UPG Epithets of Aker

He Who Safeguards the Underworld

He Who’s Beneath

Opener of Gates

He Who Restrains Chaos

Dappled One

He Who Carries Ra Upon His Back

He Who Imprisons Evil

Provider of Safe Passage

Guardian of the Underworld

He Who Wards off Evil

Guard of the Horizon

Protector of Wesir

Double-Headed One

He Who Prepares the Way for the Sun God

Old Lord of Earth

Welcomer of the Deceased 

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“For as ‘tis not the length of the beard, or the coarseness of the habit which makes a philosopher, so neither will those frequent shavings, or the mere wearing [of] a linen vestment constitute a votary of Isis; but he alone is a true servant or follower of this Goddess, who after he has heard, and been made acquainted in a proper manner with the history of the actions of these Gods, searches into the hidden truths which is concealed under them, and examines the whole by the dictates of reason and philosophy.”

- Plutarch’s Morals

A collection of three ancient rings from Bonhams. The top is an ancient Roman jet intaglio of Asclepius with a snake, and the middle is a Roman jasper intaglio of a double headed man. The final ring is Phoenician, made of gold and agate. The Roman rings date to the 2nd to 3rd century CE, though the source gave no date for the Phoenician ring. 

“Occultism is the science of energy; and occult meditation is based on mental activity in receiving, wielding and directing energy.”

Alice Bailey - Letters on Occult Meditation


Small Arrow Tattoos


The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram. Hermetic Qabalah )O(

I was just thinking, if the HTTYD books were turned into a movie or TV series without any changes at all… it would be really violent. Because of:

  • The dragon that bit Hiccup’s leg and held on as he jumped from Wild Dragon Cliff
  • The dragon Gobber beheaded with his double-headed axe
  • Fireworm and Killer “ripping chunks out of each other” or something along those lines
  • Toothless’s chest wound
  • The Skullion’s horn grazing Hiccup’s chest and giving him That Scar™
  • That whole scene with Stoick and the Fighting-Against-Superior-Numbers Maneuver
  • The gladiator arena scene??? Like seriously how was that allowed to be in a children’s book???
  • The reindeer and Goliath but we won’t talk about him getting brutally sliced open one by one with no mercy
  • The water on the deck of the American Dream 2, described as red with blood after the Leviathorgan attack
  • The Berserk village being, you know, on fire (and Camicazi gleefully murdering Berserks left and right at the tender age of eleven)
  • Very Vicious’s Monstrous Nightmare being killed and nearly all the boys wounded during the dragon attack
  • The Razorwings who would sometimes accidentally chop of the heads of the dragons flying near them and “heads screaming and breathing fire and spitting lightning bolts fell into the gorge below” or something along those lines
  • Basically the whole series past Book 9

And that’s just the things I can remember off the top of my head.

Like… there’s so much violence that is kind of glossed over and accepted as almost a part of the setting. Which really goes to show how easy it is to hide this stuff in books. And it’s not just for HTTYD—I have noticed that movie adaptations tend to markedly tone down the violence compared to their books. I don’t know, it was just an interesting midnight thought.

my grandma’s double yellow headed amazon Echo is very fun to talk to but he does not like other people’s hands being near him besides my grandma, One day he flew into her house and never left, he’s 25 now! I’m trying to help her by showing her new and better ways to care for him, it’s slow but she is very open to new ideas which will help Echo be happier and healthier

I wish i could hold him, but playing voice games with him is good enough, he loves to laugh at me when I stub my toes or drop my phone onto my face when I’m sitting on the couch

I can’t wait to have my own birds - @birdiaries

So some people think Youjo Senki has to deal with Nazis or Nazi Germany, let me clear that up.

1: The double headed eagle coat of arms is one set by the German Federation back in 1848, and had been used previously in history by others such as Albania and the Byzantine Empire. The one used by the Nazi’s is entirely different and consisted of a loosely drawn single headed eagle in its initial version, and a very sternly drawn eagle in the second and more famous version. The coat of arms in the show is a double headed dragon that sorta looks like an eagle.

2: There has been no talk or showing of Hitler, the Nazi party, the Jewish star, or concentration camps.

3: The flag shown is a simple black bar with a white outline going across a red background. The thing is that red, black, and white have been German colors since 1867. The general layout of the flag - with the single black bar stretching across, nothing occupying the corners, and any symbols being centered, is also much closer to the Urburschenschaft’s flag which was set in 1816. In other words, it’s as different as it can be whilst still being German and appropriate for WWI.

4: It’s an alternate WWI. This means that the Germans haven’t lost yet, and more importantly, they haven’t signed the Treaty of Versailles. Why is this important? Well the reason that Hitler was able to rise to power was because he festered on people’s depression and need to direct their hatred towards something. Being that they haven’t lost the war and signed the Treaty yet, they aren’t living in the terrible post WWI conditions that the real Germans lived in, meaning that there isn’t the same negativity for Hitler to fester and use to rise into power.

5: Continuing from the fact that the Treaty wasn’t signed, but on a different note: The Weimar Republic doesn’t exist. Yes, I know the Weimar Republic didn’t originate because of the Treaty, but it was a sign of the loss to come and following that, point #4. The Weimar republic originated from a rebellion in late 1918 for those that don’t know, but it’s important to note that this rebellion started due to the people’s lack of faith and support in their government for losing the war - what I mean is that by time the rebellion occurred, WWI was pretty much lost, this much was implicitly decided when the Spring Offensive of 1918 failed. Being that in the show they aren’t losing, then this all would have never happened. Now as for why the Weimar Republic is important, well it’s what Hitler used as his stepping stone into power. The Republic gave him something to target and show that democracy and their government as it is will not save their people, and after he was thrown in jail by the Republic for his outcry’s, he was able to write Mein Kampf - his ideologies and policies. TLDR: No Republic = no stepping stone for Hitler and his Nazi party + people in the show still support their current non-Nazi government.

6: What is their current government? Well pretty much all signs point to the German Empire. It’s even referred to that in the show, “The Empire”. In real life the Empire lasted from 1871 to 1919, and from the way it was structured it would not have allowed Hitler to rise up as he did and control the country. The German Empire was also unaffiliated with the Nazi party.

The only question isn’t whether or not it’s okay for there to be Nazi’s in the show, because there are none. The question is whether or not it’s okay to show imperialization as being this glorified, which is an entirely different conversation and not one I hold an opinion on.