The top two are BARELY related and the rest aren’t at all. Ah well.

We got 2 ‘Nam scouts, an OOOOOOOOOOOOOLD poster of femscout and fempyro, aka the ‘we’re never fucking taken seriously’ club, a wig/reskin/clothing hack test on pauling, and a deleted scene from the movie posters photoset where spy convinces pyro to removie their mask with him. Doubles as a proper poster for the ‘what would spy look like with scout’s hair color’ reskin. Because by God, Pyro was promised a lighter for this and a lighter Pyro will get.

There’s 4k for ALL these but I can’t be buggered to link them all, so have a link to my DA sfm gallery instead.

So Tiger Beat just knows my love for Harry...

It was supposed to have three different large One Direction posters- One of Harry, one of Niall and one of all of the boys.

I didn’t get the Niall poster- Instead I got TWO of the Harry posters. And it wasn’t someone tore it out and placed a Harry one in it’s place, BOTH were stapled in and were on the bottom of the group poster (that was on top). So I got two of the same Harry Styles poster.

I’m not complaining, but I find it funny. I put one up, and kept the other one in the magazine…

Maybe I’ll keep this, so like 20 or 30 years later if I know someone who is as big as past teen idols as I am, it will be a great gift… cause I know I’d flip out in a good way if someone gave me a Shaun Cassidy or Leif Garrett poster.


Wooo! !100 followers! I never expected to get so much interest when i first made this blog, so as a thank you, I’m doing a give-away!


  • Double sided Doctor Who poster- 11, Rory+ 3
  • Harry Potter Trio poster
  • Hermione poster
  • Harry Potter 20 questions
  • Mockingjay pin
  • Video Game cartridge character
  • Team Fortress 2 pins
  • 2 Iron Man Figures
  • Women’s Large Voltron shirt
  • Men’s Small Power Rangers shirt
  • Rick and Morty Puzzle


Reblog to enter, there will be 3 winners. They can  pick whatever prizes they want]. First winner has the best pick, and so on to the third.

Give-away ends June 19th (last day of school! Woo!)

If anyone is planning on using lights for their posters or costumes, I would contact the venue to double check the poster policies and if fairy lights are being allowed in because I’m seeing a lot of posts that different venues aren’t allowing them and it can’t hurt to be sure. I’d hate for you guys to not be able to bring your posters/costumes in after working so hard on them. :(