have three different large One Direction posters- One of Harry, one of Niall and one of all of the boys.

I didn’t get the Niall poster- Instead I got TWO of the Harry posters. And it wasn’t someone tore it out and placed a Harry one in it’s place, BOTH were stapled in and were on the bottom of the group poster (that was on top). So I got two of the same Harry Styles poster.

I’m not complaining, but I find it funny. I put one up, and kept the other one in the magazine…

Maybe I’ll keep this, so like 20 or 30 years later if I know someone who is as big as past teen idols as I am, it will be a great gift… cause I know I’d flip out in a good way if someone gave me a Shaun Cassidy or Leif Garrett poster.

exodarkangel asked:

In ur picture June book photo challenge day 6 my room. What r the poster u have?

The posters on my wall around my bookshelf are all book orientated.
most of them are just printed from the computer (the shadowhunter tarot cards & other fan art. i drew the divergent factions myself). i also have the poster from City of Heavenly Fire, don’t panic everyone, its not the dust jacket from the hard cover version it was in the back of the paperback. 

I then have a darker shade of magic poster, its double sided with both editions of the cover but i picked the UK version since i have the US version of the book. I got this poster from the Owl Crate book subscription box. I’m not sure if they are available to buy. 

Finally i have above my shelf a divergent poster. Coincidentally it matches the red below it, haha!

Also on the wall opposite my bookshelf i have a few doctor who posters. 

Have a good day! x