Jsuki; Seiyuu MEN Vol.1

Back to some regular unboxing posts! I’ve been caught in the whole Rejet new titles announcement of late (as with all the other fangirls/boys in the Rejet hellhole), but I’m back~ it’s all good!

Seiyuu MEN is a magazine that took a while to get to me but I have zero willpower if especially Kaji is on the cover. Not unlike all your other male-centered seiyuu magazines (Voice Animage, VAW! etc.), seiyuu MEN obviously focuses on our favourite male seiyuus only. Kaji gracefully takes the first issue’s front cover, with a special feature and interview (‘Shingeki Chuugakou’).

Many other wonderful male seiyuus that I like are also featured in this issue! Eguchi Takuya, Miyano Mamoru, Umehara Yuichiro, Kimura Ryohei…

There’s also a super wonderful Kaji and Shimono double-sided poster!

Honestly, if I go two months without buying one seiyuu magazine, that is a feat on its own.

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But the seller is away until the 29th.

You can bet I’m buying that sucker when the seller gets back.

SO I need to sell my merchandise as I’m cutting REALLY close to my limit!

My prices include shipping w/tracking to the USA. International buyers will have $13 shipping. (I went to the post today to mail a small keychain internationally and it was $13-14 shipping alone)

Osomatsu-san clear file folder (Otomedia February 2016): $15

Giant double-sided poster of Free! and Bungou Stray Dogs - $18

double-sided poster of STARMYU and Dynamic Chord - $13

Kyohei Rikudoh Scandal in the Spotlight keychain (Anime Expo exclusive): $23

My Sweet Bodyguard Japanese CD (out of print): $30

Double-sided poster of Owari no Seraph and K: $13

Lelouch vi Britannia Figuarts figurine SIGNED BY VOICE ACTOR (Johnny Yong Bosch): open to offers, but the cheapest figurine ALONE is $65 as they’re not making these anymore.


Between the tablet and the DwD pre-orders I have ordered for March, I’m literally broke so… I need money to help alleviate the financial weight from that sudden payment for a new tablet


Hajónapló \ Logbook № 22

Olivér | Koncert duplakát Hoffmann Tamás Boldizsárral \ Double gig poster with co-designer Tamás Boldizsár Hoffmann

Gergő | Tervek Dunajcsik Mátyás Szellemhajó c. könyvéhez \ Drafts for The Ghost Ship by Mátyás Dunajcsik

Bogi | Furwear logó verzió \ Furwear logo version

Barbi | Irvine borászat weboldalához készülő illusztráció \ Website illustration draft for Irvine winery

Ján | logotípia vázlatok társasjátékhoz \ logotype drafts for a boardgame

Complicado ▲ Double B ▲ +18 ▲ iKON ▲ OS ▲ Fanfic Brasileira

Sinopse: “Às vezes o sorriso de alguém, principalmente daquele que você gosta, pode ser o suficiente para mudar toda a sua vida. Às vezes esse mesmo sorriso pode ser o suficiente para não querer mais deixá-lo partir. Jiwon havia descoberto isso.”

◆ Autor(a): nyyya

◆ Status: Concluída

◆ Capítulos: 1/1

Link da fanfic


Hajónapló \ Logbook № 21

Barbi | Illusztráció egy francia borászat számára \ Illustration for a french winery

Bogi | Térképrészlet esküvői meghívóhoz \ Detail of a wedding invitation’s map

Ján | Prison Shelter Dog Program háttérzene Rebekának \ Prison Shelter Dog Program soundtrack for Rebeka

Gergő | Terülőminta grill szakácskönyvhöz \ Endpaper pattern for a grilling cookbook

Olivér | Vázlat ricsárdgír-csaknekedkislány duplakáthoz \ Draft of a double poster for a gig