Best Films of the Year…So Far [2014]

Each film on this list balances character and drama well. The makers know the tone and do not falter. While only one blockbuster made it on the list so far, it does not exclude the fact many of the major movies have solved pacing issues that come along with rushed projects (i.e. Captain America: The Winter Soldier or X-Men Days of Future Past). However, Snowpiercer takes the prize for number one film because not one line, shot, or character feels out of place. If ever a movie can be described as “seamless”, then this holds that honor. The other films have their own eclectic personalities: the greatest Bildungsroman to ever grace the screen, a perfect marriage between quirkiness and maturity/action and drama, two films about the soul of a man- one in his isolation and the other in his most chaotic, a martial art sequel meets The Godfather, one of the finest and raunchiest cautionary tales, Jim Jarmusch’s return to genius, and a genre-bending project that I have no words for. Almost five months left in the year with several more projects to come, 2014 shows that cinema is not dead, but quite the opposite. You only need to look past marketing and advertising and see for yourself.

✐ Daily Weird Prompt ✐

No Light To Guide You
Write about a character who finds themselves alone in a strange mansion. The catch? There appears to be no way in or our of the mansion, and all doors are locked. Double catch? All doors but one. The only door that is unlocked happens to be a floor hatch leading down…

Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And don’t forget to tag maxkirin (or tweet @MistreKirin), so that I can check-out your stories!

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Marina Pinsky, Three Photographs from the Series “Instruction Manual”, (2013)

Instruction Manual includes twelve black and white photographs of a   model hired to try to pick a storefront lock with his handsome hands. The photographs seem to be double exposures. Heightening the filmic tension of the interpolated moments-will we succeed in time? (Each gelatin silver photograph is actually printed from two overlaid negatives. And each evokes remarkable spatial and temporal depth due to the non sequential analog fracture.)  indeed, the prominence of the word PULL on the door within the scene serves not only as a sly reference to the work’s title, but also as an acknowledgement of the physical energy embodied in many of Pinsky’s photographs.

Christmas Eve in Exeter


10k - 55.19mins, avg pace 8.54

Route: EXETER!! Whoop.  Down to the river, Double Locks, swing bridge, then back via the quayside.

Listening to: Annie Mac

Pre-marathon training training (PMTT)

Ahhh… and relax… Back home for the Christmas break and running in the fresh country air.  What a beautiful day, and it’s still so mild for this time of year.  I had a lovely little jaunt, down through Barton Fields, past the house where I lived throughout my teens, and down to the river past the stinking glue factory.  It was still chugging away on Christmas Eve, releasing the festive smell of dead animals into the air.  Times like this, I’m proud to be a vegetarian.  Insert smug smile.

Then down along the river, past the Double Locks (plenty of memories from that place - first job, first cig… and a few other firsts…), down to the swing bridge and back along the other side, passing old faces on bikes until I reached the quay.

It was my quickest time for the 10k in this training schedule.  But I have to admit, I stopped to take a load of photos, and paused the stopwatch each time.  I’m not saying that I cheated, but I’m wondering if stopping and starting makes my time quicker…

Anyways, I bloody loved it…