i carry a tongue-tied heart
that has forgotten how
to speak in regular beats.
instead, every second
is a stutter, an
explosion under the skin.
a firecracker bubbling.

is there a scientific name for this?

i carry a land mine
between my cheeks. a
battlefield of lovers
fighting in silence.
mouths that trace each scar
back to the beginning:
the downfall of the
very first star.

keep your eyes open.
we don’t want to miss it.

i carry a fist full of
bad habits.
bitten nails.
a pair of good running shoes.
an empty bottle of whatever
i can afford at the time,
as long as it burns
on the way down.

fill my mouth
with the memories of
what could have been.
—  A.Y // double knotted
A good partner: pays attention

Katniss: You have a remarkable memory.
Peeta: I remember everything about you. You’re the one who wasn’t paying attention.
Katniss: I am now.
Peeta: Well, I don’t have much competition here.
Katniss: You don’t have much competition anywhere. [kisses him]

And then we get this conversation in Mockingjay…

Peeta:  Your favorite color…it’s green?
Katniss: That’s right.  And yours is orange.
Peeta: Orange?
Katniss: Not bright orange.  But soft.  Like a sunset.  At least, that’s what you told me once.
Peeta: Oh.  Thank you.
Katniss: You’re a painter.  You’re a baker.  You like to sleep with the windows open.  You never take sugar in your tea.  And you always double-knot your shoelaces. 

She started paying attention guys.  So when he needed her to remember for him…she knew the answers.


“double knotted” hair do

Alone- Newt Imagine Part 1

“Be careful.” Newt said as you tightly double-knotted your running boots.

“That’s the third time you’ve told me that Newt.” you responded. “I’ll be okay. You’ve seen me run. No Griever will catch me.”

“It’s not only the Grievers I’m worried about.” Newt said as you two walked out of the hut you and Teresa shared. 

“What do you mean?” you asked. Newt ran his hand up and down his cheek.

“Just… Make sure you come back, okay love?” you shivered. You always did when Newt called you that. He was the first face you had seen in the Glade, and your best friend. Friend. That was all it would ever be. Newt was second in command, and he was loyal to his responsibilities. That was one of the things you liked about him. But it didn’t matter. This was about getting out of the Glade. You all wanted to live, not survive. You had learned that there was a difference. Newt’s words shook you from your thoughts. “…And not a single scratch on you, okay?” you smiled and held up your pinky. Newt scoffed, but laced his finger with yours. 

“Promise.” you said. And you meant it. You planned on coming out of the Maze. You blushed as Newt kept his pinky in your until you reached Thomas and Minho.

“Don’t worry Newt. I’m gonna be with y/n the entire time.” Thomas said, then saw your face. “Only because it’s your first time!” you sighed, but nodded, then gave Newt one last reassuring word before running in.


“Minho went toward Sector 8, so we’ll be taking Sector 7.” Thomas said. You nodded, taking a sharp right. You ran a few paces before something caught your eye.

“Thomas, look.” you said, slowing down. You peered at the puddle of red. “Thomas, this is blood.” Thomas knit his eyebrows as he crouched down next to you. “Do Grievers bleed?” 

“This… This is Ben’s.” Thomas said in shock. “Shucking-”

“That’s not possible! He was banished a week ago! This is fresh, which means-”

“ What other explanation is there? And if it is fresh, it means he’s close by.” Thomas finished. You both heard a yell, one that sounded like it was in pain.

“MINHO!” you both took off in the direction of the sound, toward Sector 8.

“Over this way!” Thomas yelled. You two found Minho in a small corner covered in vines, holding his leg. Above him stood Ben, panting hard and holding a long, thin, blade. Hearing your footsteps, he turned and made a low growl in your direction before charging you. Ben hit you with such force you were on the ground in no time. Thomas began to move toward you.

“No!” you screamed. “Get Minho!” Ben slammed his weight down on you. You grunted in pain, but felt your fingers close around a rock. You brought your knee up Ben’s crotch, then hit him in the head with your rock. Ben fell almost on top of you, motionless. You ran over to the boys, putting Minho’s arm around your shoulder.

“The Maze is closing soon.” Minho wheezed. He was right, it was getting darker, so you and Thomas picked up the pace. Relief struck you as you saw the opening, and it was even better when you saw Newt waiting. You were wabout to smile when you heard the Maze moan.

And the doors began to close.

You and Thomas started running, reaching the doors when they were halfway shut. You attention turned to Thomas and Minho. We won’t be able to make it. You realized. Looking through the doors, you glanced at Newt one last time. By the look on his face, you could tell he knew what you were going to do.

“Y/n, No!” Newt yelled. You didn’t listen. Pressing your hands on Minho’s and Thomas’s backs, you shoved them forward with everything you had, propelling them through the doors and into the Glade.

“Y/N!” you heard Newt once again. The frantic look on his face broke your heart in two as the two giant slabs of stone closed, sealing you inside. You banged your fists on the doors.

“I’LL KEEP MY PROMISE!” you yelled. You would.

You were making it through the Maze.


渡辺美優紀 (@miyukiofficial9)
2015/07/05 22:17

I had a handshake event in Osaka♪
Thank you very much♡
I had double knotted ponytails☺︎

I also was able to meet with the draftees❤️
I took a photo with the Team BⅡ draftees✨
Please support them☺︎

Your fave is problematic: Peeta Mellark

-too nice to bakery customers

-once forgot to double-knot shoelaces

-probably allows his babies to have the extra cookie even after mama Katniss said no


-just absolute trash

  • Peeta:Your favorite's green?
  • Katniss:That's right. And yours is orange.
  • Peeta:Orange?
  • Katniss:Not bright orange. But soft. Like the sunset. At least, that's what you told me once.
  • Peeta:Oh. [closes eyes] Thank you.
  • Katniss:You're a painter. You're a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces.

Historical picture. 1879 LDS Temple Garment

The garment as first described in the 1840s was a one-piece undergarment extending to the ankles and the wrists, with an open crotch and a collar. It was made of unbleached cotton and was held together with ties in a double knot. Most garments were home-made.

I don’t know about you but I am glad I didn’t live in the 1800’s and have to wear that.

I was tagged by the wonderful ledbyachild for the 20 most beautiful people challenge, so here are my horrible selfies under this here thing.

I’m tagging double-knotted-shoelace, queerclove, xthene, hawthxrns, eccedentesiiastt, kapitalismx, poseidonodairheis, jarofmuses, and anyone else who wants to do it (because I don’t want to tag people and make them feel uncomfortable)

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Help, please!


Next year I will be going to France with my school. The trip costs around $3,000, I believe, give or take. To cover a good portion of the costs, I am making knotted bracelets in different designs. The designs include:

Basic Diagonal Stripe: This design uses at least four different colors, but there is no limit to how many colors can be used. The design goes down in a diagonal direction (duh!). It looks like this:

Chevron: This is somewhat like the Basic Diagonal Stripe, but it has another side to it, which makes it look like a series of multi-colored descending “V”s. Like the Basic Diagonal Stripe, there is no limit to how many colors can be in a single bracelet, but there must be at least four. It looks like this:

The next design in the most simple. It’s called the Double Chain Knot. It is comprised of well… double chain knots! It uses only two colors, and a very simple yet unique design. This is what it looks like:

This next design is like the Chevron, but also not. It is called the Diagonal Threes. Like the Chevron, it has the same “descending V” style, but the Vs are broken up and it almost looks like a braid, but cooler. Here is what the Diagonal Threes bracelet looks like:

The final design is called the Zig Zag. It uses four colors and as the design progresses with the colors, the bracelet turns into a zig-zag shape! Here is what the Zig Zag bracelet looks like: 

“Now why am I showing you these bracelets?” you may ask. Like I said earlier, I am making custom bracelets in order to make money for my trip to France. This trip means a lot to me, and I love making these bracelets. Though I do not have a formal shop set up yet, I can take orders through my inbox with the following:

1: Your wrist size. (In inches, preferably…)

2: Design from above you would like for me to make for you. 

3: Colors you would like me to use in the bracelet. 

4: An address that you are comfortable using so I can send it to you.

When you send an order in through my inbox, I will send you a message back with my address, so that a payment can be made. 

I can do nearly any and every color combination possible, including college colors, sports teams colors, and fandoms! I tend to lean towards the Marvel fandom, as that is what I am most familiar with. For example, I made a Quicksilver themed blue-and-white Chevron, and a Winter Soldier Zig Zag, using red, white, black, and grey. If there is a specific character you would like for me to make with colors, please include that in your message! If you do not want a college/sport team/fandom themed bracelet, then inbox me with 1-4!

Thank you all so much! This means a lot to me, and I hope you can help me make my dream of going to France come true. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Isabella, AKA thewinterblogger