Had tons of fun making this. I used to eat these on the daily back in my golden years. Thanks mom! Check out Microwave, because they have the best band name and are also a great listen.


SCANDAL; On CD&DL Data Magazine, Aug 2015

This issue will release on 14th July. Special coverage will be on Japanese artists that are going about the world, which include the bands, SCANDAL, VAMPS, the GazettE and Silent Siren. Comes with a double-side poster of SCANDAL and BREAKERZ.

Pre-order link as per below:



Amazon Japan: HERE

Official CD&DL Data website HERE.

So Tiger Beat just knows my love for Harry...

It was supposed to have three different large One Direction posters- One of Harry, one of Niall and one of all of the boys.

I didn’t get the Niall poster- Instead I got TWO of the Harry posters. And it wasn’t someone tore it out and placed a Harry one in it’s place, BOTH were stapled in and were on the bottom of the group poster (that was on top). So I got two of the same Harry Styles poster.

I’m not complaining, but I find it funny. I put one up, and kept the other one in the magazine…

Maybe I’ll keep this, so like 20 or 30 years later if I know someone who is as big as past teen idols as I am, it will be a great gift… cause I know I’d flip out in a good way if someone gave me a Shaun Cassidy or Leif Garrett poster.


The August 2015 issue of Viva! Tales of Magazine is now available at HLJ!

Just a reminder if you missed my previous magazine posts, this issue features the above two Tales of the Abyss goodies: a postcard of Luke and Guy, and a fold-out Luke poster (with a scene from Tales of Hearts on the back).

Next month’s issue will come with a Ludger and Julius postcard, and a double-sided poster of Ludger and Tales of Destiny 2. The cover will feature Sorey, Cless and Stahn.