i carry a tongue-tied heart
that has forgotten how
to speak in regular beats.
instead, every second
is a stutter, an
explosion under the skin.
a firecracker bubbling.

is there a scientific name for this?

i carry a land mine
between my cheeks. a
battlefield of lovers
fighting in silence.
mouths that trace each scar
back to the beginning:
the downfall of the
very first star.

keep your eyes open.
we don’t want to miss it.

i carry a fist full of
bad habits.
bitten nails.
a pair of good running shoes.
an empty bottle of whatever
i can afford at the time,
as long as it burns
on the way down.

fill my mouth
with the memories of
what could have been.
—  A.Y // double knotted

“double knotted” hair do


You laughed lightly at the joke Dean had just told, he was smiling as he walked along side you. “Oh hey, you’re shoe’s undone” he said nodding his head towards it. “Thanks” you said, bending over and tying your lace, double knotting it so it wouldn’t undo again. You looked over your shoulder and saw Dean. He was biting his lip, his eyes fixated on your butt. You smirked lightly and fake coughed as you stood up, snapping him from you daze. “What were you looking at?” you asked in a teasing tone. Dean removed his lip from his teeth and grinned at you devilishly. 

Good Enough, Part One

A/N: So this is my first time posting a Supernatural fanfiction, and I haven’t written any fanfiction in literally years, so I’m a little nervous! I’m totally a Sam girl, but I had this idea for a Reader x Dean oneshot that I wanted to write, and then it got a little out of control. Right now it’s three parts (I like detail, okay?), and I’m almost finished. I thought I would post the first part, just to see if anyone read it! If you do read it, please please please let me know what you think! I’ll post part two over the weekend!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: injury/blood/stitches, low self esteem, heartache

You slid your foot into your black combat boot, double knotted the laces, and then pulled the hem of your dark denim jeans down over it. From the top of your dresser you grabbed your pistol and then holstered it inside the waistband of your jeans. You pulled on your thick army green jacket, zipped it up over your black v-neck t-shirt, and then glanced in the mirror to pull your long hair back into a ponytail. After slipping your knife into the small holster in your pocket, you picked up your bag off the bed and headed out to meet the boys.

It had been nearly a year now that you’d been staying at the bunker with Sam and Dean Winchester. It had started out as a temporary thing—your dad had been a good friend of Bobby Singer’s, and the Winchester boys had bailed you out in the middle of a hunt gone bad. Your dad didn’t make it, and you’d been badly injured, so the boys had brought you bad to the bunker with them to heal up and grieve. But you needed to work; it helped take your mind off of everything—both the agony of losing your Dad and the lingering pain in your left shoulder. So after a few weeks, you’d started accompanying the guys when they would find a job, and you’d proved invaluable. The three of you had never really talked it over, it was just assumed that you would stick around. And you liked it here. You couldn’t imagine hunting alone, and the bunker was really starting to feel like home. And besides that, Sam and Dean had become great friends and partners. At this point, you didn’t want to be anywhere else.

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  • Baz:double knots his shoelaces
  • Baz:brushes teeth at least after every meal
  • Baz:always tucks his shirt in
  • Baz:trades books reccs with literally everybody
  • Baz:builds a bunny shrine for his meals in the forest
  • Baz:rants about Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo, Jane Austen for hours on end
  • Baz:is called "Tyrannus Basilton Pitch the Third"
  • Simon:so cool, so unattainable. Pls take your shirt off
DIY: Pom-Pom Bouquet!

Don’t get Mum flowers this Mother’s Day because, well, they’ll die. We know it’s sad, but it’s true.

Make her a bouquet of pom-poms instead with this awesome DIY Pom-Pom Bouquet, now you’re talking! Have you ever met anyone that hated a pom-pom? Didn’t think so! What is there to hate? So fluffy and colourful, and they feel so nice when you rub them on your face too…. Oh, nobody else does that? Awkward!


Cut out the template found on the back of the packaging. After selecting the yarn colour, use approximately a third of the length to wrap around the template as shown below.


Using the same coloured yarn as in step 1, cut a length of approximately 20cm, then feed it through the inner side of the slit on the template. Secure very tightly using a double knot. TIGHTLY PEOPLE!


Using sharp scissors carefully cut the yarn at the top and bottom of the template so that you’re left with a bow like shape.


Carefully slide out the template and put aside. Fluff up the yarn and begin to trim the longer strands of the yarn until you are happy with the shape of your pom-pom. Ha-ha, pom-pom is such a funny word.


Next, insert a stick through the middle of the pom-pom until it sits firmly at the top of the stick. Repeat the above steps until you have the desired amount of pom-poms.


Once you’re happy with how your pom-pom’s are looking, neatly tie some ribbon around the middle of the sticks to create your bouquet! Place in a milk bottle for the perfect display or add a gift card.

Tip: Use ceramic markers to personalise the milk bottle. Cute!

AU Short Stories that won't leave my head - 2/?

“Katniss? Come here!”

Wiping her hands on a towel, Katniss left the kitchen to find Peeta standing in the front entryway with a puppy in his hands.

It was covered in mud and looked to be underfed, it’s fur matted in places, and had no collar. But despite it’s situation, she didn’t think it could look happier, it’s tail wagging a mile a minute, matching the excitement in Peeta’s eyes.

“Look who wandered up while I was watering the flowers,” he said in a high pitched voice, scratching the dog between the eyes.

The little Golden Retriever looked to be smiling, Peeta’s face being very similar, even to the tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

He turned to Katniss. “I felt a tug and looked down. He was trying to untie my shoelaces. But because I double knotted them, he wasn’t getting very far.” He chuckled, looking back to the pup. “He got very frustrated.”

Katniss approached the pup, reaching out to pet it, startling when it launched out of Peeta’s arms toward her. She caught it just in time and started laughing as she was attacked by puppy kisses.

“Well, looks like you’ll have to start double knotting all your shoelaces, Peeta. No lace is safe.”

Saturday nights in with jetlagged boyfriend luke would consist of movie marathons and pizza and cuddling on the couch until luke gets bored of reciting mean girls and he takes out his phone and you guys play around on the Fatify app until you’re doubled over in knots of laughter and luke does that squinty eye laugh and scrunches up his nose and cuddles you tighter against his chest and please