Some Websites

I was meant to post this in April, but life distracted me from the vast space internet can be and I forgot about it. Today, after a well-deserved celebration and a small earthquake, I had an epiphany and the post is finally here.

When you’re working on essays, thesis, homeworks, research, among others, you can stumble with different websites. Internet can be a double-edge sword, the trick is knowing how to use it, and when to stop. Here are a few websites that can be your friends.

There are many others websites to look into for information, but at the end of the day, we all choose the ones we, first, understand, and second, have what we need.


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No, he was a good king… but fate served his family a double edge sword killing them all before Richard could really change England.

Imagine if Richard had remained King… with Anne and Edward also surviving when the ‘New World’ was “discovered”? Or the change with the Renaissance… omg. The world would have been so different.

the signs as lorde lyrics

aries: “I’m sitting pretty on my throne, there’s nothing more I want, except to be alone.”

taurus: “we gladiate, but I guess we’re really fighting ourselves.”

gemini: “all the double-edged people and schemes.”

“chance is the only game I play with, baby we let our battles choose us.”

“you could try and take us, but victory is contagious.”

“we might be hollow but we’re brave.”

“in all chaos there is calculation.”

“dropping glasses just to hear them break.”

“it’s a new art form, showing people how little we care.”

“only bad people live to see their likeness set in stone.”

“let ‘em talk ‘cause we’re dancing in this world alone.”

“They try to tell us all we’ll lose, but it’s so easy in this blue, where everything is good.”



emika - double edge

Trying to convince a friend to watch Ink because it's awesome...

…and am now looking at the itunes soundtrack of it.

Guys, it’s 9.99 that’s like way more then I spend on itunes at one time ever.

Guys, I’m not sure I care I love this soundtrack so much.

Guys, watch Ink please because it’s a little slow, it’s not as polished as some big budget hollywood thing (it’s a low budget indie movie), but it’s got a lot of heart.

Guys, it’s free on Hulu and on Netflix and I heard it got put on youtube recently.

Guys, I’m serious watch it or I’ll cry. 

Listen/purchase: Double-Edge by Equilibria

Still really fucking proud of this track. Probably my best melodic work to date and a show of how well me and Ionic Force work together when we’re Equilibria, and to think this was Equilibria’s debut. I know it has mastering problems and the project was a pain in the ass (files corrupting, delay issues, restarting the whole thing from scratch halfway through, and so on), but I’m still amazed on how the final product turned out.

The harmonies in the last break and the hard hitting final drop still get me to grin like mad.

I also wanted to mention Kansaibou, who was kind enough to allow us to use his awesome art for our cover art and we are extremely grateful for that. I definitely feel it adds to the track’s “plot”.