Urartian Bronze Belt with Winged & Double-Headed Hybrid Creatures, 8th-6th Century BC

This bronze belt bears the strange images of winged sphinx-like and siren-like creatures with the heads of humans, horses, lions and other creatures. Some have the tail of a fish or bird while others have a ram’s head on the tail.

Each house as: Carrie Fisher tweets
  • Gryffindor: That chain only"enslaved"me until I could use the frabjous thing to KILL THAT DROOLING SWOLLEN SUPERTONGUED SLUG&whirl him off into infinity
  • Hufflepuff: [under a group pic of TFA] Finn,Rey,General"my floating head" Baboon Ass Hair &Double Headed Boy Dark Side o'Fries
  • Ravenclaw: Where is the jig when it's not up? I want a postcard from there. Any takers?
  • Slytherin: Apparently Gary is the Hot Slut of the Day..damn! Missed again!The main thing is that my stockings R from the V&A
Jughead & Reader: The Jacket

Summary: When Betty bails on Jughead after he’s given the Serpent jacket, you step up and try to figure out what’s going on with your best friend. The feelings you’ve had for him are hard to hide when you spend the night alone with him.

Requested by: anonymous

Listen to: Waves - Dean Lewis

Betty Cooper burst into the student lounge Monday morning looking more panicked than you had ever seen her. Her normally well-kept, slicked back hair was frizzy and out of place. She looked like she hadn’t sleep in days. 

“What’s going on?” You asked her as she paced back and forth behind the couch. She ran her fingers through her hair and sighed, making you and Kevin, who was sitting by your side, nervous.

She turned to the two of you. “It’s Jughead,” she started. 

Immediately you felt more alert at the sound of your best friend’s name. You sat up straight and gave Betty your full attention. “What about him?”

Betty shook her head. “He’s going… dark. He’s becoming a Serpent.”

Your eyes widened. “What? You’re not serious.”

“I was just at FP’s trailer with him and while we were…” She looked around nervously and decided to not continue. “The serpents came and knocked on the door. They offered him a jacket. The same kind of jacket all the Serpents wear.”

Kevin looked at you and Betty in surprise. “Would Jughead really do that?” He asked.

You shook your head. “Betty, I know Jughead better than anyone.” She gave you a slight glare because she was always jealous of your friendship with Jughead. “He’s not just going to turn to the group that almost pulled his family apart.”

“Well you weren’t there,” Betty said in a little bit of a snotty tone. “I saw it. He’s going to the dark side.” She sat on the chair opposite you and Kevin and crossed her arms. “I can’t even look at him. It makes me so angry that he would do that. That he would just turn on us.”

You didn’t reply. You just sat quietly as Betty and Kevin talked about Jughead’s “dark” future. Could he really be a Serpent?

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anonymous asked:

what's the name of the weapon you gave coran in the kotp au? is it a lance, spear idk the difference asdfghjkl

I’ve been referring to it as a staff/double headed spear in my head. 

Something like this-

It’s also got a bunch of other features. No blades, single blade or double blades. Spin it fast enough and it can deflect blasts. Can shoot blasts. Blades can change shape (even has a lance mode).

So many deadly sticks in one long stick. That’s what it’s called.


Double-headed!? Narcissus, Amaryllidaceae

Daffodils have always been one of the strongest signs spring was finally there for me, but I have never appreciated so much abundance and variety before moving to Scotland. Here they are so widespread and well established that a short walk during this period of the year is enough to spot a dozen hybrids and a combination of colours and shapes. Daffodils are some of the most common ornamental geophytes in temperate climates, and maybe that’s why I wasn’t even going to write about them this season, but then I came across a double-headed one! 

I tried to find any data about the incidence of this phenomenon, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything, at least in English or Italian. I have never seen it before and this would make me assume it is a rare enough occurrence I was lucky enough to photograph it! Has anybody else encountered double-headed daffodils? 


Small Arrow Tattoos

“For as ‘tis not the length of the beard, or the coarseness of the habit which makes a philosopher, so neither will those frequent shavings, or the mere wearing [of] a linen vestment constitute a votary of Isis; but he alone is a true servant or follower of this Goddess, who after he has heard, and been made acquainted in a proper manner with the history of the actions of these Gods, searches into the hidden truths which is concealed under them, and examines the whole by the dictates of reason and philosophy.”

- Plutarch’s Morals

What BTS would drink


Would be a sipper

Wants a strong drink because of his high tolerance (esp. since he’s having food

Looks cute but hella strong just like him help me

Drink: New Year’s Purple Shimmering ‘Champagne’


Can hold hit liquor (shots, obviously)

Still a kid so wants it colourful

“It’s totally rum, not pineapple juice!”

Drink: Coco Peach Shooters


Fun but classy as fuck

Something a bit dangerous although he’d be scared shitless by the fire

Drinks something super fruity

Drink: Double Headed Dragon


Aims to be tipsy and not drunk

Goes for dairy to ‘line his stomach’ that’s not how any of this works RM

Gets shots to match with the rapper line

Drink: Shamrock Shooters


Tolerance high as fuck

Wants it to hit him slow and then all at once gotta be vodka

90% alcohol, 10% mixer

Drink: Life Saver Long Island Iced Tea


Loves getting smashed i.e. the fun drunk

10/10 would buy the craziest/most expensive drink at the bar

Wants to represent both his suave and cute nature

Drink: Allure’s Way


Physiologically, so much muscle, he has to be tolerant to a large extent

Taste, smell and sensation (e.g. fizz) all play a factor

A whole lotta drink but not a lotta alcohol he would chug it from the jug

Drink: Blue Lagoon Sangria

All these fabulous drinks are from tipsy bartender, go check out his YouTube channel because he is a GENIUS.

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hey i'd be super interested to know what your thoughts on the new anastasia costumes are. I am personally in love with the red gown

First, OH MY. I went to the Anastasia tag to find a specific costume gif set I saw last week. Turns out there’s lots of porn tagged Anastasia. LOTS. This is where I wish Tumblr made it possible to search for two tags at once…

All the naked ladies aside… I rather like what they’ve done with the costumes. A standout-scene for me is the “ghosts” in the ballroom scene, where the dancing royalties and nobilities in the background really looks like shadows of the past

This is so well done it sends shivers down my spine. And of course, their silvery, glittering attires has that strong 1900s imperial look, and is well contrasted by Anastasia’s rougher brown clothes.

The addition of the red/gold ball gown is also a welcome change. I question the silhouette a bit, it looks more 1950s Dior that something you’d see in the 1920s. But it’s a gorgeous piece in itself. I also read designer Linda Cho wanted to give a feeling of something typical Russian and also imperial, with the “Russian” red colour and a bodice decorations which was meant to visually remind of the double-headed imperial eagle:

Not sure many gets the eagle symbolism, but the red will at least be understood. And red is also an epic stage colour. Of all of the Anastasia musical costumes, the red dress is IMO the most memorable one and one we’ll probably see in cosplays. There’s lots of fantastic costumes in the musical, but few really sticks out and tickles my OMG-I-HAVE-TO-MAKE-THAT gene.

I also love that there’s a stronger focus on the blue gown. It looks lovely, with interesting decorations, and quite regal overall:

Though *slightly* in danger of envoking the Chrysler Building gown from The Producers… Though to be fair, the gown from The Producers is made to look like Anastasia and the style of that era, so the references are quite overlapped! Just happy Anastasia is not wearing a Kokoshnik (big screen-like headgarb with beading), like Roger DeBris is… 

(”I’m supposed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but I think I look more like the Chrysler Building“)

OK, back to the case here… I overall like the Anastasia costume design a lot. The costumes are telling something about the characters, and they envoke the period and the style of the respective eras. Only negative comment is probably that there’s not all that many stand-out pieces and showstoppers. But a solid piece of design anyway. :)

Pack Your Bags

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Turning Thirty

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Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

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