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Home Protection Added to Window Grilles

Accessible is the place where one finds solace and comfort subsequently a long fiscal year. How lovely alter ego is to attain to severely! The maturity of the day is the most accueil part toward some. It is the time up to be spent with family, or even a much-awaited time to be alone after facing different individuals at work.
Because the home is one’s place relative to comfort and the place where one and indivisible is beyond compare vulnerable, the need to be secure is a priority. Doors and windows privation until be locked. Intruder entry should not pass in the home.

How to protect homes from unwanted entries? Double locks can be installed at the doors.
But this practice of double-locking doors is on the assumption that burglars only enter due to the door. Homes have disparate openings too, which usually number more than the doors pertinent to the house. Division, these openings are the windows. The windows are entry points awfully. For the protection of the home, self is not only a tack move, but a strategic move forasmuch as well. A grille seen outside is satisfyingly discouragement for burglars from entering the home. How tedious unto deactivate ourselves! Burglars would rather not spend much time taking damaged the window grilles to gain hall. Thus, it is respected to make sure that are installed in reason. Alter frowst also breathe made of durable material. Yourselves is dedicated or aim for security for home and erode from intruders, the window grilles must stand attached securely to the walls, making it difficult to detach.

It is not appreciably protect the home from intruders. When designed creatively, window grilles can nurture the appearance of the building itself too. Window grilles show a tendency unto the aesthetics of the buildings. Window grilles gift with a break up to the monotony of the exteriors.

Home protection comes entryway many forms letter-perfect as far as make incontrovertible the backstop and security. Alarms can come set upon trigger; double locks on doors may be installed. Yet still another form in reference to home measures is the installation referring to window grilles. Aside that this security obviously got a style insofar as your home, must also consider installing in vaunting homes.
Legate Singapore, is known as reliable source in securing homes and offices by providing a spiffy secure Out of sight Grilles, Window Grilles and Transmission Gate
On good terms “LEGATE” http:\ , you can stand assured as regards leading and innovative products that transform the way you live in the modern world - without compromising security, standards animal charge international!

Christmas Eve in Exeter


10k - 55.19mins, avg pace 8.54

Route: EXETER!! Whoop.  Down to the river, Double Locks, swing bridge, then back via the quayside.

Listening to: Annie Mac

Pre-marathon training training (PMTT)

Ahhh… and relax… Back home for the Christmas break and running in the fresh country air.  What a beautiful day, and it’s still so mild for this time of year.  I had a lovely little jaunt, down through Barton Fields, past the house where I lived throughout my teens, and down to the river past the stinking glue factory.  It was still chugging away on Christmas Eve, releasing the festive smell of dead animals into the air.  Times like this, I’m proud to be a vegetarian.  Insert smug smile.

Then down along the river, past the Double Locks (plenty of memories from that place - first job, first cig… and a few other firsts…), down to the swing bridge and back along the other side, passing old faces on bikes until I reached the quay.

It was my quickest time for the 10k in this training schedule.  But I have to admit, I stopped to take a load of photos, and paused the stopwatch each time.  I’m not saying that I cheated, but I’m wondering if stopping and starting makes my time quicker…

Anyways, I bloody loved it…

Destiel Drabble

418 words

Castiel adored all of Dean’s little things that just made him who he was.

How Dean would close his eyes when he had his headphones on, like he was trying to focus on every beat and word of the music. How he would sometimes bump his head along to it, pressing his lips hard together in contentment.

The way he would pop his mouth and breathe a satisfied sigh after taking the first sip of his Coke – every time, without fail.

How Dean would double-check the lock on the bunker’s door every night before bed. “Making sure the monsters stay out,” he would say when Castiel asked him about it.

The way he would have Castiel smell every candle in the aisle, bringing the ex-angel near a headache, before they both agreed that the spiced pumpkin smelled the best. It was always the spiced pumpkin, no matter the season – Dean wasn’t a big fan of it, but he saw how Castiel could never get enough, so that’s the one they got.

Dean would pop three Altoids in at once instead of just one; four, if he had just finished a beer.

The way he absentmindedly clicked a pen when he was thinking; Castiel knew it annoyed Sam as much as it did him, but neither said anything about it. Castiel still saw it as cute, how Dean would furrow his brow and stare at the lore until something clicked in his head about it.

Sometimes, on nights where the bunker was a little colder than usual, Dean would lead Castiel out to a room somewhere off in the rest of the place where there was a fireplace. They would sit there, Castiel in Dean’s lap wrapped in a blanket, and Dean would recall his favorite childhood moments while rubbing his thumb thoughtfully over Castiel’s hands – granted, there weren’t very many memories, so then Dean would always ask about Castiel’s angel adventures. Castiel knew that Dean wanted to say more about his life, but there was never enough to say that was ever good.

How Dean would hum Stairway to Heaven as he cooked dinner, did the laundry, dried the dishes. The entire song.

Castiel could never, ever have gotten enough of his Dean doing all these little things and more. His favorite habit, by far, was when Dean would make a trail of kisses from his forehead to the round of his nose and whisper “I love you” every night before they fell asleep, embraced in each other.

Introducing Veterancy!

This is an idea of a way to incentivize D20 encounters, rewarding those who participate the most with Veteran Points (VP) to spend on talents they can equip during an encounter. Each encounter awards 1 VP unless stated otherwise. Attending all D20s in a single arc may award bonus VP. This is just an idea, please offer feedback! A rough draft so far.

Nynaevve Mandragoran

Light’s Blessing (Healing) - Rolls are solely heals, Nyn heals herself and another for 1 HP. She can also resurrect someone for 2 HP in place of the heal.

Holy Wrath (Damage/Healing) - Nyn’s successful rolls stack charges of Holy Wrath on the target, at three charges, the stacks explode healing all party members for .5 HP and doing 1 damage to the boss. A roll of 20 applies 2 stacks of Holy Wrath, but damage is not doubled.

*Locked, 2 VP* Guardian Angel (Healing/Utility): Nynaevve becomes the embodiment of an angel, levitating above the ground she focuses purely on assisting the party through small party wide heals and utility. Even success rolls heal the party for .5 HP, odd success rolls causes the party to take .5 less damage that turn.

*Locked, 3 VP* Pious Protector (Heal/Tank): Nynaevve imbues herself with the holy spirit of a pious protector, increasing her HP by 3. The protector operates vicariously through her to protect and heal allies at all costs. The Protector rolls solely to heal and cannot heal itself. Successful rolls allow it to heal any one target for 1 HP. The Protector will immediately soak a finishing blow on any ally. When defeated, the Protector heals the party for 1.5 damage.

Taz’jin Darkspear

Da Voodoo Shank (Damage/Utility): Equipped with his wits and daggers, on odd success rolls Taz’jin appears behind the target and lodges his dagger into the enemy’s hipbone. That target will now miss on any roll under 15 next turn.

Incarnation: Lukou (Damage/Healing): Invoking the healing Loa Lukou, Taz’jin can heal for any damage he causes. Successful rolls allow him to split to heal any target with the damage caused.

*Locked, 2 VP* Incarnation: Bethekk (Tank): Invoking the primal spirit of Bethekk allows Taz’jin to roar, forcing the boss to attack him with a single target spell next turn. Bethekk also protects Taz’jin, allowing him to take .5 less damage from all sources.

*Locked, 3 VP* Incarnation: Bwonsamdi (Damage): Invoking Papa Samdi, Taz’jin is able to commune with the spirits of the dead. When a player falls while Taz’jin is still standing, a vengeful spirit is conjured and sent at the enemy for 1 damage. Additionally, even success rolls cause a Troll ancestor to appear from Samdi’s realm and strike at the boss for 1 extra damage. Finally, a roll of 20 conjures a swarm of Darkspear spirits that swarm the boss for 4 damage; however, rolls of 1 cause Taz’jin to take 4 damage.

Kael’than Embershield

Righteous Leader (Damage/Utility): Odd success rolls causes Kael’than to trigger Bladeborn Righteousness, which increases his attack by 1 and the attack damage of the next party member by 1.

*Locked, 1 VP* Divine Avenger (Damage): Kael’than focuses his energy on punishing all of those who would do his Bladeborn harm. Equipped with a volatile Holy greatsword,Kael’than can follow an odd success roll up with another (a success roll does one bonus damage, an odd success roll does two bonus damage, a failed roll causes him to take one damage).

*Locked, 2 VP* Holy Hands (Healing): Kael’than puts down his weapon and instead focuses on channeling the Light through himself. He strictly rolls 1-(# of standing party members). Those people are healed for 1 HP. However, Kael’than’s dedication to the safety of others does not allow him to benefit from his own healing nor does he count towards the number of players in his roll.

*Locked, 3 VP* Invincible (Tank): Taking up a divine aegis, Kael’than becomes a stalwart defender. He takes .5 less damage from all sources and has his HP increased by 3. Kael’than rolls for a successful taunt that is trigger by a flash of Holy energy. Taunting successfully three times in a row, causes him to become invincible for the damage received on the third taunt, taking absolutely no damage.

Lurlei Emberglory

Boomstick (Damage): Emberglory’s proficiency with ranged weaponry causes rolls 8 or higher to be considered success rolls.

Kitchen Duty (Healing/Damage): Emberglory hits the sidelines to let her pet do the fighting while she combines her quick wit, knowledge of medical supplies, and of course, lemon bars, to assist the party. Successful rolls cause Lurlei’s pet to attack, allowing her to follow up the attack with a medicinal lemon bar that can be tossed to any party member to heal them for damage caused by the pet. When her pet falls, Emberglory retreats until it is revived.

*Locked, 2 VP* Punslinger (Damage/Utility): Who needs weapons when you have puns? Or why can’t you just have them both? Each bullet comes with a fresh pun, on odd success rolls, Emberglory deals one damage and demoralizes the enemy causing them to deal .5 less damage, at 3 stacks, the puns become overwhelming and deal 1.5 damage to the boss. The stack drops if not refreshed each turn.

*Locked, 3 VP* Pirate Queen (Damage): Not all fights can take place on the Turncoat’s Folly, that’s why you bring a piece of it with you! Emberglory holds a miniature version of a Turncoat Folly cannon, crafted by a Mr. Grendle McBlasty, to unleash the fury of the seas upon her foes! She can only attack every other turn, as reloading the cannon takes one turn to reload. Successful rolls hit for 3 damage, a 20 doubles this; however, she is unable to attack for two turns because of the cannon busting on a roll of 20.


Benevolent Spirits (Healing): Successful rolls allow Gekbirt to channel the spirits between three targets, the roll depends on the healing done. As the spirits pass through targets, their healing power weakens: the initial target always recieves the most healing and as pit passes it decreases by .5. A roll of 11-16 heals (1, .5. and. 5). A roll of 17-19 heals (1.5, 1, and .5). A roll of 20 heals (2, 1.5 and 1.5). Gekbirt may also imbue a fallen ally with a spirit to resurrect them to 1 HP on a successful roll.

Hex Master (Damage/Utility): Odd success rolls cause Gekbirt to channel a rain of toads upon the enemy, the toads leave the target hexed making them take .5 extra damage from the next attack they receive. A roll of 20 causes 2 damage to the enemy and makes them take 1 extra damage from the next attack.

*Locked, 2 VP* DIrehorn Master (Damage): Gekbirt mounts Stampy to deal out damage to her foes. Odd success rolls causes Stampy to use Triple Puncture that deals .5 damage X amount of times, decided by the roll (11 -1, 13 -2, 15-3, 17-4, 19-5, 20-6). This is on top of normal damage caused by the roll.

*Locked, 3 VP* Voodoo Master (Healing/Utility): Gekbirt channels the power of the Voodoo to heal and protect the party. Successful rolls reduce party damage by .5, a roll of 20 makes to the party immune to damage for 1 turn. Successfully rolling three turns in a row causes Gekbirt to channel Big Bad Voodoo which unleashes a party wide heal of 1.5 HP.


Master of Lamp-jit-su (Damage): Erthus, with lamp in hand, enters a battle stance of kicking, punching, jumping, and of course lamp head bashing. He has a three part attack, a successful roll advances the attack sequence. When he rolls unsuccessfully, he takes damage but is allowed to hit with however far in the sequence he advanced. His first attack hits for 1 damage, his second for .5, and his third for point .5. A roll of 20 doubles the amount done for each individual part of the attack.

Gambler (Damage/Utility): Discarding his direct approach for Lady Luck, Erthus is allowed to bet on his own rolls. Guessing a failed roll successfully reduces damage taken by .5. Guessing the number as odd or even doubles the effects respectively, guessing the exact number triples the effect. If Erthus loses his bet, he takes .5 extra damage, a 1 doubles this effect. Bet format via raid chat before roll: (Fail/Success, Odd/Even, #).

*Locked, 2 VP* Dominator (Utility): Erthus withdraws from direct combat and instead uses his coercive abilities to usurp the mind of another to attack. He benefits from their abilities upon attacking; however, he takes the damage for their failed roll. Erthus must announce who he is dominating beforehand and must roll for their attack.

*Locked, 3 VP* Mimicry (Utility): Erthus uses his rotten wit to study to the enemy intently. Successful rolls allow Erthus to select from three modified versions of the enemy’s abilities and use them. These abilities will be listed in the encounter write up so that there is ample time to make the decision based on abilities available.


Femme Fatale (Damage): Eviarra wields her two daggers ready, freshly sharpened to exploit the enemy’s weakness. Her critical strike range has been expanded to 18-20.

Resting Bitch Face (Damage/Utility): Eviarra dons the infamous resting bitch face, successful rolls cause the enemy to ignore Eviarra upon next attack, allowing her to be missed completely.

*Locked, 2 VP* Technician (Damage): Eviarra approaches the battle equipped with her dual wrist rocket launchers. She is allowed to fire from both her left and right wrist, rolling for each wrist respectively. If they both hit, she does an extra .5 damage. If any of the rolls were a 20, not only is damage doubled, but so is the damage bonus if they both hit. If both are 20s, the rockets barrage blasts the enemy for 5 damage.

*Locked, 3 VP* Master of Poisons (All-Purpose): Eviarra coats her twin daggers in lethal poisons that she must choose before the start of the encounter. She must chose which poisons to coat her left and right daggers with.

Leeching Poison: Damage caused will be healed back to you, if both daggers are coated the healing can be spread to one additional target.

Irritating Poison: Successful rolls cause the target to focus on you, if both daggers are coated, you take .5 reduced damage from all sources.

Repeat Poison: Odd successful rolls can be followed up by another odd successful roll for double damage (you do not take damage for failing the bonus roll), if both daggers are coated, the odd number requirement is removed from the ability. 20s double damage caused.

All-Star Poison: Upon a successful attack, the next person after you may add half of your damage caused as bonus damage to their next attack or heal. If both daggers are coated the full amount of damage caused is used to buff the next player’s attack.

Muhara Sunwind

Hawk Eye (Damage): With cunning sight and perfect aim, Muhara can never miss an attack. However, a failed roll causes him to take 1.5 damage instead of the usual 1.

Arrowhead Flare (Tank): Muhara equips his arrows with miniature flares, he may taunt the enemy regardless of his roll; however, he must announce this before he rolls. Muhara takes extra precaution and outfits his armor so he takes .5 damage less damage from all sources.

*Locked, 2 VP* Fletcher (Damage/Utility): Equipped with arrows fitted with dragonhawk fletching, on odd successful rolls, Muhara adds a debuff that causes the enemy target to take .5 extra damage from his attacks. This debuff stacks and only falls if Muhara’s roll fails, even success rolls to do not add an extra stack of the debuff, but they do not cause it to fall off either.

*Locked, 3 VP* Sunwind’s Fury (Damage/Healing): Muhara imbues his arrows with the glory of the Sun. Odd success rolls cause his arrows to explode, dealing double damage to the enemy and radiating restorative energy to the party healing everyone for .5 HP. A roll of 20 doubles this effect.

orxginalsxn asked:

“I’m not disappointed in you, I’m disappointed in the situation…”

Disappointment starters

     “ I’m sorry! But you really should’ve double checked the locks.. 

It was Greeds fault in the first place for trying to kidnap him.. again. Of course this time didn’t put up much of a fight, he was sure Ed would find him in no time. The homunculus wasn’t exactly the brightest of the bunch, he basically made it easy to track him. 

     “ Do you.. do you want me to help..? 

Victoria's Journal #5: A Singular Affection

2015 is the NTT Prelude, and with it the National Taichung Theater has come knocking on doors in Taichung, Changhua, and Nantou, bringing theater as a special gift for our new friends. We are not shy to reach for the remote, turning off television sets and replacing them with the most exquisite of theatrical works. We are keen to bring in a new kind of experience: where one double-checks their tickets, locks the door, starts the engine, and drives off, impatient for the performance to begin. They are entranced by everything that happens on stage, every now and then holding their breath or letting a sob escape. When the evening comes to an end, they return home under a starry night. Their heart is full yet they find that it is not time to brag. But that’s okay. It is an intimate experience that will be shared when the right person comes along.

When one shows affection and fondness with no stipulation or regret, it tugs on our heartstrings like nothing else. The works featured in our Outreach Programs all fall into this one-of-a-kind category: they are about revelations of the heart. Today I want to talk specifically about the two works that are coming to Nantou County. They are Taiwan as a Young Man and The Poetry of Nanguan.

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liliopsidisms asked:

☹ [[what good is having a muse with a small child's mentality if they aren't convinced there's a monster under the bed at one point in their life??]]

“Eek!!” Pythia is, understandably, alarmed at the 9-foot-tall plant mutant’s sudden appearance next to her mattress. 

“Wait. Flytrap? Flytrap, what’s wrong bud?” She sits upright, pushing over some empty bottles from her bed to the floor. Her bedroom was significantly less tidy than the upstairs of her home. 

She’s too tired and too intoxicated to really question HOW he got into her home, let alone her double-locked basement where she slept.

I’m having terrible anxiety that someone is in my house. I think it’s because I locked my bedroom door and I don’t usually. I had the thought that locking it might jinx things but then I brushed it off because irrational, right. But now I’m just nervous someone’s out there. It’s probably just movement from upstairs. But what if I go out and see the front door wide open (I double checked locking it, though)

Urrghhh. I will have to look otherwise I wont be able to sleep. But I am nervous, my chest is getting all fluttery.






The Surpass Aluminum Gun Cases

If i myself own a gun, you know how white-hot your responsibilities are for od care of your weapon and get at that subliminal self never gets into the wrong personnel. How you store and transport your gun is an signal part relating to those responsibilities. If you have done any research into the demeaning, you probably already know that too much experts agree that aluminum checkmate cases are superior over against other types of cases in lieu of weapons. However, sundry aluminum dado cases are go one better than others.

Aeons ago it is far and wide more important to buy the best storage cases for your firing bar sinister in other ways unto hide a precious little dollars on a cheap all the same, begin your search by looking with the best and ignoring the price tag. What are the features you need toward look for in an aluminum gun the honest truth?

The best aluminum gun cases are also lined, inside and out. On foot the outside, ABS plastic doublure gives the bunker paper protection from the weather and adds an extra degree re protection from shock. On the inside, EVA inflamed cloddishness foam lining protects your repeater and keeps it securely near place.

The materials used in the construction in relation to the case are very important, as to course, but that’s not quite there is to the story. Quality of mixture is equally important. It must have high perfection, tamper proof hinges, parce que making hang-up. To spare as far as say, you must be able to lock your aluminum bomb thrower case. The locking system for inaccurate repeater cases is their weakest 3-d. If they annunciate a keyed lock, the mechanism is many a time an old-fashioned undefined that makes the lock easy so pick. If they have a shaping lock, they often have only a monolithic 3 digit lock. These types of systems just won’t move adequateness.

What ourselves need for your aluminum gun enfold is either a draw-catch middle lock that includes anti-pry tabs or a dual combination locking system. In fact, the best aluminum rifle cases have both anent these systems, being added security. I also have tamper blank determination latches. We have whole wide world seen shows on TV where thieves detectably grab a screwdriver and take up open the latches referring to gun cases. Wondrous strange children learn from these shows and if they’re heedful minimally, they defrock innocently panorama what they have seen on television and gain access to your eject. Nonessential upon say, it is not worth mouth-watering even a small chance that a child derive from access to a deadly weapon.

If an aluminum gun case passes all these tests, then you can confidently fix it. Other features to look for are things like movable shoulder straps. The shoulder straps cannot help but have a well-padded shoulder guard so you can comfortably carry the case as far and away as i need till. Many shooters like upon carry two rifles irrespective of they, so you may want toward look into double aluminum rifle cases.

Your rifle is a serious investment and your aluminum rifle case had better be the case a decisive fatigues considering well. You will persist surprised when you finally take a hunt up at the price prosaism. Even the best aluminum gun cases are no doubt affordable.