Learning how to code

So, I play Flight Rising and for those that don’t know it’s basically a pet website that auto creates pets based on a set list of parameters. For example, you pick the color blue and say it has tiger stripes and the website generates a dragon image that’s blue with tiger stripes. Anyways~ I got to thinking, can I make something like that? I used to work in other adoptable communities as a coloring artist, but we’d always have to do the markings and the colors ourselves. Well, I love making things easy for myself so I decided to take a crack at learning how to code (cuz that’s easy right? /s) 

Python. I’m starting at ground zero with coding, but I have heard that if you’re gonna learn how to code, python is the easiest language out of them all. My understanding is that it took all the mumbo-jumbo out of the stupid little characters all over the place and packed them into nice, easy to understand command words. Easy peesy, but I wanna create images, not words. Turns out python has a pretty sweet image processing package called pillow. Double sweet. Enough talking, time for pretty pictures.

The artwork.
I got my hands on some pretty awesome deer (and later flying tiger)  lineart from a gaia user named “breedable art by V”. All the lineart you’re about to see was originally drawn by this person. 
With artwork in hand I started writing my script. I broke the deer down to four levels, body color, marks, accent stuff, and the lineart. So that’s three colors and the ink. Turned out to be pretty easy to get the code to prompt the user to ask for a rgb value and then color the artwork. 

Boom! Mission accomplished. The image on the left I colored in photoshop and the image on the right was generated using the code I just scripted. I can’t tell the difference. I was so excited and happy that I actually did what I set out to do that I wanted to take it to the next level. I commissioned a bit more complicated lineart and set up the script to work with the new artwork. 

Done. Now, this image is actually a lot more complicated than the deer image. I’ve broken down the artwork to primary, secondary, and tertiary (much like FR). With coding you have to stay super organized or else everything can turn into a hot mess super quickly so there’s three levels with sub levels in each section. In primary, you have the base color of the body with the second level of markings that are colored slightly differently. Notice the legs and face markings. Those are the 2nd level in the primary level. I’ll take another term from FR and call this gene basic. The wings are made up of three levels in their basic gene. By breaking the artwork down like this, I’m able to get the code to create more complicated images.
Now the fun part, creating a list of colors and organizing the code in a way to accept more gene artwork. After basic I made tiger stripes (they are based on tigers after all… well, with wings). 

The code works! I always do a little victory dance when I add to the code and it works because I’ve found that adding tends to break things. The script can now recognize the colors I picked and named, while also understanding what I mean when I say ‘basic’ or ‘tiger’. I don’t have to actually type in the three numbers for the rgb color code (that was super tedious btw). I made a list of 55 colors, gave them names, and generated a compliment and accent color list based off the main colors. You can see the color lists in action with the wings. The color fire is made up of an orange, yellow-orange, and super orange color. If that makes sense.  

Now that I got the code organized to accept new genes, it’s time to expand. New gene: cloud and tint. 

So I pretty much got the code working good for one set of lineart, how would it handle another set? Time to get the code to ask the user if they wanted male or female lines.

Now it can do both, no problem. Next step: adding in blend modes. So in photoshop, you can tell the layers how to interact with one another using layer blend modes  (multiply, soft light, etc.). Right now the code just adds images on top of images and spits out a final file that has everything together. Well, I want the script to calculate layers. It’s how you change the black lineart to another color. In photoshop, I’d set the layer to soft light. I figured out how to do it in the code and before long I got the script to spit out an image that was much richer than the simple black lines. 

It was also at this point I added the shadow layer since I multiply my shadows on the artwork. The artwork is a little messy because the black lines covered up a lot of coloring mistakes, but I went through and fixed it. 

Here’s what the program can do right now:

I’m super pleased with how things have turned out so far. I have plans to add in a child stage and get the program to generate a random child image based on the parent’s colors and markings, but that’s the next stage. Right now I’m having fun generating a bunch of cool images and thinking up ideas for new genes to add. Thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to learn something new!

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A Breach of Trust Chapter 15.5: A Beach of Trust

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10 || Chapter 11 || Chapter 12 || Chapter 13 || Chapter 14 || Chapter 15 || Chapter 15.5 || Chapter 16 || Chapter 17 || Chapter 18)

(Act 3 Chapter 19+)

There is one universal law of anime, and it is that there is always a beach episode. There is always a beach episode

Mob had fallen asleep beneath the couch blankets again, curled into the cocoon so that the blankets served double as his pillow. He was woken up sometime later by the sound and brightness that came with Reigen swishing back the curtains.

“Wake up, Mob. We’ve got plans.”

Mob opened his eyes. Reigen stood over him, wearing swim trunks, a white tank top, and enormous sunglasses with the price tag still dangling off the right ear hook. He had globbed suntan lotion on his nose and shoulders, and he thrust a mesh bag to Mob containing roughly the same outfit but in a smaller size—sunglasses and all.

“I’m overworked and you’re traumatized. I don’t know anything about mental health but there’s no way a day at the beach can be bad. So get changed it’s beach time.”

Reigen sat down on the couch beside Mob, one foot pulled up and resting on the other knee, and he pulled out an assortment of deflated floaties from his own bag. He uncapped the mouthpiece of one—a duck by the looks of it—and started to inflate it.

Mob stared, baffled. “…Beach time?”

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Dating V would include

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Kim Taehyung
- Okay this boy
- You’d never know what to expect
- One moment he’s there then the next you turn around and he’s gone???
- Where’d he go???
- You would steal his jackets and he wouldn’t even be mad because oh my gosh you’re wearing his clothes
- He could double as a pillow/ teddy bear while sleeping
- There would seriously never be a boring moment
- Ever
- Couples clothes
- Building forts together, esepcially in the colder months
- Lazy mornings
- Lying in bed together, cuddling while it rains
- Or playing in the rain, it varies
- Whispering in the dark to each other at night
- His precious square smile all the time
- Really deep voice omg
- You’d want him to sing you to sleep all the time
- And he’d happily do it
- If anyone makes you upset you know he’s ready to fight them
- But first he’s going to hug you and make sure you’re okay
- He’d probably rock back and forth and stroke your hair to calm you down
- Best friend couple tbh
- You trip each other and wrestle
- But it turns into laughing and cuddling and cute smooches
- He looks pure but he’s a sexy lil shit
- And he k n o w s it
- That tongue
- Frick
- You think you have a date with Taehyung
- But in reality you have a date with Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook
- You’re third wheeling on his dates with the maknae line
- Or even fourth wheeling
- Okay just putting this out there
- If you guys have kids
- He will be such a gREAT FATHER
- He’d just be so kind and loving and all tHIS WILL PROBABLY BE COVERED IN A LATER MORE IN DEPTH POST
- If you’re also weird and outgoing, Yoongi might cri bc he just wants to sleep
- But he cannot because you and Tae are just doing something
- God knows what
- Probably rapping Cypher together outside of Yoongi’s door
- While Yoongi is lying in bed with a pillow over his face
- You’ll be there for the day Tae finally gets to have his own Cypher
- (please let that day come)
- You’re really supportive him and he’s really supportive of you
- You honestly might come home to a pet goat one day
- “Tae.. what is this?”
- “A goat.”
- “Yeah but- you know what okay.”
- It’s better to not ask questions with him
- B A C K H U G S
- So much cuddling
- And snuggling
- So much skinship in general tbh
- He just wants to make you feel loved
- Have u seen his hands
- U get to hold those hands
- You’re just so lucky to have Taehyung be your boyfriend let alone be in your l i f e he’s just such a blessing
- Everyday will just be full of love with you two
- So much that the other boys will be sick of your love (secretly jealous)
- But like I said, it’s just such a loving relationship

Rocky: I see my name, what does it say?
Fan Submitted Question: Rocky’s thighs so damn thicc they could crush whole watermelons and men’s heads, his thighs so perfect they double as the perfect pillow and perfect earmuffs, his thighs are so damn juicy that they-
Eunwoo: They say they like your new hair.

Invisible, Chapter Eleven

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1600

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Travel Essentials

I’ve had more than my fair share of flights in my life and, after comparing my in-flight essentials to the unrealistic items many YouTubers suggest, I’ve decided to put together a list! Since it’s Summer in the Northern parts of the world, many people are travelling so hopefully this will be useful.

1) Backpack. This is non-negotiable for me. If I want a handbag with me, it usually goes into my backpack because life is so much easier when your hands are free. 

2) Entertainment. This includes an adult colouring book (with pencils and a sharpener of course), a novel to read and maybe a light magazine for long flights. If you have a tablet then that’s great as well. I don’t usually travel with my laptop (even though my laptop is a physical extension of my self tbh), but if you need it for some reason that’s also cool. Keep some non-electronic entertainment with you anyway because batteries die and there are times when you can’t use electronics on a flight (not even in flight mode).

3) Headphones and a killer playlist. I try to download new music and make a playlist before going on a trip, simply because I get sick of the music I listen to very quickly and it’s not always easy to download new music while travelling. Headphones are more comfortable than earbuds when travelling so I recommend using them if you have a pair.

4) Snacks. I sometimes get motion-sick on aeroplanes and I am physically unable to force myself to consume aeroplane food (even when the food actually tastes good). I always carry some dry snacks, like cereal bars and nuts, to keep me filled without making me nauseated. 

5) Journal + pen. I always have a notebook and a pen with me anyway, but it’s nice to have one as a travel journal. 

6) Hoodie and socks. Fun fact about aeroplanes: they’re human freezers. Hoodies can also double as a makeshift pillow if you want to catch some ZZs. Pro-tip: if you want to sleep on the plane, get the window seat so you can rest your head against the wall. If not, take the aisle so you can regularly get up and stretch your legs. Middle seats are from Hell they literally have no advantages avoid at all costs.

7) Toiletries. Travel toothbrush + toothpaste. Mini baby-powder to freshen up. Pads and extra hair-ties and scarf-pins just in case. Contact lenses for when I get off the plane and eyedrops . *maybe* some lipstick, eyeliner pencil and concealer/BB cream if I have to be somewhere after the flight and feel like a total zombie. Some hand/face lotion. Please don’t take your entire make-up kit on the flight. You won’t need it, it will make your backpack unnecessarily heave, you’ll feel super uncomfortable and it will get smudged onto your clothing/the seat at some point. 

8) Cellphone and powerbank/charger. I don’t even need to explain this. 

9) Wallet + travel documents. Check that you have these things *before* leaving your home to go to the airport.

That’s about it! I hope that this post is helpful. I usually make lots of study-related posts so this was something different. Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this. As always, my ask is always open if you have any questions.

Happy travels!

xx Munira


Pairing: George Washington x reader
Word Count: 1,347ish
T/W: Fluff! (Daddy kink? It’s used more as a pet name, not sexually)

A/N: A Sugar Daddy Gwash fic!
Tags: @iworshipmusicals@othermia@applesislife@littlewinchestergirl725@sassygayfriend@sparklingbubblesoda@sarahgurl09

School. Work. Editing. Writing. Family. Romance. All key components in your life, yet so hard to balance properly. It seemed every time you had a moment to yourself, something was always calling, in need of your attention. Sleep was lost in the jumble of tasks you preformed. At your apartment, you rarely slept. Between your roommate and your lack of will to stop working, you were way too used to pulling “all nighters” at your place, so you opted to try George’s house.

The main motive at first was to actually get some homework done in peace without your friend, who doubled as your roommate, interrupting. Catching a cab to his house, you watched the skyscrapers pass by as you made your way through the city. Paying the driver and thanking them you walked up the steps to get to the front door, you unlocked it with the key George had given you. As you had guessed, he was still at work and the house was yours. The large house was quiet, partially lonely feeling, but mostly peaceful.

Setting your purse on the bar stool, you dropped your school bag on the couch in the living room. Heading upstairs you wanted to get a little more comfy before sitting down for a few hours to do school. Walking into the master bedroom, you ventured over to George’s dresser, digging through a drawer you finally pulled out a blue and white old, worn, but soft, t-shirt. Laughing to yourself a little when you held it up and saw the graduation year in a banner across the front. It didn’t matter to you one bit, you slid it on after removing your dressier top you had on previously. Next you grabbed a pair of soft shorts that you had put in your purse, changing out of your jeans.

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Artist: @hasuyawwn
Shop: (not currently up)
Swag: 1 small poster, 2 posters, 1 double sided dakimakura (body pillow) cover, 1 sticker sheet, 3 postcards, 3 keychains

Omg. Can you tell who is one of my most fave artists ever? Lol. I can’t believe I talked my hubby into letting me get a dakimakura. It’s so frigging cute though! One side is of Victor hugging a dakimakura of Yuuri hugging a dakimakura of Victor. 😂 And the other side has doggo cuddles! Like who could resist this?? Obviously not me, lol. The stickers are super cute. The crepe keychains are super cute. The postcard of Yurio holding up Puma Tiger Scorpion is really frigging cute. I love it all. 😆❤️

Stricklake Puffcakes

Part 1/?

Horns do not mix with pillows.

Walter learned this early-on. When he was young and growing into himself he once had half a mind to try and walk about in his trollish skin. The other half woke up with a crick from sleeping with his chin against his chest, his poor pillow double-impaled like a pasty on a fork.

He sleeps in his human form…until the air conditioning goes kaput.

Even with every window thrown open for invitation, the summer breezes snub the second house at the end of the street. Jim’s smoothies during the day only last so long, and the refrigerator makes sounds that warn of mutiny should the torture of overwork continue.

Their bed (theirs, that they share, together, with mutual enthusiasm) is a linen swamp. Walter lies flat on his back, arms behind his pillow, legs spread as far as possible without intruding on Barbara’s attempt at a similarly​ pancake-ish pose. They breathe. They do not touch. The intruding fly by the sill dares not even buzz lest the effort make the space hotter.

“That’s it.”


“Change. Right now. Into your troll form.”

Walter turns and lifts an eyebrow she doesn’t need to see to know he’s doing it in the dark.

“Beg pardon?”

There is the wettish rustle of damp sheets. Barbara’s plaintive voice comes from above him.

“Your stone skin is always so cool. Roll over and c'mere so I can cuddle my husband.”

The pillow sighs as he pulls his arms down and places his hands on his stomach. Barbara also doesn’t need to see to know the exact curve of his mouth as his brows knit and he sets an affable smile next to a tentative frown.

“But…Darling,” (he’ll bat his dark lashes and his green eyes will look distractingly soft and charming), “I’m stone. Don’t you think that would be rather less than comfortable?” (She’ll catch the back of the question, the implication of discomfort farther-reaching, and her heart will hurt while she lets him keep his strength to lean on.)

But the bed creaks, and now Walter is surrounded. A warm hand strokes his temple. Citrus wafts into his nose and soft hair tickles his cheek.

“You’re always comfortable,” whispers his wife, low and beguiling against his neck. “And you happen to have a cold setting so I don’t have to pretend you have the plague when it’s hot.“

She feels the tug of his cheeks and the tremble of his throat as he chuckles.

“I’ll have you know, dear wife,” he rolls onto his side, the room flashes green and his next words become a delicious growl she can feel in her chest, “that I never once caught the plague.”

“Mm. Good to know. Now come here,” she commands.

“Yes, darling,” he purrs, settling gently beside her, their arms snaking around each other tight as the twined halves of a knot.

We fit, he thinks, sighing as her fingers trace his markings like the lines on a map. She knows exactly where to go.

Sleep comes easily. Queen Mab and her ladies giggle softly when they pass o'er the lovers never odder, more perfectly, sweetly matched.

Love Bugs: A Breath of the Wild Fanfic

Prima sighed as the sun sank low enough for its rays to pass through the western window, striking her face. It was only ever maybe thirty minutes to an hour out of the day, but she always ended up with a headache when the beams hit her eyes. She’d been asking for Leop to invest in curtains for some time now, but Inns didn’t see a lot of business these days.

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Can I get a Drabble for helping Remus with his transformation?

I’ve never written for Remus before so sorry if it’s bad you guys!


Title: Pain
Words: 810
Warnings: None
Y/N: Your Name


It was never an easy thing, watching the one you love go through pain. The ache in your chest, the sorrow that wracked your body. When you loved someone, the pain they experience can often become your own.

You knew about Remus’s condition far before you started dating him. It never made any effect when you found out, he wasn’t any different from when you first met him. The Remus that helped you with your charms homework was the same Remus, the Remus who you’d explore the castle with late at night? The same Remus.

You’d loved Remus from the beginning. Maybe not the way you did now, in your 5th year of school, but what you felt back then was still love. And it still hurt watching him go through transformations then.

You weren’t the only one to feel hurt. Sirius, James, Peter and Lily. You all loved Remus, so very dearly. So when the full moon came, you’d all take it upon yourselves to help alleviate the pain.

You couldn’t stay with him during his transformations. Only the boys, who had trained for months and months to become animagi could do that. But you still helped in your own way.

A secret room in the castle, away from prying eyes. Only a single window, facing out across the great lake. You’d found it in your second year and shared it with your friends, and it became a safe space of sorts.

Filled with soft blankets you’d brought from home, sweets that Sirius and James had smuggled in, books, a first aid kit, and even a few homely looking potted plants. This is where you’d take Remus to recuperate.

As his partner, you were there with him the most. Cleaning scratches he may have received, making soothing teas to calm him down. Though most of the time you doubles as a pillow for him to latch onto and nap on, not that you ever complained.

That’s where you were and what you were doing now. Remus was long asleep, exhausted from the weary night. Both his arms had wrapped around your waist, his head resting in the crook of your neck.

His breath fanned against your neck, making your hair flitter gently, tickling your skin. It was warm normally in the room, but with 2 blankets and your own personal cuddle-heater, you could feel yourself overheating. You didn’t dare move, however. These moments of quiet, moments of relaxation were exactly what Remus needed, and you weren’t going to be the one to spoil them.

Shifting only a little, you slid one of the blankets off your side, sighing at the cool air that now touched your arm. However, any relief that you’d been given was gone in seconds, as Remus sprawled out overtop of you, his left leg and left arm draped over you. You stayed deathly still, not wanting to wake him, but it didn’t seem to matter, as you felt his head leave its place in the crook of your neck. 

You turned your head, meeting a pair of sleepy, blue eyes. Remus blinked a few times, bringing up a hand to rub his face. You sighed gently and moved your own hand to catch his wrist.

“Go back to sleep love…” You cooed, moving his wrist back down to the soft blanket floor, before bringing your hand up to play with his hair. He murmured something inaudible, before settling back to nestle his head in the same position.

“How long have I been asleep?” You felt his lips brush against your skin as he spoke, his voice gravelly with exhaustion. You shivered at the sensation, sliding down so your face was in front of his.

“A few hours. It’s well past 3.” You told him, moving up a hand to cup his face, running a finger along one of his scars. He shifted but didn’t flinch, sighing as his eyes met yours.

“You didn’t have to stay, you know.” He told you. You knew he hated taking up peoples time, but you never saw it that way. Time with Remus was never time wasted.

“You’re right,” You said, propping yourself up with your elbow. “But I did. I always will.” Remus stayed silent. You’d had conversations like this before, it wasn’t a secret that he hated this other part of him. But it wasn’t something that was going to go away.

“I love you.” His voice gave away his fatigue, eyes starting to flutter shut as your arms wrapped around him again. It didn’t take any of the power from his words though, as they left a warm ache in your heart.

“I love you too.” Was what you whispered back, though you were sure he was asleep now, breathing steadily with his face buried in the soft cotton of your shirt.

“I’ll love you forever.”

Misha had already disappeared beneath the blankets and had his lips pressed inches from his real destination when Jensen blurted it out.

“Danneel’s pregnant!”

He said it as though it broke through his teeth without permission. Misha paused for a brief moment, just long enough to finish the thigh kiss he was in the middle of, before shifting to move up the mattress.

“Knew you had something on your mind when you weren’t responding to my magic touch. That’s never happened,” the older man says on his way out from under the covers. The words are muffled and labored. His terrible bedhead emerged from under the sheets first, then his wide blue eyes and at last his giant, bright-white grin.

“Guess. Boy or girl?” he asked immediately, draping his naked body over Jensen’s and perching his elbows on his bare chest, gazing up at him. Excitement glinted in Misha’s eyes, a rare display of his true emotion.

Jensen hesitated. “They’re both,” he finally breathed, avoiding Misha’s stupid, thrilled expression.

“Twins? Holy fuck, Jen…” Misha didn’t even try to hide his genuine amazement now. “I mean, it’s you. I’m not surprised that you managed to go above and beyond even in conceiving a child. But…” It was quiet. Too quiet for a minute. Jensen could barely stand it. Then finally the other actor broke it. “I’m a little hurt that she’s this far along and you hadn’t… told me yet.”

Misha’s being honest. Very raw – more than he’s used to being. It’s a new thing they were supposed to be trying out since they and their wives had discussed the whole polyamorous deal between them last year. Jensen had (obviously) not done the truthfulness part so well in this instance, but the two-way relationship had been working out seamlessly.

And that’s why Jensen had been afraid to let Misha in on this huge secret. It could change things. He never wanted to keep anything from him. Shit, he wanted to tell Misha every little thing just because he was always ten times more interested than Jensen was and most of the time it didn’t even effect him.

Jensen just loved him so fucking much. He always had — from the moment they met to the moment they started getting together to the moment they decided to tell their wives about them and right up until now. Jensen Ackles loved Misha Collins more than he could ever explain.

That’s why the excitement on Misha’s face stung. He was scared to hurt him. “It was an accident, Mish,” he admitted lowly. “We weren’t planning on more kids. I barely see JJ enough as it is. When Danneel told me, I was worried but not sick over it. I love kids. But when she told me it was twins? Misha… I’m not a good enough dad for this. I’m thirty-eight. My job – I just. And you – I know this must be hard for you. And I’ll –”

Jensen was effectively silenced with a kiss. When he could breathe and focus again he could see Misha was sitting up in the dark. The lamp on the nightstand suddenly illuminated the room, the base of it in the shape of a deck of cards. Supernatural: A Salute to Las Vegas was always where he and Misha stayed for a couple of days together. There and JIBCon, those were their special places. Now Jensen was afraid he’d just ruined one.

“Don’t you ever say that again, Ackles,” Misha chastised and shoved his shoulder, his facial features truly angry now. “You are such a great father, Jensen. You love her with more than your whole heart, and you will do the same for the twins. Time… scheduling… you can make it work. And I’m so happy for you.”

The silence came back. Jensen stared at Misha as if he didn’t believe him. That was always the younger actor’s downfall: he didn’t have enough confidence in himself. But Misha always made a point to remind him that he should have all the confidence in the world.

“We made this agreement because we love each other. We loved each other so long and so much — enough that our wives, who we also love, could see that and wouldn’t ever want us to be apart. You think that adding more to this giant family is a bad thing?” Misha grinned and nudged his boyfriend, scooting down to his level to lean his head on his shoulder. “…well, then you’re wrong, buddy. It’s just more to love. And I can’t wait to be a Sort-Of-Step-Dad to two more Ackles kids. A brand new adventure on my part. You know how I love new adventures.”

For a minute, Jensen was convinced Misha was just talking out of his ass like always, but when he gave it some time to sink in then his heart swelled full. And… so did other things. Goddamnit, Misha and his way with words.

“You managed to get me to… ahem, ‘respond’,” he murmured, raising a brow down at his boyfriend.

Misha said nothing, only grinned and acted immediately, disappearing back the way he came from beneath the sheets. Right back to their constant, their normal, the easy love between them. Every kiss just felt right and — aaaah, what the fuck?! “Misha! Teeth!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” the older man laughed, popping his head back out of the sheets. “I was laughing because… because… twin.. Ackles.. Twin Ackles. I’m calling them Twinkles!”

Jensen didn’t even hesitate to pick up the pillow next to him and use it to pummel his dumb, perfect boyfriend right in the side of the head.

They both had to get ready for double more kiddie pillow fights, after all.

Nights of the Tickle F(r)ights

A/N: Thanks anon for the prompt! This will be my first Seven Deadly Sins fic, and it’s gonna be weird af:D @ghosty-tickles took me a while huh!

Summary: Meliodas is sleeping in a tied up position again thanks for Hawk. While Elizabeth is peacefully asleep next to him, Ban pays him a nightly visit and teases him about his predicament. 

Word Count: 1061

Ban groaned as he woke up. It was still cold and dark, and he sighed. He only just joined Meliodas and the gang on their journey so it was only logical he was feeling restless. He yawned and replaced his attempts at sleeping by a stroll through the darkness. 

He could hear snoring and deep breathing noises from everywhere as everyone slept tightly. Reaching the bed where Meliodas and Elizabeth were sleeping, Ban couldn’t help but let out a mocking snort. Was that…. the captain, tied up!?

He jolted in shock when the wormy figure tied by ropes suddenly twitched and Meliodas’ head popped up.

“You’re awake!” Ban yelped, and Meliodas glared at him.

“Shhh. Don’t wake her up! And especially, don’t wake Hawk up! He’s awful during the night!” Meliodas nodded at Hawk, the pig who was most obviously the cause of Meliodas getting tied up like this. Ban snickered and sat by his side at the bed.

“Hehehe so captain, comfy like this? I had no idea you were into –” Ban gasped when Meliodas suddenly sat up straight and headbutted him. 

“Did not see that comin’ hm?” The dorky blond whispered while Ban mewled and grabbed his painful nose. 

“You bitch!” Ban cried out, and Meliodas yelped when he was suddenly pinned back down on the bed and Ban poked his fingers near his armpits.

“HE-hey!” Meliodas hissed, and Ban smirked and continued to tickle the spots he could reach, and Meliodas was trembling with held back laughter.

“Did not see that comin’ hm?” Ban copied him, and Meliodas threw his head back and squirmed. Ban had truly missed his tickle fights with Meliodas. They were the best and wildest tickle fights one could have. However tonight Meliodas seemed to be at his mercy: tied up in bed, limited in his movements, able to escape if he wanted but unable to do so without waking everyone up.

“Bahahan! I s-swear – nohoho!” Meliodas’ giggles and pleas were still whispery, but sometimes a faint squeak would break through and Ban smiled widely as the sounds of the captain’s voice began to sound through the night. Elizabeth curled up comfortably but did not seem to notice anything. 

“What? Do something if you wanna fight me~” Ban wriggled his fingers in Meliodas’ warm armpits and he wiggled them, effectively tickling him into tiny really silent bouts of laughter. His other hand took care of a very sensitive neck while Meliodas squeaked, giggled and made silly attempts at shaking him off and biting his fingers.

“Stahahap! S-she’ll – they’ll w-wahahake - ohnooo!” Meliodas was smart to suddenly roll over so he could bury his face in his pillow. Ban giggled playfully and used this chance to climb on top of him and stradde him as he pinned him down even tighter on the bed. 

Ban had truly no intentions of waking everyone up but he did have the intentions of making his dorky captain friend suffer (and pay for that sassy headbutt earlier). So now that Meliodas’ laughter could be muffled by his pillow, he doubled his attack and wo-a-wow.

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