kittyit a list of least/most toxic real housewives 4 u

new york (altho not my fav there are some real #moments and sonja is a spiritual guide)
miami (my personal favorite because they practice witchcraft and all openly have tons of plastic surgery {lisa hochstein is a true ray of light})
atlanta (the looks are amazing as is p much every cast member)
orange county (a good place to start {start at season 3} they are the all actual housewives and very trashy which can be a double edged sword)
new jersey (close contender in both looks and toxicity but kind of hard to watch because you get the sense there is such deep dark hate for one another and it’s all like weird familial drama)
beverly hills (see previous post also r.i.p. joyce)

Is Discovery Channel Hurting the Field of Cryptozoology?

The latest TV shows about legendary and mythological monsters will undoubtedly attract massive audiences. Whether they receive good reviews or not, that’s a different story.

Mass-media is a double-edged sword and, in the right hands, disinformation can become a powerful weapon. After years and years of hunting down these creatures, these documentaries have failed to answer the most important question of all – do they or don’t they exist?

Monster hunting shows seem to follow a certain pattern. The audience is given some information about the monster, witnesses are interviewed, and clues are examined. All’s fine and dandy until some dubious details make us question their veracity.

Source: Top Secret Writers

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What are your religious views or views on religion?

I like the idea but it’s often perverted by people using it as a way to gain power and causes needless divisions between people. People will kill for a belief, deny other’s their existence and jeopardize lives but then will also help others so it’s a bit of double edged sword.

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I wanted to either submit a quote for you or ask you where it's from. Have you seen this one allegedly from Lindsey before? "I really didn't get the ending of it, we were sort of together, yes there were problems but nothing that bad to break up. She didn't want to be my wife or have babies or be engaged or live with me anymore but she wanted me to produce her music." I found it in a comment on YT vid titled "Stevie Nicks on Her Break-Up..." I googled it to no avail. Have you seen this?

The first bit doesn’t really sound familiar on a first read, though it may be a paraphrase, and he has talked about them ‘sort of’ being together, in that their ending wasn’t as clear-cut as John and Christine’s. The second part sounds a little bit like a quote from STEVIE in Rolling Stone, though it often gets attributed to Lindsey.

"That’s where the double-edged sword came," Nicks says, "whether he wanted to help me or not: ‘So, you don’t want to be my wife, my girlfriend, but you want me to do all that magic stuff on your songs. Is there anything else that you want, just, like, in my spare time?’"


…because why not? +

Medieval Double-edged Sword

  • Dated: 1250-1330 A.D.
  • Culture: European

A fine example of the classic ‘knightly’ sword. This double-edged sword was found in the River Witham near Lincoln. It is an extremely well preserved example of the type of sword which was common from about 1300.

When new this sword would have been a fine weapon, and probably owned by a wealthy individual or knight. It is likely that the blade was manufactured in Germany, which was the centre of blade manufacture in Europe at this time. The blade is made of steel, which combines a sharply honed edge with the flexibility not to shatter in use, and is inlaid with gold wire to form an inscription which is yet to be deciphered.

Although the blade is most probably German, the sword is English, and would have been fitted with a hilt. The cross-shaped hilt is characteristic of swords of this period and is associated with Christianity. The sword is part of the ceremony of Knighthood, and the cross-shaped hilt of such swords, used by knights, acknowledge the Christian duties a knight must fulfil, defending the church.

The blade is unusual as it has two fullers, or grooves, running parallel down its length on each side. A Viking origin has been suggested for the sword on the basis of the fullers, the pommel and the letter forms of the inscription. However, it is apparent that the pommel, inscription and the blade shape are more characteristic of Medieval European swords than those of Viking origin.

Source: © Trustees of the British Museum


Me and my wife went to Bern because of the event Museumsnacht (night of museum) where you pay about $ 25 and can visit every museum in Bern from 6 PM to 2 AM. It was amazing, will go again next year. ‹:

I wanted to do a toned down fairy kei outfit. A girl in the train came up to me and literally praised me to heaven for having the balls to wear what I want and said she envies me. I still feel a bit embarrassed, yet proud and happy to get such compliments from strangers. Actually, I’m really surprised by how often somebody stops by and asks “This is j-fashion, right?” etc. I never expected so many people in Switzerland would come up to me and ask me out, it’s not that common here. It’s also sweet how shy they are at first, ugh, babies//// Thank you all for the support! ι( ・ิ[・ิ )/

Outfit Rundown:

Wig: taobao
Usamimi & glasses: eBay
Seifuku top: from my friend Aki
Scarf, sweater and pants: milklim
Shoes: taobao (Hanaのxxx shop)
Umbrella: local store
Backpack: taobao