The most overwhelming reality of school is CONTROL. School controls the way you spend your time (what is life made of if not time?), how you behave, what you read, and to a large extent, what you think. In school you can’t control your own life. […] What the educators apparently haven’t realized yet is that experiential education is a double-edged sword. If you do something to learn it, then what you do, you learn. All the time you are in school, you learn through experience how to live in a dictatorship. In school you shut your notebook when the bell rings. You do not speak unless granted permission. You are guilty until proven innocent, and who will prove you innocent? You are told what to do, think, and say for six hours each day. If your teacher says sit up and pay attention, you had better stiffen your spine and try to get Bobby or Sally or the idea of Spring or the play you’re writing off your mind. The most constant and thorough thing students in school experience — and learn — is the antithesis of democracy.
—  Grace Llewellyn, The Teenage Liberation Handbook
  • Tsunade: How did your mission go?
  • Kakashi: If I tell you now, does that mean I still have to do a mission report?
  • Tsunade: Don't ask stupid questions. Of course you still need to fill out a report.
  • Kakashi: In that case… you'll know in the next couple days.
  • Tsunade: *rolling her eyes*: That report better not be a one line summary either. None of this 'we laid down the law' crap either.
  • Kakashi: I thought that one was rather clever,
  • Tsunade: Your brand of clever is not appreciated on official reports. A full report, Kakashi, or I'll assign an ANBU guard to stand over your shoulder while you write it.
  • Kakashi: Seeing as I know most of the ANBU guards, I could just talk them into writing it for me.
  • Tsunade: I don't care, just so long as I have that report on my desk, with proper mission related detail, in two days.
  • Kakashi: *sighing*: Fine… But only because you didn't beam me in the head with a paperweight.
  • Tsunade: Sorry, I threw the last one at Genma earlier today.
Whatever this thing is supposed to be

So… Someone over @alexfierrno​ asked for aro-ace aphrodite children headcanons (or something of sorts) and, even though this isn’t exactly what they where going for in the first place, this small thing is what I came up with.

This is here because I’ll probably not be able to find it again otherwise… (so in case I ever think of using it, kind of properly worded of course. I’m not really sure why I’m putting this over here, to be honest)

  • A child of Aphrodite that came to camp already fully aware that love is not just related to romantic or sexual things, that thinks platonic love is just as important and even views it as more sometimes because it’s the only type of love they have ever experienced.
  • A child that doesn’t really get romance but sometimes gives rather decent advice about relationships because they think of them as a variation of friendship that implies more physical contact.
  • A child that sometimes doesn’t really get the way people talk about romantic love although they understand where those words come from as well as consider those feelings just as valid as their own, even though they can’t say that they have really experienced them in the past.
  • A child that views Valentine’s day as a day to celebrate all kind of love, although they celebrate it as one where they celebrate friendship and family.
  • A child that doesn’t really care if other people glance them in a rather weird way or imply they just need to grow up, that they’ll get someone, since they stopped paying mind to those while they were with their mortal parent, having grown up with the idea that they can be the only ones that can define themselves, not society or someone else.

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concept: protective pidge

uMM excuse me this is not a concept this is 100% canon let me explain you many many things

I think being protective of others is a double-edged sword, and we see it with Pidge a lot.

If you fall under the list of people who believe Pidge didn’t tell her mother she was breaking back into the Garrison, in a way, I see her not telling her mother as a form of protection. If you can tell me you firmly believe Iverson would only arrest Pidge on treason, I’d argue otherwise.

The Garrison might’ve gotten Colleen into trouble. If Katie’s a minor (I headcanon her to be at least 16. I see Pidge at 14, but Katie at 16), her mom might have gotten in trouble with the Garrison, too.

She also tried to protect her mother from the Garrison’s lies. Yeah, she definitely had her own motivations to uncovering the truth. She knew that there was something more to Matt and Sam’s disappearances than what official sources told her. But in doing so, she might’ve been trying to give her mother hope. (I’ll own up to these being a stretch.)

ANYWAYS, onto more solid canon things regarding Pidge.

In “Return of the Gladiator,” Pidge learns that Shiro attacked Matt at some point. She looked like she was ready to take him down; luckily she managed to calm down enough and then later we learn Shiro saved Matt. (Lucky for Shiro, really.)

Pidge is super protective of her teammates. Yeah, she’s aloof and unsure at first, but she pushes past this. But that’s really not until the Castle of the Lions Siege arc. It breaks my heart because I’ve seen so many fans disregard the things she said and did during those episodes.

Pidge could’ve left earlier than she planned to during that arc. But she stayed longer than she probably intended. Not only that, but she saved her teammates’ lives by sabotaging Sendak and Haxus’ plans. Also, Lance can suck it because he is NOT the one who “shot Sendak’s arm off.” That was Pidge. And she didn’t just shoot it off. Oh, no. She sliced that sucker off with her bayard. Not to mention she killed a Galra onscreen (RIP Haxus). I don’t think anyone else has done that. 

Had Pidge not stepped up to the challenge in that arc, her team would have died. I really hate it when people make the claim that Pidge needs protection. But all of those dumb but lovable boys would be dead without her protecting them.

Note that my memory of season 2 is foggy because I haven’t re-watched as many times as I have the first season of VLD. (I’m really bitter about S2, and I will stop talking about that bitterness here otherwise I won’t shut up about it.)

But when Ulaz broke into the Castle, what was Pidge’s first move? Stealth attack. Protecting her team and the Castle. Sure, she ended up getting dragged (literally!) for it, but she still tried to protect them.

And in the comics, there’s a moment in the third issue (MY FAV BECAUSE MY GIRL’S FRONT AND CENTER) that I fucking love. If you haven’t read it, spoilers ahead.

Basically she has to fight all of the other Paladins. She knows all of their weaknesses and uses them to win.

Well, all of them except Shiro, that is.

She can’t think of any of his weaknesses except for his PTSD. She probably could’ve found a way to trigger it, but here’s the thing: SHE DOESN’T GO THAT ROUTE. Instead of choosing to hurt Shiro though a debilitating means, she takes a risk and hacks his Galra hand to “freeze.” (She wasn’t sure if it would work, but my girl got lucky.)

So yeah, Pidge is protective af.

Sakura and Kakashi Grocery Shopping
  • Sakura: You smell like you crawled into every dumpster between here and Suna!
  • Kakashi: Perhaps I didn't mention this, but I just got back from a mission.
  • Sakura: That's no excuse to slack off on cleanliness. Maybe you should go down the personal hygiene aisle too. There's a sale on soap; buy one, get one free.
  • Kakashi: Really? That's a good deal.
  • Sakura: No limit either.
  • Kakashi: Thanks for the tip… but I think I'll pass for now. Don't want to take away from others in desperate need of washing, you know.
  • Sakura: *rolling her eyes*: How very thoughtful of you.
  • Kakashi: You know me, always looking out for others.
  • Sakura: Right.

A Fine Cased Ormolu-Mounted Sword Presented By The British Government To Mr. Rudolph Dufwa, Capitaine De Corvette, September 1856, by Victor Harold & Co., Sword Cutlers To Her Majesty, London, Dated 1856

With curved blade (minor areas of rust patination) double-edged towards the point, brightly etched against a grey ground along nearly its entire length on one side with the presentation inscription on scrolls against a ground of foliage involving a naval trophy at the forte and a dolphin towards the point, and on the other with foliage involving further naval trophies, a pair of dolphins, and the maker’s details at the forte, the hilt comprising quillons each cast, pierced and chased in the round as a foliate scroll, a foliated shield between on both sides with applied dolphin entwined on an anchor, lion’s head pommel, its mane forming the back-piece, and with a ring in its mouth carrying the original gilt bullion and blue cord sword-knot, and wire-bound fishskin-covered grip, in original wooden scabbard covered in blue velvet with ormolu mounts en suite with the hilt including crossed branches of laurel, the suspension mounts each with a ring for suspension, and in fine condition retaining all its original gilding: in original fitted highly figured rosewood case lined in burgundy velvet with its original belt and suspension straps of blue leather embroidered with scrolls in silver-gilt threads, the ormolu mounts en suite with the hilt, the buckle with applied crown framed by a wreath of laurel, the exterior of the lid (some bruising) with flush-fitting brass carrying handle centred on a circular brass escutcheon. 76.2 cm blade.

The presentation inscription reads: ‘Presented By The British Government To Mr. Rudolph Dufwa Capitaine De Corvette In The Service Of His Majesty The Emperor Of Austria In Grateful Acknowledgement Of Prompt & Efficient Services Rendered To The British Brig “Heatherbell” September 1856’
Linienschiffs-Capitaen Rudolf Dufwa was commander of the maritime district of Triest in 1867 and was involved in experiments with torpedoes as a member of a naval commission in Fiume. He was made a Knight of the Order of Emperor Leopold.

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May I please have some Kotesu and Izumo HCs? NSFW and sfw please!!!

Kotesu and Izumo SFW and NSFW

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Kotesu Hagane


• Kotesu is such a flirt it’s hard to even deal with. He’s always finding ways to make you laugh with his relaxed and nonchalant way of telling jokes. He actually snorts a lot when he starts laughing pretty hard and hell, it’s adorable, even when your jokes are terrible or dry as fuck, he laughs. His flirting can also be annoying because he has a hard time turning it off, even around some of your friends, which can be rough – it’s just one of those double edged swords.

• Kotesu is the type that will give you a pet name, which can either be good fun or annoying as hell. The one he chooses regularly in private is ‘Sweet Cheeks,’ because he knows it gets you worked up and huffing a little – as well as wondering why the hell he can’t call you ‘Babe or ‘Hun’, you know something cute. The whole idea of a pet named can get out of control.

• He has a hard time with commitment, and it takes him a little bit of time to state your relationship is exclusive. Even when you started dating, you were pretty certain he was still testing the waters, trying to feel out how serious his affections toward you were. It didn’t take him too long to realize he was slowly falling into place with you and he couldn’t see himself with anyone else.

• It’s funny but Kotesu is prone to talking in his sleep, and it’s always good fun to try and have a conversation with him, or just listening. Your name is always a frequent phrase that just escapes his lips, and it can be hot at time. One time he asked you to take all your clothes off while he was sleeping. One draw back is that he tosses and turns a lot, and you have to worry about a limb flying over and hitting you on accident in the middle of the night.


• Is a little more submissive in bed than you would think – mostly because he gets lazy during sex. He wants you to be the one to take charge, and he like the view of you riding him. Kotesu can’t get enough of thrusting up into you in a fast, manic rhythm, and he doesn’t really know how to slow things down, so he just sticks with a fast and frantic pace.

• Has a vast love for spanking, and anytime you’re not expecting it, he’ll be behind you with a quick smack to the booty. During sex he’s not afraid to give you some nice slaps to the cheeks while he’s sliding into you. The man can’t help but spank you to if you say something slightly dirty.

• He has a crazy little kink he doesn’t just let anyone see or know about, and at first he was even embarrassed to admit it to you. He’s the type that likes to involve a little food on his sex play. On one of the first dates he talked about how much he loved ice cream – and hell, Kotesu wasn’t lying. He finds an excuse, with your permission, to put ice cream on your body and lick it off. The whole idea of tasting something so cold while doing something so fucking hot gets him more than a little worked up.

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Izumo Kamizuki


• Izumo is a by the book type of guy, and he will take things very slowly, and it can be frustrating at times. He feels everything has to be done in a proper order and in the proper place. He waited a few dates to even kiss you, solely because he was waiting for the opportune moment. It almost became deterring, waiting so long for him to show his affection.

• He is very open and whenever you ask him a question, no matter how personal or uncomfortable it makes him – he always has an answer. he is also a little on the naive side and it takes a lot to not constantly take advantage of his honest nature.

• There will be a lot of trouble if you and Kotesu don’t get along. He expects you and his best friend of his entire childhood to be able to hold a conversation or at least be able to be in the same room. Izumo doesn’t expect much in a relationship, but not getting along wit his friends is one of the one things that is a major turn off in a relationship.

• Izumo does a lot of sweet things behind the scene, because that’s how he sees love. He’s the guy that will leave little treats out for you after a rough or long day. He constantly is making sure you have enough food and supplies so you don’t have to go shopping on your free time.


• He can’t start anything even remotely sensual without some good mood music. Izumo will usually come up behind you and start kissing your neck slowly to the rhythm of the song, leaving behind soft nips and licks before he will gentle slide your shirt off your shoulders or pull it over you head. And start kissing you back or your chest, with delicate care – all while softly humming the tune to the sexy song playing in the background.

• The whole idea of undressing you is enchanting to him, it’s almost like unwrapping a present. He will really take his time, running his hands over ticklish patches of skin or he’ll brush his fingers against your inner thighs until you can’t take it anymore.

• His a little praise kink he tries not to let on too much about. But he wants to hear you moan, and feel you withering under his touch – and he will frequently ask you 'do you like that babe?’ He wants to hear you say 'yes’ and beg for more. And if you don’t, he’ll change it up just to please you further.

• Post coital tenderness is the way to go with Izumo. He will just melt and shiver all at once if you kiss his back or just rub your lips against the back of his neck. He’s just a big kisser and a very touchy person.

sex positivity is such a doubled-edged sword in that on one hand, the idea that people shouldn’t be ashamed of their sexuality is something i’m totally behind, but on the other, that idea is, more often than not, treated with no nuance and leads to things like:

  • “you HAVE to be sexual to be valid or you’re not a Good Person.” not everyone has to or wants to be sexual! so stop making people feel obligated to be more sexual than they’re explicitly okay with being.

  • “everybody’s kinks/fetishes/turn-ons are Totally Okay.” no, they’re not automatically absolved of anything troubling just because they turn you on; you have to be self-aware about them and view them under a lens of scrutiny, even if it’s something that’s not possible in The Real World.

  • “you have to be sexual ALL the time or you’re not doing sex positivity right.” like… no. there’s a time and a place for being sexual, and it’s not in front of people who never consented to see you parade your kinks around.